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I am chaotic, helpfull, shopaholic and friendly ;) I love fashion, make up, decorations and my boyfriend :D

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Hey everybody

Welcome at my blog!

This is going to be a blog about my daily life.
I'm trying to write down everything in English, but I'm not a very good at it.
So forgive me for that ;)

Today i'm having a day off from work.
I work at a daycare center and a usually have my day of at thursday.
So that means that I work 4 days in a week.
When I'm not working, I'm cleaning our house, do some grocery shopping, relax a little, meet with friends, our I will go shopping!

Today I didn't do much untill now.
I'm going for some grocery shopping and maybe drive by my parents house.
Because it's cold taday, i'going to buy some cacoa powder to make hot chocolat milk!
And maybe when I'm all warmed up, I'm gonna do some cleaning :P
 This is it for now!

Bye Bye!!!

Posted: 11:37, 20/10/2011
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