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My life

My first blog

09:29, 15/5/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

This is my first real blog. I'm a bit exciting about this blog because it's al new for me. I'm going to share my personal thoughts on internet! For me it's like getting your first kiss, or going on holiday without parents for the first time, or the first day on your new job and getting your first real salary, or getting your first tattoo (maybe that's not a good statement because I only have one... But it was pretty exciting getting this tattoo!), or living on your own for the first time and so on and so on...

Anyway, on this blog I'm going to write about all the things I want to remember about my life. (or just interesting stuff I want to share) So when I'm a grumpy old women, I'm getting a little smile on my face while reading this blog.



P.s. don't blame my about my pretty bad English I'm trying to do my very best!

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My first blog


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