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T13 model provoked criticism from professional players choice Tucao five sets T13

03:33, 13/10/2011 .. 2 comments .. Link

this to see Blizzard's official appearance of the wow gold T13 package design confidence, but also accompanied by a note explaining which of the many design ideas, I whim, for the professional point of T13 set to give lessons.

rate options are divided into five, out of 4 points each. Score 20 points. The total score of each set is not together, you do the math right.

purely personal point of view, welcome Paizhuan.


Warrior: Dragon Armor Colossal Dragonplate

official design specifications:

a simple The concept - we do a look with the "Wings of death" like a warrior suit it!

three major design wow gold elements, multi-angle section of the dragon, the source angular quality armor, and under the burning flame!

each set of shoulder armor and helmets are specially designed to create eye-catching profile is the best time.

T13 sets the soldiers, the rise of the corner form the full force of the fierce warrior suit shape.

design creativity: 4

to death for the prototype wing suit design is undoubtedly the most domineering.

texture colors: 3

gray metallic line characteristics of the soldiers, but a symbol of the red magma outside the same except for DK professional soldiers.

professional symbols: 3

say so domineering style exposed, cheap wow gold should belong to the DK. In fact, as was the guardian of the earth, on the main form of metal + fire, and on behalf of the DK death and blood and not much the same temperament. So think it is more suitable for the soldiers.

functional logic: 1

being able to board a curvy produced so seamless tights to like the piece, it is people can not understand the red magma armor seems to only use the supernatural to explain.

aesthetic value: 2

simply, is a very domineering upper body, lower body there is no beauty. Blizzard designers are accustomed to ignore the wow gold lower body. Is it to attract the opposite sex means that the upper body, lower body to "think"?

detailed description:

gray helmet often domineering, especially in the full sense of the sexy metal chin.

shoulders Blizzard has always been the focus of the design, so the wood is also a problem, the only shortcoming on the effect of greatly reduced from the rear.

carapace is streamlined without chest and lack of masculinity, (female soldiers please forgive me, really did not see a woman wearing the results.) If the magma red lines outline the shape of the muscles can be a little three-dimensional, the effect will be better.

so, back then posted three tape as the human face is how it was. . . I rub Le, belt bloated belly fat like. . .

leg of the shorts, or a surprise? Shorts shorts, after all, a relatively high shoes Well, but the knee where it not become the weakest position of protection? Knife Hengkan over, cut off the legs directly to the knee. . . There are wood?

two wow gold legs in front of that patch is a knee? How will together with the boots, which pits father had it too. . .

Next more Tucao

World of Warcraft credit card online application will receive 8000 minutes play time

04:01, 26/8/2011 .. 1 comments .. Link


now until September 30, 2011, to submit an appointment through the website The card information and successful investment bank issued a joint wow gold The new head of the household credit card customers, while meeting the following conditions, you can get World of Warcraft game cards a 60 yuan (equivalent to 8000 minutes World of Warcraft game time):

1, 2011 October 31 (with) any consumer credit card holders of Warcraft A, and the transaction amounted to 288 yuan (or above),

2, the right to register online game account information (credit card registration and in no particular order)

cardholders can also 300 consumer to enjoy World of Warcraft 15 yuan redeem point card with special benefits, Azeroth infinite wonderful brush out!

Apply Now

Click to view event details

Cataclysm (country Clothing)


"earth fission" on-line debut of the new card face physical point card

"earth fission" the first part of the BT download patch

unlock new races, the story dress "World of Warcraft: the earth fission" opening CG animation

official microblogging update:

microblogging 29 official wow gold update Saar return Nagrand

official microblogging updates Kane and small 21 Hellscream life and death struggle


race (werewolf Goblin) New additions S10 mount package Twilight Highlands

new mounts for Raiders recast systems

:80-85 upgrades are recommended to upgrade the earth fission line W upgrade path 1-85 Xu IL (80-82)

documentation: 4.1.0a Description Introduction of new talent system documentation of Warrior changes troubleshooting

DK altered documentation Warlock changes explain

changes: remove the mounts to change items priest talent skill " crazy, "the change 4.1DKT change summary

dress CTM translate new skills and change flying mounts

PVE: 4.1 List of illustrations epic weapon attributes flight system introduced a new orange stick for Raiders

money leveling experience major disaster experience 4.1 Professional skills of the early documentation of the professional money

warrior skills against the currency conversion rate of earnings Note 4.1 map task before the wow gold price survey summary

reputation: < p> New Race popularity: Gilneas (werewolf) | pollution Water companies (Goblin)

Total Posts: Faction (law enchant) | Earthen Ring (Tank Enchant) | Sierra Zahn (shoulder enchants) | Stormwind (physical agility enchant DPS )

faction: Wildhammer Clan (A) / Hellscream Pioneer (H) (DPS enchant power) | Aldor (A) / Hellscream hand (H) (bonus wind dragon and ghost horse)

Association: Association of turn 80 after 85 all issues Summary

story: elements invasion: the story tribal werewolves, goblins story Video "The rise of Zandalar" animation

Image: read the interface definition of the original painting

Glyph: Glyph property Priest Warlock Priest Glyph Glyph properties change 4.1 Death Knight Glyph

Shaman Glyph Changes

talent: Master priest warrior warlock hunter Paladin Shaman Death Knight Rogue Druid


compare the pros and cons of each job carving talent Priest leveling lines and equipment to prepare a copy Hunter T11 Experience shooting Hunter PVP

S9 milk de arena experience with copy cat Raiders Devon battlefield experience thieves PVP Paladin leveling guide line skills learned preview Raiders four winds Throne Raiders

mage leveling and raid experience Austrian Austrian property and equipment output means master warrior skills

weapons hunters can use field guide recommended list DK DK Frost talent suggestions dk Tan Raiders elemental shaman PVP

Vice This: T11 group experience wow gold sharing a copy of 10 and 25 10 CTM10 CD copy of the Sentinels of people

766 World of Warcraft player base exposure liar line transactions need to be cautious

03:59, 26/8/2011 .. 1 comments .. Link

broke the 766 World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Group G cheat card transaction fraud seriously, a player cheated wow gold 2W8000G, which winding staggering.

Y (the victim) through the narrative: an on-line this morning (WOW) received the first sheets Card to see a person shouting to sell wow gold kcal three. I said I want him to set me. I said how trading, I find it the first union card guaranteed

union, he said to me I guarantee you first G I said OK

He called me on YY55106850 He is to tribal union

this union also famous in our service ; a YY YY in on a few people say that I guarantee

I said OK I told him he gave me a G card number and card back close Oh, a hungry web site address is Junnet card recharge said after the success I recharge after 10 minutes check

then 10 minutes after the check had no doubt I know that the site is false

brush I work for tribal I will brush the Association no one out

later I said to personal privacy dissolved tribal chairman of the Association to other areas of the

cao I was depressed I was to see a number of people in what I call Stolen the role wow gold was deleted just get it back

I saw my name on this card is not a lie to me man do I shout at him

most I also said that after the buy wow gold G and G on he did not find a friend to me G

Next thing about being cheated 20000G after 12345 Next

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T13 model provoked criticism from professional players choice Tucao five sets T13
World of Warcraft credit card online application will receive 8000 minutes play time
766 World of Warcraft player base exposure liar line transactions need to be cautious


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