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19:29, 13/10/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today was an weird day. This morning I was reaalllyyy moody. So I did not respond Nicely at teachers and other people. Later that day, I lost my geography book, so I searched trough the whole school, and finally I found it after an half an our... So I had Dutch language class, and a woman came in. She yelled at an classmate of mine. That he broke things at her yard, en that she doesn't want that he text her daughter. Like really Rude... That was Kinda weird. I finsihed my report today finally...!


21:22, 12/10/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Today was not so fun. I hate gymclass and at tuesday we have to start the first to hourd with gymclass. That sucked. Also, I help in the cafetaria. To sell snack and stuff, but really, I HATE it. Sooo first break, no problems. I always have to leave class 5 minutes earlier if i work there. BUT my geography teacher didn't listen. i called him like six times, but he didn't respond, even my best friend called him 4 times. Soo i got mad, and walked away. Then he is goign to ask: Where are you going? So i said: To the cafetaria. he: but you didn't say that to me. I: Yeah, and i called you 6 times and you didn;t respond. So i was really mad, didn't listen anymore an walked away from the stupid shit.  I am tired now, going to bed.

Later Alligator~!

People Can Change...

21:05, 12/10/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Sooo I had like an trustingperson....

He was nice to me, and did really care about me. I thought. Later that year, he changed. On a negative way... And i saw it happening. I couldn't change him, because at first: he is my Teacher, and second, obviously there was something else what changed him. Someone else. So that was an good example of trusting someone you couldn't trust. I didn't know. I didnt know that he was cheating on his wife for a year. I didn't who he was. And now i know. I don't want to say anything to him anymore. It's so stupid that i Write about this.....

Just the introduction....

20:45, 12/10/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


I don't know if anyone is going to read this, but I made this blog to lose some emotions... I have trouble with dealing with hard things... Madness, sadness, and other emotions which aren't positive. Although, It is going better. I had an person who i'd trust very much, until he changed. It was a teacher from my High school. In one year , he changed very much. So I decided to trust nobody, and just post things on blog, writing my own songs at guitar etcetera. I already had an blog. But that was so difficult that I couldn't write any blog anymore, just because i couldn't find it. Everyone can read this. I am not ashamed. Just write what I feel, and what you do about it, is your own choice.

Wishes a Good night to everyone, or just myself, because i don;t think anyone is going to read this..


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People Can Change...
Just the introduction....


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