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22/12/2005 - WELKOM

Lieve mensen!

Hartelijk welkom op mijn nieuwe weblog.
Dit weblog is bedoeld voor iedereen die het leuk vind om te lezen wat ik allemaal meemaak in Ierland.
Als je mijn telefoonnummer of adres wilt hebben, stuur me dan even een mailtje.
Ik hoor graag van jullie!

Lieve groetjes,
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22/12/2005 - HET GEZIN

Family Fiona Lenaghan, Ireland

Name: Fiona Lenaghan
Children: 3 Children, 2 - 5 years
Living in: Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Start date: 01 / 2006
Length of stay: 6 - 18 months
Account No.: 88794

We are living in a small town
We are looking for an au pair girl aged 20 to 45.
Our au pair is expected to speak a little English.

Dear au pair

We live in Barna village in a lovely area 4km west of the city of Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. We live right beside the sea and there is also a beach near-by, a small harbour and a wood. Galway is a lovely, compact, thriving city. Population approximately 65,000 people. The people are friendly and there is usually a lot going on. For example, there is a thriving arts community here. It's got a university (approx 13,000 students). It is a regional capital, a tourist destination, a cultural and arts centre and a university city. There is always lots going on and lots to do and see, even during the winter. There is a vibrant music scene to suit all tastes - rock, traditional, dance, jazz etc... So its a great place to live. We live in a large house by the sea.Our last au pair loved it here.The city has a large student population and a thriving arts scene.We are beside Connemara,a beautiful place to walk/hike. We are on a bus route to city centre and will provide you with a bike.We would be delighted if you will consider us as your host family.

We have had an au pair here with us from Alaska for the past 2 years and she has really enjoyed her stay. We will make every effort to put you in contact with other students from your country or other au pairs. We will may be able to arrange free english classes if required. If you choose to come here, we think you will enjoy your stay. If you are interested we can talk more.

Hope to hear from you,

Best regards,

Fiona, some more questions:
Will the au pair be required to drive? No
Will you require the au pair to help with light housework? Yes
Do you mind if the au pair smokes? Yes
Do you smoke? No
Have you had an au pair before?Yes
The au pair is required to care for disabled children? No
Single parent family? No

Fiona, please tell us about your family
We have 2 boys and a girl - Dara age 5 last May, Oisνn age 3 last April, Ιabha was 2 in October. The children ara quite cute and usually well behaved. Dara will be at school mon-fri 9-1.30pm and Oisin from 9-12. I, (the mom)am a teacher and will be working part time school hours 9am-3pm, 2/3 days a week. Jim(the dad) works mon-fri as a technician in the university. We think we are a fairly easy going family. Jim (the dad ) and I , Fiona (the mom) like to paint (in oils mostly) when we can get the chance! We both like the arts in general especially small live music gigs and theatre.    

Fiona, What do you expect from your au pair?
To become part of the family. To play, interact,and look after all the childrens daily needs. To come at the beginning of January and stay until the end of June.The duties will mainly be playing with, caring for and helping feed the children, general house work and some baby sitting. We will be following the guidelines of an aupair agency here in Ireland re. hours and pay. Looking after the children alone 8.30-4.00 two or three days a week, school term time. Other times as a mothers help.
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Op 6 januari 2006 vertrek ik naar Ierland om daar een half jaar als Au Pair te werken. Hier kan je lezen wat ik zoal meemaak!

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