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1e blog-dubio Engels of Nederlands

My first blog....I feel exhited! Also doubtful, what to do...write in Dutch (cuz I am Dutch) but because I live for over 5 years abroad, me and my friends talk mostfully English. For a long time I wanted to write a blog, I experience a lot of things (funny, weird, very sad...and shameful/less) I am sharing with friends and family so in stead of writing everything over and over again....its better to blog it away. Saves me probably also money for a shrink!  Its like writing in a diary but no cramp in the hand from holding a pen (I cant even remember how to write a real letter-only signing my credit card slip....and even that I cant anymore, cuz my nice black card is now officially shamed with RED!

In my first blog ( I am still very exited) I see myself in a few years as chick lit novelist making millions...Euros that is (I just know when my friends read this, they will say some strange currency) and my card (mentioned above) will be black or gold (but lets not get carried away)

Its not even that easy to get started with your own blog, what name shall I take, something really normal (like my name) or dare I to be cheeky...better not, never know how is going to read this. Secondly, a picture...just the face or maybe full body (better not a close up then) a silly one, a serious...choices I ve to make.

So I am going to think about the pic, and will get back with my next blog that will actually have something more in dept about my life to say.  My lunch break is over, so better get back to work. My blog name simple just my names, Branka Esther, it must be enough, right?




Posted: 12:30, 19/5/2011
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