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Is There Ever a Day Without (Written: 23 January 2013)

Every morning…
Begins the same.
And it’s never good.
Yet I seem to be alive.
If only it truly could be.
People will only see…
What they are shown.
They won’t look further,
They will never see.
The true me.
Therefore they’ll be fooled.
Each and every single day.
Cause never will I be.
The honest, real me.
If only they knew…
But they never will.
Not because of stupidity.
But because of tunnel vision.
They don’t have, the inner eye.
They can’t see through me.
Only the surface I project.
The pretty picture called “Ashley”.
Never will they wonder.
What if…
That isn’t real.
What if…
There’s so much more.
In their memories, I’ll be light.
Cheerful, Happy and Fun.
When behind the scenes…
It will always be dark.
Never ending pitch black darkness.
But that won’t be seen.
Cause I will not allow it.
I won’t let them hurt.
No one can ever know…
How badly it hurts.
But I must be strong.
Forever fighting…
Darkness and shadows.
Deep from within my soul.
But hope will never part me.
Cause hope can save me.
A single moment, will be enough.
Just one day without, is all I ask…

Posted: 01:36, 17/2/2014
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