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31/1/2013 - English Assignment

Today I got an assignment for English to writh a blog. But I am realy not familair with blogging at all.. The assignment said we could write about everything we want to, but for me, that makes it even harder.. This is my first blog ever so it might be a good idee to write someting about myself.


I am Kaylee Rijkers, 19 years old and I live in a smal village called Loosbroek. I live there with my mother and my younger sister (she's 16). My mom and dad are (almost) devorced, he lives in Uden, a place near by us. We also have a little dog called Sem. And not to forget, I have a realy nice boyfriend!


My hobby is music. I love to sing and I also play guitar and piano.  About a year ago I stopped doing ballet but I did that for almost 14 years. Actually I miss dancing but I couldn't do it anymore comparing with school. Dancing started at 6 O'clock so I never could make it on time. Loosbroek is not close to Tilbrug (were I go to school). I need to take 2 busses and a train so it takes me 2 hours to travel to school..


While I am blogging right now it makes me think about a tv serie on MTV called AKWARD. The serie always starts and ends with a girl writing her blog. i don't know if this is interesting but right now I'm just writing what comes in to my head, so maybe it is time to stop for today..

I need to write someting every week, so we'll see.

I hope you like it!


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