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girl from gamer


Being a girlfriend from a gamer aint easy all the time! On my blog you can read funny situations and the solutions! gamers back up each other! We girlfriends should do the sameee!

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Hellooooo, This is for all the girls that have gamer-boyfriends! And no guys, this aint a blog like: i hate xbox! I hate playstation! Give me my boyfriend back aaaaaaaah! ;) Because you know.. You cant blaim them for having a hobby ;P.. I also dont like to be disturbt while polishing my nails.. Or watching my soaps.. But still sometimes the gaming obsession goes too far! I just dont get it! So gamers please post something aswell! We might go understand each other! :P Take my boyfriend.. He is 22 years old.. And he is the co-owner of a squad.. A halo-squad.. They organize clan-battles, trainings, etc. anddd if someone of the squad.. Cant come to a training and he doesnt tell that.. So he just doesnt show up.. They just kick you out bye bye! Really when my boy tells me stuff like this?.. Im like whattt? Shaking my head.. Its a gameeee?? Nit a job! Or it aint about life and death.. But for them it is! And as a girlfriend .. It aint that easy all the time! Just let me know.. What you think of this.. :O xx Regards, gfg --> girl of gamer

Posted: 14:30, 21/7/2011
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