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10:19, 9/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Finally I get everything right back on track

 Hoping I get my live back

Believe me I had a time that was rough

But in the end I was be better off than I thought

Never believe I found happiness again

Before my energies was going down like a drain

Your love for me warming me up like the sun

My energy goes up like a shot gun

I have no doubt in my heart

That u here for me even we are far apart

falling apart

19:23, 26/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Sometimes I feel my live is falling apart
My mind is separated from my heart
My feeling is working time
Why is nothing in rhyme?
How it comes I feel this way
Is this feeling forever here to stay?
How can I change all this in my live
It now going to a test drive
My eyes want to cry
But who is here to make them dry
 Got no one to help me through
I only know one person will do
He wants to help me where he can
But he do not know where to began
The person is so far from me
Thousand kilometers a far he is be
My live is twisted upside down
He not black but brown
But everything will be fine
So my sun will go on and shine

My fear

19:07, 21/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
My fear is that u never will go away
U wants to be in my live to stay
No matter what I want or feel
U never wants to know for real
What u want from me I do not know
Every time you put on a show
A show that confuse me
How it come u talk still about we
I try to convince you time and time again
But u gives me so much pain
Maybe u got the message I send
And I will live my life how I want it in the end


17:55, 20/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
We walking in the moonlight
No other people in sight
Holding hand in hand
And our feet moving along in the sand
Your arms are surrounding me
While we watch the deep blue sea
There is a soft chilly breeze in the air
I feel you give me a sweet kiss on my hair
My body shivers by the touch of your kiss
Never know that I could feel like this
when we sit down in the sand
and fingers are strangle with mine
my heart beat like a rock band
hope this feeling will never go away
every  day for this I pray

Not again

21:33, 19/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
How you can let it happened
This way it will never end
You cannot even take care of your
First child                               
It really makes me wild
To think u maybe pregnant again
 It gives me so much pain
Those kids will be grow up with no value
You really do not have a clue
 How to raise a kid you do not care not even a bit
Every day you go out and have a big mouth
That everybody know better than you
Sometimes people do
But instead of listen them and to keep your mind of
Any problem
You will go your own way and get angry if the problems
Are here to stay
I hope for you everything will be fine
And it will go it a good straight line


18:58, 18/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
You wake me up in the middle of the night
I feel u give me sweet kisses on my cheek they are light
Every time you are so tender
I can do nothing else than to surrender
Why u give my a warm feeling inside of me
Like a warm gentle summer breeze surrounding the tree
Your arms are gentle and full of passion when the holding me tight
When our tongue start to be in a love fight.
The tight of your arms give me feeling of secure and safe
Now I know how a fish feel swimming in ocean on a wave
You fingers touch my naked skin
I feel my body shiver it almost a sin
My love for you grow more and more every day
I cannot inmange to be without your love to long so far a way

short happy moment

18:41, 18/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
For an short period u where inside me
 I do not know you where a he or a she
I will never find out I lost you and my wish was not coming true
How I was so sad I thought I was my fault and it drive me mad
Only two months I could enjoy before one morning my live destroy
In one moment of time I realize It never mend to be
My baby will never be grow inside of me

Leave me alone

13:05, 18/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Why u do not live your life
and leave me alone
u already gone
why u still want be back
and put everything right on track
u had your chance long time
but u did not used it not for a mile
every time you messed up my mind
I do not know what you hope to find
my love for you is gone and pass
from the beginning it was not to last
now u hoping to make things alright
but every time we fight
you say sorry for everything you done
but my love for you is gone
sometimes u are nice
but I keep thinking there is something it have a price
what u want from me if u like that
and after a while I find out what
sometimes you are even sweet 
but I thinking why you are so when we meet
then after one hour I find out and we shout
I can not hate you ,you know
I really try but hate for you will not even grow
I can not for get what you did
but I forgive you


13:35, 17/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Every day I start to doubt myself seven days a week
I look for myself I search and seek
Strangely enough I could not find
Maybe I start to be blind
To many times I ask myself the same thing over and over again
Why I give everybody and myself such a pain
How it is possible I am not ever make the right choice
When I ever learn to listen to my inner voice
It feel  I let everybody down
And that give me a frown
how long this feeling stay
why it will not go away
Maybe I am a bad person like some people say
and I have a black heart all the way
every time I try to do good
but  it brings only bad mood
what I must do to make people happy following the right track
not to pull me with them in their state of going to the bad pack
I hope in time everything will be okay
and my feelings are not here to stay

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