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Affordable Tag Heuer Replica Watches22/11/2009

Affordable Tag Heuer Replica Watches

Not like some watches that are designed for special occasions. The replica Tag Heuer watches are designed for everyday wear. The Tag Heuer replica watch has their own style. They are also stylish.


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And all this at a much lower price than the original Tag Heuer Watches. You would naturally jump at the chance to be a proud owner of such a valuable watch. Why not be the first among your friends in owning this gem? All this is possible through our company, which has been in business for some time, giving us experience in how to please the customer. We have reliable suppliers who are the tops in the industry. The replica Tag Heuer Watches will match up in every category with the original. Elegant Tag Heuer replica watches that are exact, from the bracelets to the dials to the bezel, knobs and chorography.


 Tag Heuer Replica watches are so perfect in appearance to the genuine one that the difference is not noticeable by any ordinary person. These Replica Tag Heuer is made of high quality materials. The most important is that the replica Tag Heuer watches are cheaper than the original ones. The price is you can afford.




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How To Buy A Bell & Ross Replica Watch22/11/2009

How To Buy A Bell & Ross Replica Watch

Today,I will give pieces of advice to those who are considering to purchase Bell & Ross replica watch in the future. I will focus on the good and the bad based on the little knowledge I have about the gen.


1. The overall quality of the watch -


To me, there is nothing more important than the believableness (!?!) - What I mean by this is that, although a rep watch could have all the correct details

(fonts, AR, letterings, markers, etc.) if it lacks in the quality department (poor finish, dial, and construction), it won't be very believable to anyone who sees the watch that it may well be a genuine watch.


Luckily, 01-92 is an extremely believable piece. It's solid, well-constructed & finished. Below is my amateur attept to capture its quality (I wish I were a better photographer).


 The quality of the band could be better though I would say. It's quite good, but not excellent. I will put more details on the strap later in the review.


 Movement is great so far. It never skipped a beat. (well I only had it for a week).


This piece has the "ETA 2892-2" so stated by Joshua. I am not sure why "SWISS" was left out, and there seems to be another post on this subject in another discussion section.


I would say it's a good movement. It's a bit loud though. I always give the watches a shake before I leave for work when I am not wearing it and before I go to bed. So far I manage to keep the watch running without stopping for even a single second.


Based on my own experiment, I would say the power reserve is ok for at least 12 hours I am sure it could be tested further for 42 hours (as it's supposed to be), but 12 hour reserve is more than enough for me.


2. The Details


The good things about this piece's details are it's got most of them down.


a. Placement of all the markers are quite accurate (3,6,9,12 markers, as well as the colors).

b. black screws on the dial between 1 & 2, 4 & 6, 7 & 8, and 10 & 11.

c. Swiss Made text at 6 is quite dead on too when compared with gen pics & my screensaver

d. the shape and proportional size of the crown - very good. I wouldn't say perfect, but it def. good.


Now the bad things:

a. Missing screws (1.3mm) on the back casing. Please see pic below.



You'll see that (or already know that) it's just filled in.


b. Second hand decoration - the "U" shaped part (as pictured below) is too small.


Luckily, in the black dial version, the lower half of the the second hand is camouflaged (same color as the dial). So it's really hard to spot that it's even there (it was extremely hard for me to get it to show in the picture...) But as you can see in the gen pic, it's definitely bigger! (I know it's a pic of 01-96, but 01-92's "U" decoration is the same shape & size on all models).


C. Crown screw - it doesn't go down all the way.

Maybe it's just the specific watch I received, but I can't get the crown to screw down all the way. Please see picture below:

Please notice the gap. It doesn't bother me too much, but it's a fault I would like to point out. How is it on everyone else's? Please provide your input if you have any this watch.

D. Strap -

It's not bad, but I am very spoiled with the quality of BOB's PAM straps (man, try his Vertigo models ). Details that bother me is the fact that the buckle is a bit loose so it keeps making sound when I shake the watch. Please see pictured.


If you're not happy with the straps, they certainly can be swapped out. The watch comes with a Hexagonal tool for the strap removal.


Below are some strap suggestions by Crumpdaddy. They look great.

Straps: Ebay Strap Link

Ebay Strap Link

E. Hands on the White Dial Model -

They're completely incorrect in terms of shape and color. The hands are supposed to be outlined in silver. Also, the second hand is supposed to be all black. I am sure this will be corrected in the next version.

I hope this article will help you buy replica Bell & Ross watches.



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