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Interview London Dance

Posted on 24/5/2012 at 15:58 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Gabriella - Dancing Which style do you dance? How old was you when you began with dancing? Have you done contests against other people? Do you want to do make it your profession? How many day in the week do you dance? What do you like about dancing? Who is your favorite dancer? Which style do you want to learn? Is there something you want to achieve? What is your favorite dance move?

London day 3

Posted on 24/5/2012 at 15:52 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Day 3, Thursday 24th of April, The last day =( Today my group and me went whit another group away. They had not been to Oxford Street and we could go with them, for the second time! So I really liked that. I bought more things. This was our last day. So we had packed our bags already and they were in the bus. After Oxford Street we went to the place where the London dungeon was. Esra did her speech about Jack the ripper. We needed to wait for all the groups to get together so we could go inside the London dungeon, so we sat for some minutes on stairs in front of the London Dungeon and decided to go and have lunch. We came back to the stairs and sat for some minutes and then the other groups came and we could go inside. It was really not scary. After the dungeon we walked to the Tower Bridge via a boulevard. It was so nice out there and the weather was great. Unfortunately we didn’t stand on the tower bridge because we didn’t have enough time and we needed to get to the place where the London Eye was. But I did my speech about the tower bridge on the boulevard. The view on the boulevard to the Tower Bridge was great! So I had dinner by a restaurant next to the London Eye. You could it as much as you want for 8 or 9 pounds. Then it was time for the London Eye. The view was amazing from up. Then we took the bus and went on our way back to Holland. I love London and I would definitely come back soon. We’ve had a great time and experience.

London day 2

Posted on 24/5/2012 at 15:49 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Day 2, Wednesday 24th of April I had very good breakfast. After that we took the tube to get to the place where the big ben and houses of parliament were. It was raining really hard. So the people that needed to do their speech did it inside at the tube station. Then we were walked up to Buckingham palace. When we were walking we saw all this people on horses who were doing a ceremony for something where people were killed, to commemorate the people who died. Because it was raining so hard we didn’t get at Buckingham palace. So the person that needed to do his speech didn’t do it there. We had lunch and went further with the tube to the Natural History Museum. It was nice. Now the nicest part of the day was Oxford Street! I bought a lot of things. They had really nice shops. Shops that you don’t see in Holland. After that we went to McDonald’s and then to Piccadilly Circus. There we all bought a fake glass in a souvenirs shop with standing on it ‘‘Cheers from London’’ for our dads and brothers. It was nice to walk around and see all the buildings and cultures of people. We also came across many people from Holland, that was really funny and we started talking with them. Something funny that happened was that Jennifer hugged someone in front of her thinking that is was Feline, but it was a stranger!

London day 1

Posted on 24/5/2012 at 15:42 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Day 1, Tuesday 24th of April Today I stood up at 6 AM. I took shower and dressed up. I said goodbye to my siblings and left home at 6:55 AM. It took 2 minutes to get at school. I meted the other students in the Grand café. We stood there 15 minutes before we could go in the bus. I said goodbye to my parents and we left heading to London. We rode 2 hours to get to a filling station. There I saw some people that I knew. They were also from Amsterdam and were also going on a school trip. We had 30 minutes recess and then we went further to France to go on the boat there. That took 2 hours. We ate a lot of sweat in the bus. When we finally arrived in France, the boat went on the bus. It was a huge boat. There were different departments and you could walk everywhere. It was really nice. It again took 2 hours to get to England. Were the boat stopped there were high mountains. It was a really nice view. I took a lot of pictures. The bus got of the boat and we drove further. We came by all this places in England. I also saw people walking in their school uniforms. It took about 4 hours to get in London. I was so excited when we came where in central London. Big buildings, many people, it was amazing. There is a real difference between London and the other places. When we finally arrived by the hostel we dropped our bags and went away for dinner. It was a really long trip. This whole trip was about 11 hours long!
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