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Daily Pink


About my daily experiences, with comical and sometimes rock hard comments. And about being gay in a straight world.

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I want sun, sea and beach

It was after a long period of cold weather that two weeks ago the temperature finally went up and I was looking forward to the spring.
But unfortunately it's cold again and last night it snowed a lot.
The weather forecast for the next two weeks doesn't look good.

I want summer, sun, heat and lie on the beach

I'm afraid that I have to wait a few weeks (months)?

I do have something fun to look forward to because i have to work for only eight days and then I have a short holiday.
Together with my husband and our two dogs we go a few days to a house in the forest to rest.

Posted: 14:49, 6/2/2013
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Guys in t-shirt while it freezes

Its freezing and snowing outside and this morning and also last week i've seen a lot of guys walking down the street in a shirt without sleeves.
Why they do that? i have no idea.
Perhaps to show off their muscles, but which muscles they want to show? I've seen nothing! The only thing I've seen was an shapeless guy wearing a t-shirt outside in the middle of the winter.

Only if you have a body like this guy, it's aloud to where a t-shirt in winter:

Tv series "Arrow" Stephen Amell

Posted: 15:52, 5/2/2013
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Cash register

This morning, before i went to work I had to buy something quickly at the DIY store. Yes, quickly i thought, but as always  there was someone in front of me who needed a lot of time.

This guy bought five toilet bowls and five different toilet paper holders and paid every toilet bowl and all five toilet paper holders apart, all with the same credit card! Way do people that?
Why not pay all at once? That goes a lot faster!

And why does anyone need five toilet bowls? Maybe so he can shit in every room of the House?
I had no time and desire to think about that question all i want to do is pay my article and go to work.

But this guy was not ready because the woman behind the cash register had the wrong price calculated and everything had to be scanned again and the shop manager had to come to repay money.
OMG at that moment i want to stick the toilet bowls in his ass.
Finally after 20 minutes it was all done and i was much to late for work.

Every time i am in a hurry this is happening  to me and i don't know why.
Maybe this morning it was a angry toilet spirit that teased me.

I've learned my lesson and will never go to this store again before work!

Posted: 13:08, 5/2/2013
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