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Why am i on this site???


Well....i hope some people will react on it.

And maybe...just maybe.....

i end up with some new internet penpalls.

Email friends.

From all over the world




Posted: 07:21, 29/9/2005 in Annemarie
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Meet My Boss

Let me tell you a little bit more about Annemarie.

She's a great boss to me.

Cuddles me, plays with me, walks me etc etc etc

But she's also a mom.

She has two sons, Andy(14) and Damian(8)


Her boyfriend also has 3 kids, so that makes 5 nice playmates for me.


Talking about playmates.

There's also Guusje

She's MY girlfriend


isn't she sweet????

We live and play together.

We even sleep in the same bench

And Annemarie hopes, that someday......

we will make little baby yorkies



Posted: 07:04, 29/9/2005 in Gizmo
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Hey there!!!!


As you can see, i'm new here.

Still trying to find out how everything works.


Who is Gizmo ????

Gizmo is...... a Yorkshire terrier.

A male doggie, that likes to make trouble.

Gizmo was born : 22 november 2004.


Who am I ?????

My name is Annemarie

I'm Gizmo's boss

The one who is trying to learn Gizmo how to behave.

Which is easier sad than done.


If you see any mistakes in my Englisch, i can explane that.

I am Dutch.

So i'll try as hard as i can to write understandeble Englisch.

Hope you'll forgive me my mistakes

Posted: 14:17, 27/9/2005
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I really don't understand soccer.

All those men, running after 1 bal.

Kicking the ball and eich other.

And getting millions paid to do so

beets me

Posted: 07:36, 27/9/2005 in Annemarie
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