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Try to buy an appartment at Dubai Home | Profiel | Archief | Vrienden

Palm Jumeirah is the most imaginative residential project on earth. Its Trunk, Fronds and Crescent breakwater, built 6.5 kilometres into the smooth waters of the Arabian Gulf, garantuees you on your holiday complete luxury, privacy and exclusivity.18/10/2006






I have a dream.  You can help me realise it AND win a lovely holiday !

First I wanted to buy a house at the Palm, but now I know it 's too expensive, so I have chanched my goal.

I will try to buy an appartment, located at the bottom off the Palm Jumeirah.  I need a total amount of at least 1.000.000 dollars.  That is where I need your help.


For every deposit of $100,00, 100,00 or 100,00 you make (make sure the bancing costs are at your charge), you can win a holiday for 6 persons for 14 days at the appartment I am trying to buy.


Here are the rules of the game :

  1. Our goal is to collect 1.000.000 dollars
  2. Each player has to deposit 100 dollars, 100 pounds or 100 euros at my account.
  3. Every month, all deposits will be mentioned at my weblog, www.bloggers.nl/Dubai
  4. Each fiftieth deposit wins a free stay for 6 persons for 14 days at the appartment at Dubai Jumeirah. The data can be choosen by you. The costs for the flight to Dubai and your expenses at Dubai for food etc. are NOT included.
  5. The account will be closed at the moment we reach our goal.  So by then no more deposits can be done.

Note : If we reach our goal, there will be a 200 winnars.  So, it could take a while before you can go to Dubai, as there are only 52 weeks in a year.  So, some of you must practise some patience.



Do you participate ?  Great.


Make your deposit to :


Emirates Bank


Account no 0079-876757-100



Make sure to write your email-address in the line of the description.  Every month I will let you know how much donations have come in. 



Hope to see you at Dubai !








Privacy Policy :

Your privacy will be protected.

I will use your personal information only  for the following purposes :

        Communicating with you

        Notifying you of if you have won a free stay at Dubai Palm

        At my weblog, your deposit will be mentioned, the date of desposit and  your initials.

I will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.



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