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don't feel strong

00:16, Friday, July 31, 2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

See my life fading away.
I have to be stronger, i know..
But everytime i try to go on..
You can put me down so easily.
I cherish every moment and every memory that i have or had with you.
I am not able to start all over new.
A brand new start, that would be nice.
But everytime i see a future without you, a million tears start falling down.
I know we had a great time, just wish it was not over yet.
I wish we could turn back time and live the past in slowmotion.
We could lie in eachothers arms forever and we could love eachother more and more..

I wish i could leave this world, this mess we've made..
Move to the other side of the world, start new together and learn to appreciate eachothers ups and downs.
I would never argue anymore, would never do a thing you wouldn't  like..
But most of all, i will love you every day and i will let you know it..
I want everyday to feel new, fresh and completed with lots of love.
Your lovely smell around me, your perfect shaped body next to me and most of all your eyes touching mine..
I wish that i could get a star, to wish all happiness on the world. But most of all..
i will wish for you..



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