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Just a Teenager

How many weeks again? Six?

19:44, 6/6/2014 .. 0 comments .. Link

This week was Crap! With a capital "C" (as you can probably see..). We still have six long weeks to go until the summer holiday. School is crap and I have to catch up on math! My average mark is a 5.54, and that's not enough to go to third grade. I also have to write and essay about a bridge (the Brooklyn Bridge) and it has to be 10 PAGES. Which is a lot due to the fact that it has to be about one single little crappy bridge.

Since Brighton, where I went in April, everyone is telling me that Twan is in love with me and that he's dying to kiss me. And since he's laughing about my jokes like a "flirty little girl" it's not too hard to believe what they say. I've never kissed anyone before, which is sad due to the fact that I'm 14 and desperately in love for the second time in my life. So I really want to have kissed someone just once in my life. So I started, bitch that I am, doubting if I should kiss Twan just to practice. But the problem is kind of that there's only one guy that I REALLY want to kiss (of course.. SO ME!). It's Tim! Fleur, my best friend, keeps talking about the fact that she is soo annoyed. When she's talking about all the annoying stuff he does (which I always find adorable) whether just to throw up or slap her in the face and tell her. I always decide to do none of the two, I just remain silent and try to defend him a little bit. 

So that was the first problem about Tim. Then we got another one. DOES HE LIKE ME? The answer to that is not so simple. One day he seems to be so interested in me and the other day he doesn't even talk to me. But in both of the cases I just get goosebumps whenever he's looking in my direction.

When he was playing soccer with the other boys today, he fell down very hard. His back was totally screwed up and his head was bleeding. I kind of decided for him that he would go home. So he did.

When he was gone, I already regretted I even suggested him to go home! I wanted him with me.

But well, Life Is Not A Wish-Granting Factory.

X, me

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How many weeks again? Six?


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