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The solution doesn't have to be found even though you might really want that. I haven't spoken to the friend who asked me out (I should do that again) and my other friend is just nice to me and acts normal.
So instead of worrying about that another problem has occured: One of my best friends (the one with the boyfriend) is only talking to us when her boyfriend isn't around and today was such a day...
That means that in the first break I sat chatting with some friends and she came and sat down next to me and started speaking to me.. And the next break my other best friend comes and sit with me.. But now comes the real problem: my best friend with the boyfriend told me that she can easily get panic attacks. So if one of us would truly express how we feel about her neglecting us she would probably have a panic attack.. So now I always just have to sit and talk and smile to her even though inside I would like to say a lot of things that aren't really nice and comforting at all.
Because I don't want her to have a panic attack because I expressed my feelings about how she treats us nowadays: like disposable wipes..

I haven't slept for over 15 hours and I'm really tired, but instead of just leaving me alone and allowing me some rest I had a huge fight with my mom. Turns out she won't let me go out because I drank two glasses of wine at my prom.. I mean, two glasses! That's like nothing compared to almost everyone else (some didn't drink at all, but they also went home early so..)
But in a couple of weeks a friend of mine gives a birthday party that will contain a lot of guests (she invited about 80 persons), but also probably drinks.. I just hope my parents will allow me to go (I mean I won't tell them about the drinks..) so I can prove again that I'm ready to go out!

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the gym, which I made with a pretty handsome guy who stammered all the way through our conversation!.. I don't know if my appointment will be with him, but I won't have a problem with that if it will! So sleep tight everyone and dream pretty!

First week of school....

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The first week of school has already been a very hectic one...
The teachers are already stressing about our tests, (that we don't have to take until March) and I alread feel rather tired.. I wanna go back to the holidays!
I also have a little problem.. A friend of mine is (well in love) with another friend of mine but I happen to know that that second friend already has a girlfriend.. so everytime I see my friend I'm reminded of that knowledge..
to make the problem even worse and bigger: she thinks that he likes me.. instead of her. but I don't see him as a boyfriend just as a friend, and I'm sure (well almost sure) he feels the same way about me!
she said she didn't mind if he would like me or if we would go out and that we would still be friends, I know that we're still friends because she isn't full of hatred everytime she sees me but I still have to think about this problem... :'(
another complicated matter is that one of my best friends has a boyfriend and the only thing she can talk about (if she ever has time to speak to us because she's always with him) the only thing she talks about IS him..
I just find it rather annoying because she had promised she would (and I quote) NEVER, NEVER EVER do such a thing to us because friends last forever. but my other best friend who has been to Turkey with her (and has had to endure an entire week of boyfriend talk only) is really hurt.
If my friend finds a bit of time to talk to me I can feel the eyes of my other friend in my back.. It feels a bit like being torn between them and I really don't want that!

First Blog Ever!

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Hello everyone!

Life can be tough sometimes but it's also the most beautiful thing! Troubles can be hard and seem unsolvable, but if you see them from a different perspective they can turn out to be the most wonderful thing that has ever happened.. ;) My blog will be about solving problems, however difficult that may seem and about other things that just bring joy in life. Things like cooking, singing (and other kinds of music) and a lot of other hobbies! It's about the road I take and the things I meet during my journey..

I would also like it if you could voice your own problems, because a shared problem weighs less than a secret! ;)

Loves, Laetitia

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First week of school....
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