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Wedding dress Fabric Glossary (I)

07:54, 21/5/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
When consider choosing high quality cheap wedding dresses , the first factor to consider is fabric. What certain fabric is used in your unique wedding dress? And is it in best quality? Let’s start the fabric journey of wedding dresses. Fabric Terms Batiste: A lightweight, soft, transparent fabric. Brocade: A Jacquard-woven fabric with raised designs; traditionally popular for fall and winter, now also worn in warmer weather. Charmeuse: A lightweight, semi-lustrous soft fabric, that is satin-like to the touch. Chiffon: Delicate, sheer, and transparent -- made from silk or rayon, with a soft finish; often layered because of its transparency, making it popular for overskirts, sheer sleeves, and wraps. It is common used in customizing the plus size wedding dresses . Crepe: A light, soft, and thin fabric with a crinkled surface. Damask: Similar to brocade with raised designs, but woven in a much lighter weight. Duchesse Satin: A lightweight hybrid of silk and rayon (or polyester) woven into a satin finish. Dupioni: A finish similar to shantung, but with thicker, coarser fibers, and a slight sheen. Faille: A structured, ribbed finish like grosgrain ribbon; usually quite substantial. Gabardine: A tightly-woven, firm and durable finish, with single diagonal lines on the face. Georgette: A sheer, lightweight fabric often made of polyester or silk with a crepe surface. Illusion: A fine, sheer net fabric, generally used on sleeves or necklines of informal wedding dress . Jersey: A very elastic knit fabric; the face has lengthwise ribs and the underside has crosswise ribs. Moire: A heavy silk taffeta with a subtle, wavy design. Organdy: A stiff transparent fabric.
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