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EG Burnstein, Raven Raider

15/4/2009 - One month of BGEG

It has been one month, since I was appointed Brigadier General of Raven Raiders. It is a nice day to reflect on all the things that happened the last month.

Last night it was a calm night. Only some lone wolf tried to disturb the tranquility of the night. The light of the camp fire and the spotlights on the new buildings brought me in the right mindset for this little brain exercise.

The last month we have seen awesome battles. The armies in the combat community like the game we offer. Clearly described targets, goals that can be achieved. A fair game and outspoken respect if battles are lost after fierce and respectful combat. Give the emperor what belongs to the emperor.

The sim, our home, has been revised several times. All actions to reduce lag and improve gameplay. Setup's have been tested. Some have been removed and replaced, other bits and pieces are there to stay. Raven Raiders are not afraid to experiment.

A huge part of the equipment has been changed, revised, upgraded. New helmets, berets, vests, boots. A complete new uniform for the recruits, with a gun especially built to suit their needs. The new sculpted M4A1 gun, scripted with a completely new script, the RPG...

The biggest step forward however, is not for men to see... The biggest achievements have taken place on a cultural level. The Mission Statement has been implemented in the BRT (Basic Recruitment Training). The officers are being trained to rule by respect, and how to gain the respect they need.

We achieved a lot. The future for Raven Raiders looks bright and promissing. Still we have no time to loose towards the tasks which are still out there. There is still a lot of work to be done. But knowing the flexibilty of the people in our army, there is no doubt in my mind, that Raven Raiders will be an army that will join the top 5 of the combat community. Soon!

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9/4/2009 - Dawn broke across this desert, (By Major Aurora Nightwire)

    Dawn broke across this desert, pink cloud tentrils rising up from the horizon, the herald of Apollo's Sun chariot about to rise and cross the heavens. And of course, my namesake, the Goddess of the Dawn, is his sister, escorting him in his chariot, but enough of Greek mythology. I cleaned damnable sand out of my FL-8 last night before sending it off for a rebuild, after it broke the firing pin. So I have my trusty MP5 next to me, ready to fight off any assault group. Yesterday's Mercenary Commando strike managed to destroy one of the derricks, and General Sanchez is over there with the Aerospecial, resetting it in place. Fortunately, the Hellfighters capped the well quickly, or we'd be bathing in crude oil. Ick!
    I headed over to the main equipment shed, and discover Even Dryke under the Hum-V. Now Even's a furry, the first race we met after opening the Monolith. Furries are humanoid, two legged, and have a typically wolfish or animal face. The name for their race, is so long that they insisted on being known as "furries" I heard once that first contact was hysterical! Our ambassador walked up to one of theirs, who asked, "Well, what took ya so long?" in referance to finding the portal. They have incredible stamina, are very adaptable, and seem to all act like 20 year olds.... Guess I havn't met the older furries yet.
    Anyway, Even was under the Hum-V, tools all arrayed on the floor, but as I walked by, I hear, "Damn" from under the vehicle.
    "Anything I can help you with?" I figured I'd get a polite decline. I was wrong.
    "Aurora! If you're offering, good! I need the ECM module on the desk, and the voltage meter, and...." Me and my big mouth found all this and more, neatly arranged on the tool cabinet. So, I picked up what I could identify, head back and start handing various parts to him under the car, making small talk until he stops and drops a minor bombshell.
    "We have a gift from the government of Mynameisstan coming at the end of the week." Intrigued, I had to ask what.
    What that, he slide out from under the truck, blue eyes dancing with news. "We'll have an airforce!"
    OK, I was thrilled! We needed airpower against hit and run air strikes, and something a little more recent than a thirty year old Aerospecial would go a long way to providing that.
    "That's fantastic! We need that!!" His grin went ear to ear.
    "And.... Big boss made me Major General of the air wing!"
    "Awesome!" I was happy now, maybe I could sleep without trying to hide under my rack anytime I hear turbines or jetwash. First week I was here, the barrracks were straffed by cannon fire, and I found myself howling in agony on the floor of the teleporter room, a surprise kill victim.
    Before Brigadier General "EG" Burnstein  had my head for wandering off before compiling the encryptions for today, I had to run, so I excused myself and doubletimed it to the office, and was almost there when I heard a rumble to the west. As I turned, I saw a missle skim over the desert, aiming at Sanchez's Aerospecial. A perfect hit, the chopper fell in fiery chunks from the sky, too close to the recently repaired derricks for comfort, but now, the desert floor was coming alive.....

Ordo had arrived.

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2/4/2009 - Enlistment... (By Major Aurora Nightwire)

A long day slides into night. Los Muertes paid us a visit that we provoked. Quentin, Doble, and others joined me in helping "The Death" get their SIM started, by shamelessly shooting them off the walls of their castle! It became a free-fire free for all, bullets flying for about an hour and a half before they finally withdrew into the mists, leaving a base to clear of wreckage (6 helicopters, 2 Humvees, 5 motorcycles) By this time, night had fallen, temperatures drop, I breathe easier as the desert wind sighs.

I'm sitting here, watching the stars in the night sky, Thinking of the day of my recruitment.

I was a private in the US Army, in a world turned upside down by "The Obelisk" It opened new worlds, new idea, new life forms, and life permanently changed for everyone.  In a day, man advanced from car and rockets to teleportation!

Anyway.... I was a lowly PFC, with unpaid student loans, and an enlistment period that was over, with no chance to reenlist, with the US military in shambles after the uprising that destroyed it. And then a center figure in trying to stop the uprising, Col Raven Isan, contacted me! I was at the Le Royal Meridien in Shanghai , and the phone rings.

        "I have a job offer, if the Army hasn't pulled your chit and resigned you."

        "Sir? How do you even know who..."

        "There's a ticket at the concierge, for Songkhla, Thailand. Be on it, if you believe in freedom, justice, and a chance for one hell of an adventure." The line went dead, and I was staring out on the nightlights bathing Shanghai in all its glory. Col. Isan has exposed the Conspiracy of the Officers in 2011, and the price he paid for his whistle blowing was public slander and a quick cashiering out of the service, which then collapsed as it was undermined. He had disappeared into Southeast Asia, a hero without a reward.

        And WHY.... did he want me? Graduated 31 of 224 from Virginia Poly, Joined as enlisted to pay college debt, undistinguished three years of misery. Why not see what he had to offer?

        Six hours later, the turboprop came to a halt at Songkhla's fine airstrip. On the equator, I braced myself for the temperature outside. It wasn't enough, and I was gasped in the hot soup of Thailand's air, balancing my duffel and wondering if I'd made a mistake coming here. I walked away from the plane and found the Colonel had sent a reception committee

        "Aurora!" This was the taller of the two, An impossible to miss man with blonde hair, goatee, and an Aussie accent he wouldn't disguise even if he wanted to. "Vardis Varga, here, and this is Frokos Baxton" Now he was a swarthy Mediterranean, and as soon as he spoke, I knew he had to be Greek. "Ms. Nightfire, the General sends his regrets, but our unit is moving out, If you'd follow us, we'll get you there." I followed, intrigued despite being annoyed with the assumption. Once again, I thought, "What can I lose?" I was so glad the car was air conditioned, and promptly discovered Vardis was in avionics, and Frokos in tactical and strategic planning with this unit General (I noticed a promotion!) Raven had, called "Raven's Raiders"

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20/3/2009 - It's a desert! (By Major Aurora Nightwire)

A desert with black, liquid gold underneath, but a desert! Not a charming desert of Southwestern United State, but a stark one, void of life save in the oasis near our duty station. Oil derrick clustered over the only thing worth looking for out here, balanced by an hideously out of date refinery, complete the scene. Our repair shops were "borrowed" from the previous village here, whose sole unused building is a "Gasman" fuel station, with a "Temporarily Closed" sign in what remains of the window glass. I guess I'm not getting any choclate there....

Miss a lot of things, actually, a nice bath of smelling salts, room service, luxuries. None here, but there are invaders! Mercenaries from dozens of political fronts seek to tear down the People's Council of Mynameisstan, another in an endless number of ex-Soviet Republics. Ho---Hummm, except this one has oil, massive amounts, an unexpected cache of it that OPEC didn't bank on. Not their our assailants work for OPEC. I don't care frankly. We're Raven's Raiders, we've been asked to defend this area for the PCM, and defend we will! As long as our flag flies above our base (And Our General of the Army had words with a PCM official who objected to our unit flag on their soverign soil! Why couldn't they defend their OWN country? Oh, that's why, would take many more of their own people to do it. Yes, we are they good!
And so, I stand here, musing on dust, sand, and where I'd retire to in nine years until a glint in the harsh sun off the desert floor wakes me up to reality. Mercenaries.... five of then, blended into the rocks and dunes. And I duck, just as the air above me comes alive with bullets.
And it's a bulletfest, rounds flying everywhere. I leave the major side of the battle to newly promoted EG and Kilzone, and stand off, quietly guarding oil derricks. And did this last? No! Two mercs come sliding down the dunes, swapping lead with outgunned moi, who aimed back and ran all over.  And then, just as quickly as it began, it ended. Enemy faded back into desert stone and grit, and me needing a shower to remove said grit from me. I miss my bathtub, war is hell.

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16/3/2009 - BGEG

Thank you for the new nickname, Brigadier General Sanchez Delpiaz...

It has been a very turbulent weekend. The development of the new Basis Recruit Training needed some attention, a lot of new people at the base, the base in rebuild and general Isan out of town...

Friday evening general Isan promoted me to the rank of colonel, after I told him of the progress Even and I made on the training. I was very happy about it. It felt like a warm blanket after a hard mountainbike race in the cold and the rain.

The uniforms needed some attention too. The standard "Chocolate Chip" camo did not do the trick, because the sim background is very light. It is not a nice camo either. General Isan was very clear on that. He told us he felt like a cow in that dress. I told him he did look more like a bull to me, but I took his point. A trial with another standard camo was not bad, but I fell some doubt. It was a bit lemonish, was the criticism.

Revising a camo is not a very big deal, but finding the right camo texture is. Brigadier General Delpiaz came with a solution. One of his custom made camo's had the right color and a beatiful texture, so I used that on the uniform.

On the picture you see me and BG Delpiaz in the new dress. The helicopter on the background is one of the new builds of him. It has a beautiful way of coming down. When the pilot gets killed, sirens start to scream, smoke and flames develop and the helicopter circles down in a crash. After the crash it stays on fire for some time and after seconds it explodes.

I love this picture. It was fun to make it, but if you look at it it is a symbol of comradeship. "He ain't heavy, he's my brother".. Inspiring, isn't it...

At saturday I felt a bit useless. V1n, Sanchez, Tomithe, all the guys with some capabilities were building. I decided to make a new set of clothes for the recruits. These guys are sitting ducks in their green uniforms in the big white desert...
From this weekend on our recruits get a uniform of the same quality as any other soldier in RR. I used the same models, a slightly different color and orange markers on the soldiers to indicate our forces that it is a recruit uniform. The same cammo was applied on the beret. I must say, our new comrades look sharp!

Also we made an new friend at saturday. He attacked us at friday. He came back to compliment us on our defences and the way we fought our battles.

I must say, his avatar is epic! He told us he was building a new army and a sim. He showed us his well thought plans. In spite of his gruwesome appearence he is a very nice guy. He told us he was looking for allies. I told him that he should contact Raven Isan. We exchanged some materials which could help both our armies. I hope we can get to some kind of understanding with this new member of the combat community. Who knows...

At sunday a lot of people were present at the base. The builders were very busy and the general staff had some issues to resolve. I decided to take the man out on a mission to Commando Mercenary. The attack went smooth, untill I got an IM of general Isan. He needed me at Mountain. As it is very uncommon to ask a commanding officer to leave an attack, I knew it was very serious business.

I received a TP and teleported into the enemy spawn in Mountain. There I met General Isan and Brigadier General Delpiaz. They told me that Brigadier General Blabla2 Eponym has decided to give up his position as Brigadier General.

Because of my loyalty and my competences they promoted me to the rank of Brigadier General. I was flabbergasted, honored, moved... I was promoted colonel just a few days ago. I never expected to be a member of the general staff so soon.

I told Sanchez and Raven that I was moved by this decision. Raven told me I moved them too.. Well guys, let;s keep on moving: Forward!

On that point the nickname was mentioned for the first time. Both the generals congratulated me, and Sanchez made a typo (or not): Congrats BGEG...

Still overwhelmed by this news, I am trying to find out what the consequences of this promotion will be. It will certainly take some time and discussion to find that out. The coming days wil be used to shine some light on that path...

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9/3/2009 - Experimenting

It is not always serious business in Raven Raiders. Experimenting is a very valuable way of learning. Sometimes these experiments are useful, sometimes they were just fun.

The ghillie suit was an experiment, which was fun, but rather useless. You can fool a guy who is new to combat with it, but every more experienced warrior will use the means available to locate you and identify you as a target within seconds. Although it looks awesome…

A better experiment was the Black Hawk… This awesome machine has two chain guns, one on each side behind the cockpit. It carries nine troopers, including the pilot. Through the open doors, troopers can fire their guns too. That means that there are four guns at each site. Awesome firepower…

Part of the experiment was also to check what happened if the pilot got killed. I asked Colonel Clawtooth to shoot the helicopter. It had a fair response to the damage. The whole helicopter, including all the troopers, were teleported into the spawn. Never knew that a full-sized Black Hawk could fit it there…

More serious experiments are taking place within training and education. Now the new handbook, with the code of conduct, the training is being revised. The theoretical part is ready for a try-out. Again an experiment, but an important one.

Sergeant Even Dryke is working very hard on the practical training. Being the awesome builder he is, he will be building an assault course. I am very curious how it is going to be, and again, experiment with it…



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2/3/2009 - You win some, you loose some...

On saturday we were under attack by Commando Mercenary. Allthough Lt. Boa and me were the only defenders, and greatly outnumbered, our customers were not able to hold the flag for the required time. Still, the customers sent a picture of themselves next to our flag to our general staff.

Sunday we decided that it was picture-taking time again. A small squad was formed end we headed out for Rendevous Rock. In spite of the lag, it was a nice and respectful battle.

Under suppresive fire of Lt. Boa, Major Clawtooth and General Isan himself, I was able to penetrate the base, place a battleflag and take a picture.

This happened under heavy enemy fire, so it had to be a quick one, no time to neatly place a flag...

During the evening it was relatively calm. Some solitary customers were served with a smile and some base activities took place.

Then a overwhelming cloud of lag came from the hub. Alt-camming I saw a bunch of furries. Not the kinds you cuddle, these had big guns. I ordered the Raiders to close all the doors and take defensive positions. The battle against Ordo started...

The five brave defenders worked as a great team. No words were wasted in combat, everyone knew what was expected of him. Some log of the battle:

[12:30]  Radio: EG Burnstein said: Close the doors

[12:30]  EG Burnstein: Defend Flagroom, roof and doscks


The battle started... Bullets floated on the waves of lag, soldiers went matrix in thin air...

At some point Ordo penetrated the base and the fight for the flag began....


Some snips of the battle log:

[12:39]  Capture The Flag shouts: RR Army have lost the flag, was held for : 16427 Seconds.

[12:41]  Capture The Flag shouts: Machiavelli Biondetti has captured the flag for Ordo at Mountain

[12:41]  Capture The Flag shouts: Ordo have lost the flag, was held for : 24 Seconds.

[12:43]  Capture The Flag shouts: Killzone Boa has captured the flag for RR Army at Mountain

[12:44]  Capture The Flag shouts: RR Army have lost the flag, was held for : 40 Seconds.

[12:47]  Capture The Flag shouts: Machiavelli Biondetti has captured the flag for Ordo at Mountain

[12:48]  Capture The Flag shouts: Ordo have lost the flag, was held for : 49 Seconds.

[12:50]  Capture The Flag shouts: Kiffeur Dubrovna has captured the flag for RR Army at Mountain

[12:50]  Capture The Flag shouts: RR Army have lost the flag, was held for : 6 Seconds.

[12:52]  Capture The Flag shouts: doble Maynard has captured the flag for RR Army at Mountain

[12:55]  Capture The Flag shouts: RR Army have lost the flag, was held for : 164 Seconds.

[12:58]  Capture The Flag shouts: Heather McKay has captured the flag for Ordo at Mountain

[13:07]  Capture The Flag shouts: Ordo have lost the flag, was held for : 535 Seconds.

After 37 minutes of fierce combat under heavy clouds of lag, we lost the battle for mountain.  I called in the victory of Ordo and complimented our troops for their impressive defence...

[13:08]  EG Burnstein shouts: Ordo wins! Congrats guys, well defended RR!!!!

The customers were satisfied:

[13:08]  Ruin Nefarious shouts: Great fight you guys.

[13:08]  ribena Homewood shouts: <3

[13:08]  Ruin Nefarious shouts: Thank you for the fun.

[13:08]  Williamca Zenovka shouts: Great fight :D

[13:08]  ribena Homewood shouts: Capture the flag never gets old, I guess.

And so was I, being in battle, serving the customers with such a great team: Killzone Boa, doble Maynard,  vARdis Varga, adam21 Avro and for some part of the battle: Solaris Naidoo and Kiffeur Dubrovna.

And satisfied customers, they come back. We will welcome them again!



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25/2/2009 - Peace

[11:42]  Radio: EG Burnstein said: And there was peace again on misty Mountain....
[11:43]  Radio: EG Burnstein said: But not for long
[11:43]  Radio: frokos Baxton said: haha
[11:43]  Radio: Killzone Boa said: nope, there still comming in
[11:43]  Radio: frokos Baxton said: K-brigade

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24/2/2009 - Hats, coats and gunfire

Today it was a day, a bit calmer than usual. I bought some sculpts, to make some stuff for the Raven Raiders and I finally could take the time to do something with them.

The first one is this boonie hat. Like it?

LuckeIy I met V1n again. Besides a strong fighter and a nice guy to hang out with, he is a very fast and flexible builder. I have been busy for weeks to get the stuff together for a military trenchcoat. The clothes are not a problem and I allready have a nice sculpted collar for it, but the skirt layer of flexible prims is something I could not achieve.

So we went up to the general's office to find a quiet spot. We talked a little and he started building, He left me with a nice flexiprim skirt which I can use in my project.

In the meantime a customer arrived. Customers come first, so I went out to serve them.

This lonesome fighter came in. After some more time he brought 5 of his friends. In spite of their use of RPG's, R.I. TRC-1 Chain Gun's and an airplane, and that me and Killzone were the only defenders for 15 minutes, they did not manage to get and keep the flag. Though it was a relief for me when some more back-up arrived. No guns other than NCR legal damage guns were used on our site, so I can claim that we won the battle fair and square.

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22/2/2009 - Friendship in second life.

Today Lt. Killzone Boa told me that friendships within Secondlife are like vapour. They easily vanish into thin air. I saw it happen before my very eyes yesterday. Someone in my army got really hurt because of the quality of these so called friendships.

For that person, friendships which lasted for months, suddenly turned out to be worthless.

It is so important for everybody in Secondlife to keep in mind that we are dealing with REAL PEOPLE! People who love, hate, laugh and cry. It might be a virtual world, but there are real emotions involved.

Hang in there kiddo, you lost a lot of so called friends, but you made a lot of new ones. Welcome in RR!



Yesterday it visited Mountain. Yes dear readers, we had a tank on our beloved land. As we saw it rezz in the hub, we prepaired for battle.

I attached my RPG, the artillery was manned and we waited for the things to come. Unfortunately, the customer had severe problems with it's tank, and when they seemed solved, he had to find out that a mountainous area is not the proper environment for a tank.



Every army has to train. Not only to maintains skills, but also to test and improve communication, the chain of command and to create team spirit.

Yesterday Brigade General Baxton (He hates if I say that...;-)) split the present defence force in two, and made one half defend and the other attack. This was the first occasion to get the colored camo's out. Yes, available in bright blue and signal red!

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21/2/2009 - Is there ever a boring day in Raven Raiders?

Nope, not this week that is...

The day started so easy. I trained former CSL general Gwenniii Hawker. Well, trained... I confirmed the notecard that is. Did a training session with Nino, Kiffeur and Shane and after that I did some work on uniform pieces, talked with  Even about the helmet etc... Nice day to clean up the task list.

Than this fellow showed up... LordBob Boa... with some friends. Another battle against a big army, 2142 this time. Allthough we worked very hard to get these customers out of the building, they managed after a fierce battle to hold the flag longer than 2 minutes and we lost the battle.

After the battle we picked up the daily business, but after a few minutes, the doorbell rang again. Look who is there?

Major fraction number 5 this week: AN! Besides these nine guys there were 2 loose cannons walking in the sim so 11 against 5. Later on General Isan joined the battle so we had six brave Raven Raiders to protect the flag.

When we awaited the opposition Kiffeur send a message on the radio. I answered him: I do not care if we win or lose, just make me proud!

We managed to keep the flag for a very long time, but at last being outnumbered decided the conclusion of the battle, again we lost our flag: [13:16]  Raven Isan: It's over people... AN captured the RR flag for over 200 seconds

I called the defenders together and held a little speach:

[13:20]  EG Burnstein: At the beginning of the battle I told you to make me proud
[13:20]  EG Burnstein: First 2142, than AN
[13:20]  EG Burnstein: Guys, you did well
[13:20]  EG Burnstein: I am very proud of you
[13:21]  Raven Isan: Me too

Compliments did not come only from me and Raven, the customer was satisfied too:
[13:17] Jason Backer: We've had alot of fun here
[13:17] Jason Backer: Theres much good talk of your guys on our ventrillo
[13:17] Jason Backer: You're good sports

I wonder what tomorrow wil bring....

The defenders: Kiffeur, Doble, Raven,Killzone, me (EG) and Robert. Tomithe was AFK during the photo session. He well deserved his place in this battle, therefore his picture to:




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20/2/2009 - Major...

What a busy evening....

The integration of our  ally, the now disbanded CSL, takes quite some time. The new Raven Raiders are welcomed, geared up and go through basic training, to ensure they are on the same level as all of us. During my base presence I welcomed 3 CSL and 1 new recruit. That guy  was motivated by a private to join our force. It is nice to see that people start to talk about us in such a way.

General Isan promoted me and Batch Clawtooth and to the rank of major. I am very proud of us, as we all worked very hard for Raven Raiders during the last weeks.

On top of that we were visited by Sparta. After Merczateers and Ordo, another famed army who were welcomed at Mountain to do battle. Three big battles in three days. Soldiers of Ordo told us after the battle that they loved to fight with us. The battle with Sparta was also one to remember. A hard but fair battle prevented them from capturing and holding our flag for two minutes, allthough they came very close. In the aftermath King Bruno invited Raven Raiders to his party later that evening, which I communicated to the Raiders on the base.

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19/2/2009 - Opening of the weblog...

Hello world! Welcome to my blog, welcome to my secondlife.

My secondlife name is EG Burnstein. EG comes from "exempli gratia ". What's in a name...

At this moment I am a captain in Raven Raiders. I started as a recruit somewhere in november 2008. I was playing with guns for some time attacking various sims also in New Jessie. At a certain day I attacked the Watershade sim.

A corporal called Frokos Baxton was defending the whole sim by himself, and we had a nice one-on-one fight. At a certain moment he IM-med me and accused me of primsitting. Even at that time, on the very start of of my career, I had a very high moral concerning fair combat. To be honest, he kind of pissed me off, accusing me of something I never did. I disarmed, and walked up to him. He did the same and we started talking. Frokos seemed a very nice guy, and he invited me to join Raven Raiders and gave me an application form.
I kept that application form with me for a week or two, without paying much attention to it. In that time several of my vigilante friends got inactive and secondlive started the get pretty lonesome.. One a certain day a stepped into the new Mountain sim, and applied...

This was the start of my carrier within RR...

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