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Commercials and Advertisement

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Posted on 2/12/2009 at 18:14 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


Down here you’ll  see a Dutch Dreft commercial from the 80’s, if you watch carefully you’ll notice Dreft still has the same motto these days.




This commercial is from the brand Dreft, a well known brand that is used in a lot of households all over the world. The brand was first produced by the firm Procter & Gamble in 1993. At first it was intended for laundry use, but in 1947 there was also a Dreft dishwashing detergent. Nowadays the product is known in a liquid form and it is mostly used for dishwashing.

Dreft tries to be market leader on three different markets, these markets are the market of dish wash soaps by hand, and the market of dishwasher soaps like the Dreft Ultra Caps. In the hand wash soaps Dreft is already the market leader and in the market of dishwasher soaps they have the second position with 26% percent of market share. In Holland is the biggest concurrent inside this market Calgonit.

I chose to review this commercial because I noticed the motto Dreft uses. Most brands try to make profit by selling as much as possible and they advice their consumers to use the product as often and much as possible. This commercial does completely the opposite. In the commercial Dreft tries to sell the product because of it’s long term use. Dreft tries to highlight this long term use by saying that the consumer could do two time more dishes with the same quantity as their concurrents.  



Advertisement and Commercials (Introduction)

Posted on 23/11/2009 at 22:30 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Everyday, and I really mean everyday we’re overloaded with thousands, even millions of impulses. From the streets, to into our own houses we’re nowhere safe for them. Most of these impulses aren’t absorbed in our brains because there are to many of them. The most of these impulses are advertisements, but how do the producers of products or services make sure we reach their message from these advertisements?


The first step for the producer is to split the market in several target groups and choose the right group(s) for their product or service. This so-called segmentation starts with looking at similar habits,  characteristics, wants, needs, expectations and much more within the market. When the producer has observed these variables they choose the right target group for their product. After that they will give an assignment to one or several advertising agency’s who will devise a (hopefully) perfect advertisement to attract the chosen target group. This is easier said then done because it’s very difficult to devise a perfect advertisement.


On this blog there will be posted 2 or 3 entries every week, these entries will include advertisements or commercials which I think of they’re perfectly formed for their target group or just completely the opposite. These advertisements can be very recently, but they can also be from a while ago. Besides that I will tell some background information about the brand, product/ service and target group, but I will also give my opinion about these advertisements and I hope you’ll do the same!





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