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Gizmo's way off thinking


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Hey there!!!!


As you can see, i'm new here.

Still trying to find out how everything works.


Who is Gizmo ????

Gizmo is...... a Yorkshire terrier.

A male doggie, that likes to make trouble.

Gizmo was born : 22 november 2004.


Who am I ?????

My name is Annemarie

I'm Gizmo's boss

The one who is trying to learn Gizmo how to behave.

Which is easier sad than done.


If you see any mistakes in my Englisch, i can explane that.

I am Dutch.

So i'll try as hard as i can to write understandeble Englisch.

Hope you'll forgive me my mistakes

Posted: 14:17, 27/9/2005
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