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exchange portugal-nederland

Exchange Portugal- Nederland

08:39, 9/5/2014 .. 0 comments .. Link

Monday: When we arrived at the school in Sobreda, we saw the portugese students again. I met my host family and they were very nice to me. There was a lot of food and sweets for us because everyone was very hungry after the travel. The school looked like an elementary schooland it is different as our school, it is smaller, older, it smells nicer because of the flowers everywhere ( I think is smells like vacation), and the students and teachers are very close to eacht other, they huge and sometimes they call eatch other by phone, i think that´s weard. Then we went to the appartment of my host family and we went out for dinner, they wanted me to taste Portugese food so I did eat a lot of fish, like octopus, krab,  clams and other kinds of fish which where prepared in a special way. Then we went to the beachbar with the whole exhange group. It was very fun and beautiful because of the see and the bar and the people and everything! It was a very very good first evening!

Day 2: I woke up at my lovely host family with a beautiful vieuw at the balcony! then we went by bus to Sintra, a nice and cute village with a beautiful Moorisch caslte, we visit it after a long climb. It was very nice and we took a lot of beautiful pictures of the vieuw. After the visit in Sintra we went to a place where you can see a great vieuw of the sea with everywhere flowers and it was also very beautiful, ofcourse we made a lot of pictures. Then we get back in the bus again and we drove to a village with a lot of bungalows, it was a village for the more richer people, there did we eat the nicest icebream of the world! after we came back to our host family, everyone went to the shopping mall where we had dinner, me and Nienke did eat a lot of c hinese and japanese, because there was a concept of buying a bord for 6 euros and than you can put everything you want on the bord. Me and my partner Margarida had to go home and the other students stayed there, but i was very tired so I did not care about that. So we went home and get some sleep.

Day 3: we woke up and I did eat my breakfast at the balcony, I love the vieuw at the balcony so I always eat my my breackfast there. First we took the bus and than we took the boat to Lisbon. when we arrived we first went to the ruins and carmo archeological museum. That was very interesting! Then we went to 2 places in the city where we can see a very nice vieuw. There we did eat our sandwitches and look to the vieuw of the whole city. After that, we went to the national museum near at the sea, that was also interesting but I was glad when we finished and we finally can chill out near by the sea. Then we went to another vieuw, it was a little bit like a tower which was very high, also beautiful. when we came down the Portugese students arrived in Lisbon. Then we went with the bus to a place where we eat a typical kind of cake in Portugal. It was very tasty and i loved it! then we took the bus back and went to another shoppin gmall where we did eat a very nice salad. I bought it at vitaminas, there you can choose a salad and you can choose whatever you want in your salad. It is a very nice concept and it was also very cheap. I which we had this in Holland

Day 4: We went to Setubal by bus ans then we looked at the harbor and had dinner, Margarida en Ins took Nienke, Hanneke and me to a restaurant where we eat typical octopus with rist, patatoes and salad. then we went on a boat trip which was very nice, the sun was bright and everything was beautiful! And the special thing about our boat trip is that we saw dolphins, they were playing around our boat, super cool! Than the plan was to go to the beach but the teacher told us that it wasn't possible because the bus hadn't time. So everyone was a little bit dissapointed. I had to stay home in the evening, but the others went to the beachbar. I teached my Portugese mother how to make slices of the cheese, because she never done that befor. Then we had dinner and after that I played a game with Margaridas little brother.

day 5: we went after we arrived at school to a place near by Lisbon for sailling. I did like it a lot but not everybody was as anthousiast as I was because they told us that we were going to learn how to sail. but actually we didn't learn anything about that. haha. After that we had t o make a 'one minute' that is a short video of one minute and we had to show what we were doing without talking. Then we went home and get a shower before we went to the family dinner at school. That was very nice because all the parents made a lot of nice food, a lot of fish and cake, I did like it very well. Thenw e went to the beach bar, it was very fun with the whole group. We danced a lot and make fun.

Day 6: This was the first day that it was possible to sleep till 11 o'clock, that was very nice! because I was very tired. Then I went with Margaridas mother to a little shop where we had our breakfast, afther that, she showed me a few shops near by her house, that was different instead of HOlland because I saw a lot of fish with the heads and everything. Then we went to the beach for the surf lesson! that was very very very nice! It was also difficult and I learnt that surfing not my speciality is, but I did like it. ThenI took a shower on the beach and we did drink melon juice, very tasty! After that we went home to dress up for the dinner at Rodrigo's beach restaurant. we eat our meal and then we went to another beach bar.

Day 7: Family day! When I woke up we went to the beach in Sesimbra, we chilled there for 2 hours and then we went to a fish resaurant where we eat for more than to hours a lot of fish! It was delicious, the people in Portugal eat a lot of fish. I'm not jued to eat a lot of fish but now I learned to like it. Thenw e went to a castle and to a firehouse. It was half past eight when we arrived at home. i took a shower and packed my baggage. Then I skyped with My boyfriend because the parents of Margarda can't drive us to the beach so we had to stay home.

Day 8: I said goodbye to my Portugese family and then I went to school. The Dutch students went to a marine ship and then we went back to school for a dinner and we went to the plane.

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