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English Blog

My future plans

14:22, 5/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

I would like to tell you something about my future plans.

I'm now in the 4th form of grammar school, and I still  have to go to this school for about  2,5 years. Although 2,5 years is a little while, I already have plans for my future. First I would like to go to law school. That will be a study of approximately 6 years.

After I've finished my study I would like to take a gap year before I start working. I would love to go to places I haven't been yet (especially Australia). I don't want to do this on my one, but with a few friends, who are also taking a gap year.

So when I'm 24 I would like to have finished my study, and have traveled to many places.

Of course this is not everything I want to do in my life, but if I had to write a blog about that, it would be way to much! The traveling and the study are just important things for me in my life.

This blog is probably my last blog, because it is the last I have to write for my school assignment.  I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs!



Sacred Birman legende

17:48, 23/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Sacred Birman legende

I would like to tell you something about the Sacred Birman legende. When you here this name, it is possible that you don't know what it is about. I will tell you, Sacred Birman is a cat. Why I want to tell you something about it is simple, I have two Sacred Birmans and I think they're truely beautiful and it is a nice legende.

First I want to show you a picture of the Sacred Birman;

The most streaking features of the Sacred Birman are their blue eyes and their white feet. Like you can see their eyes are very blue, and this is not something photoshopped!

The Sacred Birman even has his own legende:

A long time ago there lived a mysterious group of priests in Tibet. They built beautiful temples with high walls. In every temple were hundred white cats. When a priest died his soul came back in the shape of a white cat. A priest called Mun-Ha was so religious he spent his whole life honoring goddes Tsun Kyan-Kse (the goddess of transmigration of souls). This goddess had very blue eyes. The cat of Mun-Ha called Sinh was always by his side when he was meditating, he had golden eyes.

Some night the temple got raid, and Mun-Ha was killed by the robbers while he was sitting next to the statue of goddess Tsun Kyan-Kse. Until the very last moment he was looking in the eyes of the goddess, and at that moment "it" happend. Sinh jumped on Mun-Ha and looked into the eyes of the statue of Tsun Kyan-Tse. At that moment, the eyes of Sinh turned blue. His legs, tail and ears turned brown and his coat got a golden glow. Only the part where Sinh touched his master stayed white (his feet).

Sinh kept staring in the eyes of the statue for seven days, he didn't eat or drink, and after seven days he died and took the soul of Mun-Ha to Tsun Kyan-Kse.

Another seven days later, the priest were discussing who had to be the successor of Mun-Ha. There they saw that all the cats had the same metamorphosis. The cats went all to the same person and that's how they choose the next successor.

This is how the Sacred Birman arose.
- the blue eyes of the goddess
- the golden glow of the goddess and the master
- the brown as symbol of the earth (and the cowardly murder)
- and the white as symbol of the purity of the soul

I hope you enjoyed reading this legende!


The Netherlands

17:10, 22/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

The Netherlands

Because I'm from the Netherlands, I would like to tell you something about it. (I'm also part Italian, but I was born here, so the Netherlands is my motherland, and I'm proud of it!).

Most people think, when you tell them you're from the Netherlands, ah thats the country where all the people walk around like dumb farmers with clogs, smoke weed all day and the only thing they eat is cheese.
But no, not everybody smokes weed, wears clogs and eats cheese the whole day!
Because this is the reputation of the Netherlands, I would like to tell you some other things you may not know, or never realized it was something Dutch.




Dutch engineers help to build the levees in New Orleans and the Suez Canal. But what makes them a popular export product?
The success of the Dutch dyke builders is not only the result of good lobbying, Dutch are well trained too. So the Dutch people are very useful if you don't want your neighborhood to overflow!
Look at this, it's called the Deltawerken! The Dutch people built this, to protect the provinces Zeeland, Zuid-holland and Brabant from the water of the sea.

It's very impressive to see, and works very good. This is why other countries ask help from the Netherlands to build these things also in their country.


The Netherlands is known as a very small country, but we have huge names too when it's about sports.
I will tell you some famous sporters from the Netherlands:

- Epke Zonderland (gymnastics)
- Wesley Sneijder (football)
- Robin van Persie (football)
- Arjen Robben (football)
- Anky van Grunsven (dressage)

...and actually I could go on like this for a long time!

I hope I've been able to convince you that the Netherlands isn't only a small country in Europe with weedsmokers, and people who walk around on clogs all day. We have many good athletes, good engineers and way, way more!



19:24, 15/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link


I will tell you something about the Spanish event "Tomatina" because I really like it and I would like to visit the Tomatina.

Tomatina is a Spanish event. They celebrate it in Bunol, in the Spanish province Valencia. Tomatina is celebrated every year on the last wednesday of August. Many tourists go there because they want to see it or be a part of it. It is especially popular among the English tourist. For the local people it is a revance, the British tourist (especially the youth) make a lot of damage there during the summer holiday, and the locals take revance on them by throwing tomatoes at them.
Ten years ago, almost 38.000 people took part in the Tomatina, en over 132 tonne tomatoes were used.

The origin

In 1944 a group of young people were looking for quarrel because they wanted to participate in a typical local parade of gigantes y cabezudos (giants and big heads).
Because they were near a vegetable stall, they stole tomatoes for throwing them at the parade. The police came and the youth had to pay for the damage.

The following year the young people repeated the trick, this time with tomatoes brought from home. The police came and arrested the youth.
After doing this a few year, it became a tradition without an official status.

In 1950 the city councel allowed the event, but in1951 not any longer. That year the youth got arrested again, but because of the pressure of the other neighboring municipalities they've let them free.
Finally the whole event was allowed and not only throwing tomatoes was permitted, but also throwing water belonged to the tradition now.

...In 1957 the event got forbidden again...and if you had the guts to throw a tomato, you could end up in jail.

That prohibition only lasted for two years, because in 1959 it finally became officially allowed.
Since 1980, the municipality gives away tomatoes to the residents and the tourists.

It's a big event now, and I hope that it will last!

Kind regards,



Description of Another Place (sculpture)

13:33, 20/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

I would like to tell you something about the sculpture "Another Place" by Anthony Gormley because I think it is a beautiful, inspiring work of art, and also has a beautiful location. (It actually are more sculptures).

Here's a small picture of only three of the sculpture(s):

The sculpture(s) (are) is located in the sea, at Crosby Beach, near Liverpool; England. The sculpture consists of 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread out along 3 kilometers of the foreshore, streching almost 1 kilometre out to sea. Each figure weights 650 kilos. Contractors spent 3 weeks lifting the figures into place. They are made from casts of the artist's own body and are shown at different stages of rising out of the sand, all of them looking out to sea.

Like I've already said, the artist is Anthony Gormley. He was born in Hampstead, on the 30th of august 1950. He studied archaeology, anthropology and art history from 1968 until 1971. After that he went to India and Sri Lanka to indulge in Buddhism. 3 years later he went on with his study.
He has made a lot of sculptures. Another Place was made in 1997. In November 2006 the statues were expected to move to New York but it was later decided that they would remain on Crosby Beach.

This is one of the 100 sculptures by night:

Another Place bij Liverpool
The work is associated with emigration and sadness at leaving, but the hope of a new future in another place.
I understand why the work is associated with sadness because you can associate the sea with tears, while the sculptures are looking at the endless horizon..

You can see that some of the sculptures, like this one, are under water when the flood comes.
I think this is one of the most inspirational sculptures I know! I truly think it's beautiful because the meaning of the sculpture is clear, but you still can imagine your own things.  

Biography of Nelson Mandela

13:28, 19/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

I would like to tell you something about Nelson Mandela because it is a person I very admire. Why? I admire him because he gave up his own freedom for the freedom of others.

This is Nelson Mandela (in this picture he is 90 years old) :

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Nelson Mandela was one of the few black children who could go to school. He was very smart and studied law, he became a lawyer. After his study, he joined the ANC (African National Congress), a nation of black people who fought against apartheid. Nelson Mandela wanted the white people who oppressed and controlled the black people to leave the country. The ANC got famous in Africa but also in the rest of the world. This was a threat for the apartheid and that's why the police wanted to arrest him. When they eventually arrested him he got life imprisonment. He was transported to Robbeneiland, his prison. His prisoncode was 46664, that code later became the symbol of his AIDS project.
He spent 27 years of his life in prison, after 27 years (in 1990) he was released from prison. After that he went on striving for equality, it wasn't "illegal" anymore. 
Nelson Mandela is now 94 years old.

This is a picture of Robbeneiland:

I admire him, like I've already said, because he gave up his own freedom for the freedom of others. I think that is the greatest gift you can give in life.




My Dream Holiday

13:52, 14/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

I would like to tell you something about my dream holiday.

My dream holiday is a journey with friends to Australia and New Zealand because I think it are very beautiful countries and it is very handy that you can speak English, that reduces the risk of misunderstandings. Because you absolutely don't want misunderstandings on your holiday just because of the language. I love the countries because they both have very nice coasts but also very beautiful interiors.I also think that there are beautiful animals like kangaroos and koalas.
Here's a map of Australia and New Zealand!


We have to go by plane, because actually there is no other option. Well, I could go by boat, but that would take ages! Fortunately I love to fly, the flight from The Netherlands to Australia will take about 24 hours.

I would love to visit Sydney, Bondi Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Auckland and way more!
When I'm there I would like to bungee jump near Cairns, in the middle of the rainforest above a lake. And I also want to dive there, you've got world's biggest coral reef there.
Here's a picture of Bondi Beach.

I think (hope) I will make this trip when I'm about 23 years old. First I want to study, but when I have my diploma I'll take a break and this will be one of the first things I'll do, I want to stay there for about 8 weeks.
I want to be there at Christmas time, because then it is summer there, and it seems a very special way to celebrate Christmas on the beach to me. Imagine that you are on the beach in your bikini with your Christmas hat on! Isn't that a special way to celebrate Christmas?!

Like I've already said, I want to make this journey with friends. Because I think it's way more fun and also safer because you're with a group and not alone.

I hope that in 8 years I can write a blog about my (hopefully amazing) trip to Australia and New Zealand!



My blog

13:24, 2/10/2012 .. 1 comments .. Link


My name is Laura. I'm 15 years old and from The Netherlands.
This year I will write an English blog as a school assignment. In this blog I will tell you things about myself, describe persons I admire and I will give my opinion about sculptures for example.

A few things about myself:
- I like to play piano
- I like to play korfbal (It's a Dutch sport)
- I live in a small village
- I like to hang out with friends



I hope you enjoy reading my blog!




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