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The joys of teaching

I come from a family of teachers so it is not surprising that I myself became one. It is however quite surprising that it took me over forty years to figure out that this is what I want to do. After obtaining my Master's degree in Swedish Linguistics (All shout "WHY????!!") I just could not seem to find a job or a company that could hold my attention for long. Typically I would join the team, find a lot of room for improvement, get things done, make some friends and, undoubtably, some enemies along the way and leave before the ink on the employment contract was dry. The only job I managed to keep for a longer period of time without wanting to resign was the job of being a mother, and luckily so because that is the one decision in life one cannot undo and the one bond one cannot break. When I was in my late thirties I finally had my second child, a long-awaited, no-longer-expected little boy. I stayed at home with him for a few years while moonlighting as a tutor of English, Dutch and German. During this period I discovered two things: that being a Stay-at-home mum was a great idea in theory but not a desirable situation for me, and that this teaching thing was something I was actually quite good at. The rest, as they say, is history. I applied for a job at a secondary school in the South of the country and the good people of the English department were kind and brave - and desperate - enough to give me the job, despite the fact that I had no formal qualifications and no experience outside the small number of Swedish language courses I had organised. Perhaps my Tony Hadley-inspired accent helped me - I am certain that my confidence as a speaker and of course my linguistic background helped. So there I went, in September 2009. Not inhibited by any experience or fear and aided by the fact that I looked experienced (read: old) even though I wasn't I walked into the classroom and have found teaching a great source of joy, inspiration, reflection, laughter, exhaustion and exasperation ever since! All these things that make up the life of a teacher I will share with anyone who reads this blog, probably my dad and a colleague with a free period. Comments are welcome!

Posted: 22:55, 24/11/2011
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