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Enchantment on Campus

Posted in Unspecified

Dear blog readers. You are about to read my personal first impression of UC (University College) in a nutshell. I am probably not really authorised to publish the following article on the web before it is published in the UC newspaper but hey letís be rebellious right? It should be interesting as I am a first year and have only been living on campus for a few weeks. Nevertheless there is much to say so Iíll try to keep it short.

Of course the very first time I laid eyes on the UC campus I was sold. Walking through the main gate onto the quad with College Hall gazing at me from the other side was like a fairytale. I felt like I should have brought a cloak as I walked onto a ĎHarry Potterishí kind of terrain which radiated academic excellence. That is to say that I know Iím not just speaking for myself when I say that aesthetically campus is a pretty nice place to study, at first sight. I guess in due time Iíll get used to it and take it for granted but right now I feel pretty lucky to live here. I have yet to meet Professor Dumbledore but the black campus cat does occasionally cross my path. But of course campus life entails a lot more than the nice looking buildings and the foreign air which enchant the environment surrounding you constantly. I can only begin to imagine what this community might bring in terms of friendships, relationships, gossip, untold secrets and myths. Can one slight misstep go unnoticed? I guess I will have to wait and see. At first sight I would say that everyone knows at least something about everyone else. If I where to ask a random student what he or she knows about another random student I bet they could tell me at least one thing which I can use against them. Not that I intend to do such a mean thing of course. But Iíve actually asked some people what they could tell me and Iíve discovered some funny, disturbing but also trivial stuff about some people here. Trust me, itís a good way to get to know people without getting to know them. But I get the impression that getting to know people here at UC isnít the hardest thing anyway. Tuesdays in college bar are perfect for it. But in order to make friends outside of the UC village I have noticed that you really have to force yourself to get out, which is not as easy as it seems. It is as if the green gates which surround our community have a magical effect on us. .I have often heard that UC is like a cult. Once youíre in you canít get out, and if you do, youíll long for campus and crave for college bar. Supposedly itís like a spell which affects every UC student who stays inside the campus gates long enough.

The magical feeling of UC is enhanced by the international aspect of it. It was my main reason for applying here and in my opinion it is still the best part of UC. But Iíve noticed that people tend to hang with students who share the same nationality. This slightly irritates me. It is inevitable I guess, just like groups that are formed according to appearance and  Ďclicksí which you can be part of on dubious criteria. UC is quite similar to high school in that sense. The fact that youíre surrounded by the same little crowd everyday and that youíre often attending the same classes adds to the high school atmosphere. Some things change and some things donít, but I still donít cook my own food. That doesnít really bother me though, dining hall, at least for me, is more than a place to eat. Taking the quality of the food into account I think the social aspect it is my main reason to dine there. Just add some salt and a lot of ketchup to your meal and youíre set.

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Never say that something is 'stupid'

Posted in Study
 You may or may not know this, but I've spent a month in the U.S. a couple of weeks ago. One of the reasons I was there was to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference (gylc) which was held in both Washington D.C. and New York. My fellow dutchies (above) and I spent our time mainly discussing politics. With that, we (360 international young scholars from all over the world) visited tons of monuments in both cities. I'm not going to bore you with the details though. I know that you probably should have been there to know how incredibly great it was to spend two weeks with people who have totally different backgrounds but share the same interests and discussing worldly topics with them. But the NRC Handelsblad (Dutch newspaper) surprisingly found our story about young people engaging in serious business very much worth telling.
Never say that something is 'stupid'. The title of the article sets the tone; be diplomatic when you're discussing worldly topics with a diverse group of people. Some of them might be emotionally connected with the issue at hand. Be diplomatic when you feel someone is totally out of order or if his or her statements are in conflict with your countriesí benefits or its moral standpoints. State, at the most, that you strongly disagree and tell them why. Never say that what they say is stupid or ridiculus if you want to get something done.
Okay I guess I Šm going to tell you some of the details, or rather some of my frustrations. Sorry for that. You can buy the newspaper and read the actual article yourself.
Iíve seen the assistant secretary of state of the U.S make a speech which was intended to provide us students with insight into the problems she deals with and understanding of her task as a diplomat. I was really looking forward to a speech by someone who on paper was a rolemodel to me. She would shed some light on issues that where unclear to us teenagers. She did nothing like that. I canít tell you how frustrating it is when someone this influential can only talk about her travels around the world and how awful the things are that she had seen. Once you ask her about solutions to a problem or what it is that the U.S is doing to help people in need she totally ignores you and tells you more about her travels. It all sounded very morally correct to the people who werenít really listening, and that was a large number of students because miss assistant secretary of state didnít have that much variation in the tone of her voice. But once we analysed her arguments the whole one-hour speech she gave had no message whatsoever. It made me think that being a politician or a diplomat is talking about nothing and coming up with pieces of paper that look like solutions but have no content. Of course I know better. The U.N. has done great things and is still going strong. I hope that the little idealism that I have will drag me all the way to the place where I can make a difference. Where ever that may be.

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Please wait

Posted in Life

I would like to begin this blog by paying thanks to some of my friends. They are the ones who made the past few years in high school bearable. I'm going to be boring and traditional by naming them all end telling you what they mean to me. Here goes nothing...(in no particular order)

Yang Yang Fang...She is soo much fun. I love talking about everything and nothing with her and it's a priviledge that I will keep on seeing her in uni. The thing I remember about her from high school is that she used to bring a jar of "chocolade pasta" (chocolatty paste) and a bag with slices of bread to prepare her lunch at school. Eventually the bread became superfluous and she just ate the chocolate with her fingers. Go You Yang haha genious.

Iris Zonneveldt.. A great person to talk to. When you have something on your mind she's bound to make you feel better or at least make you do something about your problem to get out of your misery. Thank you furp! And I have to say that she is one of the bravest people I know and I will always admire her for her courage. Sometimes I try to steal some of it but it's harder than you think;P. I'm glad to know I won't be far away from her the next few years.

Lieke van Opstal... She is almost as crazy as I am, I guess that's why we get along so well. Everything can happen when we're in the right mood. Like swimming drunk in the middle of the night...

Veerle Neele... Uhm well, I guess we're both just so insane we can't even see straight. I haven't seen her very much lately and I hope we will keep contact cuz she was the first person who could relate to my crazyness and random comments. F.e. when we went snowboarding we took the skilift down and screamed "HARRY POTTER IS GAY!" from the top of our lungs. When they stopped the lift we thought they halted it because we were too loud (and maybe cause an avalanche:P:P?). How weird is that??

Inge Compter... I have known her since primary school. She was always the smart kid and I have to admit that sometimes I was a bit jealous of her. But smart is just one word that describes her, she's a great person to be with, laugh and talk about hunks. Like David Boreanaz and Sean Connery hehe:P:P. I hope we will keep in touch so if I need surgery in the future I have a number I can call.

Kelly Stewart... I will always remember staying over at her place after going out and waking up with a huge hangover. We even got together sometimes to study for exams while eating huge amounts of junkfood. She's the trampolinegirl with the cute dog Zwabber. She's also one of my Lowlands mates, that's always a good thing.

Charlotte Hartman.. She's so smart that sometimes I felt like an idiot in chemistry because of her. But that's okay because she's a cool and laid back person who I could hang out with and just lie in the sun, swim, watch movies and eat pancakes for breakfast. Don't forget me Charlotte! Don't let the guys in Delft rob you from your genious, that's probably impossible but I'm just saying you know.

Mimmi Toh... I always sat next to her in Dutch class, she's not a loud person but when it comes to soccer she can go crazy. That's what I love about her. She kept on asking me about it but I never knew anything.

Evelien de Visser... I haven't spoken to her for a while but she is just a cool chic. Lovin Starbucks we went to Oxford and bought ourselves some nice frappuchinos. I love her style and I won't forget the fun we had in our IB classes. By the way. YOU STILL HAVE MY ENGLAND FLAG I BOUGHT IN OXFORD GIVE IT BACK!!

Jasper Griepink.. A great artist and person. He still needs to draw me but we haven't agreed to a date yet. He always has something to say, there is never a dull moment when he's around.

OKAY someone just came in my room and really pissed me off! *&^%$# Sorry people, I have to throw something at a wall. But not my wall. If I didn't mention you and you feel offended I am very sorry, you can yell at me by posting a comment and then I will apologise and try to get your forgiveness. So talk to ya later about something juicy;P.

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