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I am a girls who is bullied when i was young. I

My past.11/1/2014
Hi there!
I am a girl with no name on this site . Because not everyone has to know my name, just the story ,
I was my whole life bullied because i was ugly and fat and nobody likes me
And they where right.
I was fat and ugly and had no friends at all.
the only persons who loves me where my family
I came home everyday crying about myself. because everybody hates me including myself.
One day, i was beaten up by two people from my street
i had bruising over my whole body.
My parents where so angry, but the parents of those two boys did nothing about it.
i became depressive.
I wanted to die.
But i didn't.
you know why? because there where still people who loved me for me . for who i was and who i became.
And because of my family, i'm still alive.
I am my family so thankfull that they didn't give up on me because now, i have a great live.
Well , i'm happier.
I have a boyfriend now , and he makes me very very happy :)
But i have a lot of times that i hate my life again , but i'm gonna tell you that another time ;)
For now.
thanks for reading. i appreciate it !

By the way , i'm Dutch, so there could be a lot of spelling mistakes and i'm sorry for that but i will do my best !
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