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Fashion Love


Hi, this is a blog if you want to see something about fashion.

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My name is Lisa, im 12 years young -yeah maybe that kinda young-, im from holland (so dont be mean about my English, i try to be as best as i can) and i love judging stars.

So maybe i will post videos how you do the make-up/hair of the stars.

Maybe i will write to about music and youtube.

If you have any ideas where i can write about, just comment!

I will give stars comments, let you show where you can something buy.

I hope you would like it.

Do remember, im just 12 years, so please dont comment: '' you do bad judging'' or '' your waayy to young'' im just doing this for the fun and i like it...

And if you dont like it. Just leave... If you like, please leave a comment... have tips? comment



Posted: 15:44, 25/5/2010
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