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The One Euro to Million Euro Growth Story

Hoe kan je van een gekregen euro 'a million' euro maken

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1 , let them regret. I will grow this 1 in a 1.000.000 in 1000 DAYS

Posted at 13:49 on 23/10/2008

I received on my wifes birthday party a gift from my close friends (Tongeren & Alken) as such 1 €.

I wrote on the invitation a request, not to forget me!! so they read it , (but how !!)

Now i have a plan. Let's have  the 1 €  growing towards  1.000.000 €, so they will regret that they gave me One €, but how will iI succeed ?

I also need to define a timeline to be determined to act and work towards my victory.

So lets say I'll grow this 1 € in 1111days to 1.000.000 €, or the highest multiplier in the small ville of Hasselt.

Yes, start day is 18/10/2008 - end day is 01/11/2011

Lets GO!!

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