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6 sets of well-season wear, wardrobe

03:19, 8/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

6 sets of well-season wear, wardrobe

Although the cool autumn was approaching, but summer cheap clothes inevitably reluctant feelings, how can the United States and the United States take a season to wear it? 6 sets of recommended seasonal carefully fitted, classic but never when.

Long-sleeved chiffon or silk coat is one season must have a single product. Getting stronger in the cool of autumn, light flowing chiffon silk fabrics can be elegant and chic detail to reflect a jumping breath of inspiration, sketch the lines moving.

Romantic autumn dress is a good time, especially the knee-length pencil skirt taking advantage of the tide began to return to the 1950s, fling, with a T-shirt or shirt matched with a packet will be very retro VINTAGE LADY demeanor.

Transform variable hot and cold autumn day, pants are the most useful single product. Exciting fashion pants-shaped but quietly returned to the law-abiding, cheap clothes online , slender shape with elegant color pants, became the autumn in a simple and charming scenery.

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6 sets of well-season wear, wardrobe


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