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12/10/2005 - Hello there ..


Here we meet again =).. This is a blog about my friends.. They mean the world to me=).. I couldn't imagine a world without them.. They can make my day sunny!! Sometimes I know that I don't really show them that I love them, I can't deny that. But they must know that they are everything to me ..

ma siis.. Not my real one offcourse.. She is a really lovely and pleasent girl. We don't see eachother very well this last weeks but now we go both to another school.. u know =) 

Me(on the left) and a freaked out girl, Charlotte(right).. She is my soulmate forever=) Last year we had a great time, now it's over =( B'Cuz I go to another school.. MW is not really my type u know.. It's kinda boring =).. We had our own wordbook, poedel-language, chocomilk-addiction, and lots of other things.. I'll keep you in mind forever girl!!..

She's a really lovely girl.. She was also my schoolmate the last two year.. I had a lot of fun with her.. I'm really missing her:(..


In the summer I always go camping =).. And I love that.. B'cuz my sweet boy goes there to, and my best friend.. And a lot of other people I love.. Here are some people of there..::


Fran::She is very lovely and also my best friend. I can share anything with her: problems..laughmoments, anything!! x she knows that she can count on me for sure, cuz that's what best friends are for!! You mean more then the worl to me!! X nwlyy!!


Jimmy (left): He's also a good friend of me.. I hope I'll never lose him cuz he's such a fine boy =).. I can always laugh with him and all that kinds of stuff , u know. Nevur wanna lose you boyy! xx



                                        [The rest will follow! =)]

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