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Project for my school subject English/BC

Peanut butter jelly 1/12/2011
I'm introducing a new product on the Dutch market , its called peanut butter jelly. Peanut butter jelly is a combination of peanut butter and jelly , mixed into one jar. Peanut butter jelly is mostly used as a sandwich filling. Peanut butter jelly is already populair in the United States of America , they are also the discoverers of peanut butter jelly ! This week i did research to find the best possible Brandstrategie for peanut butter jelly. It looks like familie-brandstrategie is the best strategie for introducing a new product on the market. So familie-brandstrategie it is !!! Best regards Mike
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BC HHS1/12/2011
I just created a weblog for my BC project. I hope my teacher will like my weblog ! Never the less i will be posting school related topics every week ! You will hear from me soon Regards Mike
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