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Citizen Promaster PMX56-2811 Review news rolex

There is a saying that goes something like, ¡°If you¡¯re going to buy quartz, you might as well make it a good quartz¡±. The sentiment is true as you can get an automatic for very little these days, especially when you consider the technology and innovated that is represented by even an entry level mechanical movement. With all the options available to the modern and savvy buyer, why is anyone buying quartz? Isn¡¯t it just a cheap and bland technology that gained prominence in the 80¡äs? Citizen would like to respectfully disagree and today we enter the Promaster PMX56-2811 as evidence that quartz is not just for Casio calculator watches. The 2811 is a classically sized watch that is packed full of modern technology and innovative design. Thin dive watches are generally hard to come by as they are generally made with large and chunky cases that can ensure strong construction and resistance to pressure. The Citizen PMX56-2811 takes a different approach to its case design. The 2811 is relatively small by current standards, only 41.5 mm wide (not including the crown) and 11 mm tall. Those dimensions make it a little small for a sport watch and even more appealing is the short lug-lug distance of 48mm. Combine the practical case size with the fact that the case and bracelet are made from Citizen Duratect titanium, and you have a watch that you will barely notice on your wrist. Furthermore, the case is actually made from a single piece of the hardened titanium and the movement, dial, hands and crystal are fitted through the front of the watch. This unibody design allows the case to be very strong without sacrificing simplicity and . The total package with the bracelet weighs a scant 103 g, which is less than the head of some dive watches we have reviewed in the past. The Citizen 2811 is powered by an Eco-Drive movement that should never need a replacement battery and can carry a charge for 6 months before it needs a light source with which it can recharge. Citizen¡¯s solar powered Eco-Drive technology has been in production for more than 15 years but they have been steadily increasing the build quality and efficiency of their everyday movements. This specific example gained 2 seconds over a 1.5 month period that was evenly split between my wrist and my desk. During that time the 2811 was as tough as it was accurate, the hardened titanium was much harder to scratch than the regular titanium watches we have had in the past. Titanium, without any additional coatings or hardening, is generally a scratch prone metal that becomes marred and pitted over time. Note, some early PMX56-2811 models are marked with ¡°Duratect¡± on the back of the case, newer models still use Duratect but dont have the label as the bezel is aluminum. This model is from 2009 and has the aluminum bezel. The flat mineral crystal is exceedingly clear and often seems to vanish all together except when subjected to direct light. The bezel appears to be aluminum and carries a full 60 clicks that line up precisely with the markings on the chapter ring. The numerals are painted onto the dark gray/black dial and the date sits in a bordered aperature, black text on a white wheel. The aperture is perfectly sized to blend into the overall composition of the dial as it is the same size as the numerals. The date printing is very small so it makes sense that they chose the higher contrast option of black text on a white wheel. The bezel and crown action are very light but sure-footed enough to instil confidence. The screw down action on the crown is not especially smooth in this example and could definitely be improved upon by Citizen. The bracelet on the Citizen PMX56-2811 is outstanding. It is very light and well finished and its links are bound together using a pin and collar technique that makes changing links a pain but once sized the bracelet is very secure. Its clasp is also a nice piece of kit, its a standard push button fold over clasp but it features a ratcheting extension that can be adjusted via pinch buttons on the clasp its self. The ratchet is completely solid and a great way to make micro adjustments to the sizing of the bracelet so you always have a perfect fit. The extension can add as much as 13mm to the bracelet so it may be suitable as a dive extension depending on the thickness of the wetsuit you¡¯re wearing. The Citizen PMX56-2811 is a shining example of why Citizen is still around and just how good a product can be when a company sticks to its core competencies. Yes, Citizen makes a lot of vaguely boring department store watches but they also produce great examples like the Air Diver line-up. Light, thin, featuring reserved styling and excellent accuracy, the Citizen 2811 is definitely one of the best quartz watches we have ever reviewed. The Citizen PMX56-2811 is a Japanese only model that can be found online for around $400 USD. At that price point, there is almost no competition for the Promaster Air Diver line-up given its unique unibody case design, solar movement and low profile titanium construction. So, if you¡¯re going to buy quartz, you should probably take a look at what Citizen has to offer.

Posted: 09:59, 16/3/2013
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