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Told me Muhammad ibn Ja

O Allah! Forgive Me, And Bring Me To The Right Path

10:42, 13/3/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

O Allah! forgive me, and bring me to the right path, and give me a livelihood [and deliver me] (10 times), and then said: Allaahumma, Inni a'uzu bi-QW min al-dayyyki yaumal-Hisab (10 times) , "O Allah! I seek refuge in You from the burdens of the day of settlement "(190) (10). 12. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Dhul-malyakuti dzhabaruti Val, Val-Val kibriya'i'azamati "Allah is Great! (3 times). Winner of the Dominion, the power, majesty and greatness! " Abu Dawud il-Hakim, who called this hadith is authentic, and agreed with him al-Dhahabi. (168) Al-Bukhari, Muslim and Ibn Abi Washer (12/110/2). Sources and chain of narrators are given in the book "Al-Irv '» (? 8). (169) Hanif - a true believer in the One God (Note. Trans.). (170) Since it is transmitted in many reports, and in some transmitted "wa ana minal Muslimeen" ("and I - from the Muslim community"). Perhaps it was due to an error of one of the narrators, as confirmed by other evidence, so praying should say "wa ana avvalyul Muslimeen" ("and I - the first among the Muslims").

There is nothing contradictory, contrary to what some people say, thinking that this phrase means: "I am the first person who has these qualities, whereas in others they are not." However, this is not the case: this phrase really means advance (each other) in the implementation of the decrees, - similar to these are (verses): "Say (O Muhammad!): 'If the Merciful had a son, I would be the first of worship (him). " (Sura "Ornaments", verse 81), and the statement of Musa (peace be upon him): "... and I - the first of the believers" (Surah "Hedges", verse 143). (171) Azhari said, "I do not worship anyone but Thee. " (172) "lyabbay-QW" I firmly and always ready to serve you; "Sa'day-QW" I am extremely happy (to be under) thy commandment, and with complete sincerity follow faith, which thou hast chosen. (173) That is, evil can not come from God, because He is nothing evil deeds (and bad), for all his deeds - benefits that are inherent justice, mercy and wisdom - they are all good, and they have no evil. And evil is precisely the evil because it can not come from Allah.

 Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: "He (Allah) is the Creator of good and evil, but evil exists in some of its creation, and not in the (very) His act of creation, and not (themselves) His deeds . Therefore, the Almighty is free from all injustice, oppression (zulm), which at its core is the location of something not on their inherent in the place. He puts everything in its place, so everything (from Him) is good. But evil is the location of something not on their inherent to spot when something is put in place to inherent, then it is not evil, so naturally, evil does not come from Him ... To the question: "Why ( then) He has created something in which is contained evil? "I answer:" He committed an act of creation, and his conduct was good, but not evil, because the creation and act belong to Allah, and evil is not possible to be related or attributed to Allah. Nothing evil (and bad) contained in the created, can not come from God, but His actions and His creation can be attributed to him, so they are good.

" The rest of the discussions on this important topic, as well as its conclusion contained in the book of Ibn al-Qayyim 'Shifa' al-'Alil Masa'il fi al-Qada 'wal-Qadr Wat Ta'lil "(p. 178-206) . (174) Muslim, Abu Awana, Abu Dawud, an-Nasa'i, Ibn Hibbaan, Ahmad, al-Shafi'i and al-Tabarani. Mistaken who thinks that this plea is read only in the additional prayers. (175) An-Nasa'i leads this hadith through authentic chain of transmitters. (176) An-Nasa'i and Al-Daraqutni lead this hadith through authentic chain of transmitters. (177) In other words, "I praise you," which means: "I believe that You are absolutely devoid of any deficiencies." (178) That is, "We are praising Thee." (179) That is, the "blessings of Thy Name great as a great blessing comes from the remembrance of Thy Name. " (180) That is to say, "Your Glory and Your Power." (181), Abu Dawood and al-Hakim, who called the authentic hadith, and agreed with him al-Dhahabi. Ukayli said: "This (hadith) is transmitted through multiple paths with good isnaad." Sources and chain of narrators are given in the book "Al-Irv '" (341). It also gave Ibn Mandakh in his book "Al-Tawhid" (123/2) with authentic chain of narrators, an-Nasa'i in "Al-Yaum al-wa Layla" in the form of "maukuf 'and' Martha '' and Ibn Katheer in "Jami 'al-Masanid" (Vol. 3, para. 2, p. 235/2).

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Turned his face away from him and skylines

08:24, 11/3/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

Turned his face away from him and skylines, wherever I looked, I saw him only in this form. I stood there, not moving forward or backward. Khadija people sent me.They reached the top of Mecca and went back to her, and I'm standing in the same place. Then he left me, and I left, returning to his family. Came to Khadija, sat down on her knees and clung to it. She said: "O Abu al-Qasim! Where have you been? By Allah, I sent his men after you. They came to Mecca and came back to me. "Then I told her about what he saw. She said: "Rejoice, O son of my uncle, and of good courage! I swear those in whose hands the soul of Khadija, I hope that you will be the Prophet of this nation! "Then she got up, dressed up and went to Waraqa ibn Nawfal, who was the son of her uncle. Barak was a Christian, reading Scripture, listening to the followers of the Torah and the Bible. She told him that the Messenger of Allah told her about what he saw and heard them. Waraqa ibn Nawfal said: "Holy, holy! I swear those in whose hands the soul Barak, if you tell me the truth about Khadija, it came to him the Great Namus - Archangel Gabriel who came to Musa (Moses). He - the Prophet of this nation.

Tell him mounted. " Khadija came to the Messenger of Allah and gave him the words of Waraqa ibn Nawfal. When the Messenger of Allah, having made his prayers had gone from a place of solitude, he was met Waraqa ibn Nawfal: The Messenger of Allah walked around the Kaaba. Barak said: "O nephew! Tell me what you have seen and heard! "And he told the Messenger of Allah. Barak told him: "I swear by those in whose hand is my soul, you - the Prophet of this nation. To you came to the Great Namus - Archangel Gabriel who came to Moses. You will be accused of lying, will oppress, cast out and fight with you. If I live to see this day, then Allah will render such assistance as he knows. " Then he pulled his head down to hers and kissed her on the crown, and the Messenger of Allah went to his home. He told me Ismail ibn Abi Hakim al ward al-Zubair, who passed the story of Khadija. She said the Messenger of Allah: "O son of my uncle! Can you tell me when you come to one that usually comes to you? "He said," Yes. " She said: "When it comes, tell me!" Came to him Jabrayil as usual. The Messenger of Allah said Ha DJ, "Oh Khadija! Here Jabrayil came to me. " Said: "Arise, O son of his uncle, and sit on my left thigh." The Messenger of Allah stood up and sat on her left thigh! "Said," Go around and sit on my right thigh! "The Messenger of Allah went around and sat on her right thigh.Asked: "Do you see it?" The answer: "Yes." Said, "Go around and sit on my bosom!" The Messenger of Allah walked around and sat on her bosom. Asked: "Do you see it?" The answer: "Yes." Then she opened up and threw her veil, and the Messenger of Allah was sitting on her bosom.

Then she asked him, "Do you see him?" Answer: "No". Said: "O son of the uncle! Be strong and be happy! By Allah, he is an angel, not the devil. " I told Abdallah ibn Hassan story. He said: "I heard my mother Fatima bint Hussein told the story with the words of Khadija. But I have heard it said that it covered his shirt and then Jabrayil left. She said the Messenger of Allah: "This is an angel, not the devil." By the Messenger of Allah revelation started coming in the month of Ramadan. Allah Almighty says: "The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an as a righteous way for people and as an explanation for distinguishing the righteous from the wicked ways." (2: 185).Allah says: "Verily, We have sent it down in the Night of Power. And what would you know what the Night of Power? Night of Power is better than a thousand months. On this night the angels descend to earth and spirit with the permission of their Lord with all his commands. She is calm before the rising of the dawn! "(97: 1-5). The Almighty said: "If you believe in Allah and in that which We snisposlali our servant on the Day of distinguishing between good and evil, in the day when the two faced crowds" (8:41). This refers to a clash between the Messenger of Allah and the infidels at Badr. Then revelations continued to come to the Messenger of Allah, when he had come to believe in God and believe who came to him revelations. The Prophet continued the work of Allah, met resistance and resentment on the part of his people. It believed Khadija bint Khuwaylid, believe in the revelations coming to him from Allah, supports his case, was the first person to believe in Allah and His Messenger, to believe in something, that he passed. Allah has made it easier for their prophet this thing every time he heard unpleasant words in his address, accusations of lying, he returned to Khadija displeased, and she comforted him, helping him, supporting the truth of his words and actions to facilitate his transfer people.

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O Allah! Forgive Me, And Bring Me To The Right Path
Turned his face away from him and skylines


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