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Maurice van Tol

Media Market

11:02, 20/1/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

This company is specialized in electronica and is the biggest electronica business of the Netherlands. The company is started in Munchen, Germany in 1979. In 1996 Saturn takes it over and Media market became one of the largest electronica business of Europe.
in Each
country media market is a holding company and each branch is an independent operating
company with its own legal.

They have in 2008 around 500 affiliates all over the world and 26 affiliates in the Netherlands like; Alkmaar, Almere, Alphen aan den Rijn, Amsterdam (ArenA en Amsterdam-Noord), Arnhem, Bergen op Zoom, Breda, Cruquius, Den Haag, Deventer, Ede, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Heerlen, Hengelo, Leeuwarden, Maastricht, Middelburg, Rijswijk, Roermond, Rotterdam (Centrum, Alexandrium en Beijerlandselaan), Utrecht, Zoetermeer en Zwolle. In every big city they have an affiliate.


So which marketing strategy Media market use?
Every affiliate has his own promotion folder, that is because every affiliate has his own
entrepreneur. One of their most successful promotion activity is their tv spot with the slogan Media Market ‘ik ben toch niet gek’ in English; I’m not crazy.
This slogan keeps in mind by customers, and everybody was talking about it, they called it funny but also it is a good strategy for Media market.
Also they make a lot of promotion by post, everybody who lives in the Netherlands get post of Media market at home with actions and cheap prices, and also they send you to their website to order it online. I think Media market is the most successful electronic shop ever because it is so big and you have really everything where you search for there. If you look at their competitors, there are so small, I think you can better say on internet are more competitors than the shops themselves.



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Focus on cheap furniture and furnishing products, they are the biggest brand in this area all over the world.
The company is started in 1943, he was only 17 years old and he has saved some money for small
farmers to sell in the neighborhood. He called his company Ikea, why Ikea because his name is Ingvar Kamprad so he choose his first letters I.K. and the next 2 letter are from his village and farm where he was growing op; Elmtaryd en Agunnaryd, this is how Ikea originated.

In 1953 he opened his first shop in Älmhult, Sweden.
And now Ikea is growing very fast they opened in 1978 a shop in the Netherlands in Sliedrecht. In 2009 Ikea had around 303
affiliates over 37 countries. The most of their affiliates are in Germany with 44 affiliates. In the Netherlands they have only 12 affiliates. But the most important affiliates in the Netherlands is the Ikea in Delft, because there is also an international training center for franchisees.

Which marketing strategy they use

Well everybody know Ikea of easy to assemble furniture and their cheap prices.
One of their biggest marketing system is the catalogues from Ikea, they send every member of Ikea every year a catalogues with all products they sell and you can order them by phone.  Also they use a customer card, that’s also a nice idea because you only get discount if you have a customer card, so customers are almost forced to take one. I think Ikea is a very good business for people who don’t have a lot of money and are not very technical. And also
Ikea is a fun trip for people because it is so big.


Windows 7 Phone

22:43, 19/1/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Since 30 October 2010 windows received a new mobile phone called; the Windows 7 phone.
It will be on the market in 2011 in the Netherlands, because they need to make our language and it need to be compatible with Europe network.
Windows spend around $400milion to make this product alright and for a good marketing system, because the other produced phones by Windows fail; the software wasn’t good and there were a lot of bugs in it. That’s why they spend so much money of it, they don’t want to fail again. Windows focus his a lot on business people because there phone is produced for business.
Also a nice thing on the phone is, that you can pay with your phone, you can use it as a credit card this will be the future and windows is the second one who produced this on the market.

Witch marketing activities they use?
I already told that they spend around 400milion dollars for making this product all right and the marketing strategy, also they want to defeat android and apple off course.
One of their best marketing activity will be msn.com, everybody know that site and I think 1/10 people has it as standard website. They make nice banners on it and if you click on it you going to the mobile website of it they see the specifications.
Also they make a lot of advertising in magazines because a lot of people read magazines.
I think this phone will be the surprise of 2011, It looks nice and the specifics are very cool so let’s see this year if I am right.




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Also named as Kentucky fried chicken, founded in 1945 in Kentucky.
they are specialist in chicken like; Burgers, hot chicken, wings.  In 1980
The founder was deceased, and now it’s a part of YUM! Brands the biggest fast food company of the world with; Pizza hut, Taco bell, and KFC, also KFC is now the biggest fried-chicken fast food company of the world. They have around 11.000 companies in the following countries, Netherlands, Suriname, Armenia, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand.
Maybe you ask yourself why they change their name from Kentucky fried chicken to KFC?
Because the people from America says that Fried-chicken sounds very fat so the company has think along time of a new name and they choose for KFC, they choose for this name because they keep still the name Kentucky fried chicken but now it is only the abbreviation.

Which marketing strategies KFC uses?
they uses a lot of D2D-marketing with vouchers to get your meal cheaper when you show them the voucher, this is a very good marketing system because if you have good prices people come faster to your restaurant. Also they use a lot of advertising at the cinema, if you going to watch a movie you see a advertising of KFC before the movie, and usually KFC is always close to the cinema.
It’s a very nice
performance to get so big fast food company with so many competitors, and also to have 11.000 restaurant. They have good food and a good marketing system that’s why they are so successful.




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is a premium auto car, it’s a luxury product with a premium price range. They are located in Germany and established in 1913. In 1940 they where they a supplier of motors and vehicles. One of the famous motors in that time was the BMW 801 one of the most powerful motors in that time, In 1945 they sold about 30.000 of it. That was the first succeed of BMW. Also in that year, their big factory partially destroyed, and their other factory’s in Eisenach, Dürrerhof, Basdorf en Zühlsdorf were taken over by the U.S.A.
After the WOW2 they build there company completely out,
especially in motors. But they were almost bankrupt because they only build sport cars but they didn’t sell them, their
salvation was the ‘tricycle’ scooter. And now they are one of the best auto branch.

But how is their marketing strategy?
They use premium marketing and are very strong in the communication to target, the use a lot car magazines for promotion, because the premium customers are just ‘BMW lovers’ they read and watch everything of BMW.
For new potential customers they make a lot of promotion on internet, with nice banners and good stories about BMW they try to make people also a ‘BMW lover’.
Social media is also a god form of promotion of them, they promote a lot on Facebook and Twitter, with new facts and stories about new cars. And also they make a lot of promotion at cars events with their own constant, where they show their new cars and give information.
I think BMW is one of the most successful car brand in the premium cars and they use the perfect marketing strategy.


Playstation 3

18:21, 18/1/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Is the best game computer of 2010 they reach the PlayStation in 2008 on the market. Their biggest competitor was Xbox360 but in 2010 they sold more PlayStation’s 3 than Xbox360.
What makes PlayStation better? My opinion is that PlayStation has free online modes, blu-ray player inside, easier software, more gigabyte. This should be one of the reasons why PlayStation sold a lot more this year (2010)


Their first marketing strategy was a very expensive PlayStation for around €1.000,- they made it so expensive because there was a blu-ray player in. But they fail with the blu-ray player so later they said; this PlayStation is special because it can also play game from the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation we sell now can’t play game from that PlayStation. It was funny to hear that, because they had big plans with blu-ray but they fail hard with the blu-ray player and after that they said the first PlayStation was special because it can play game from the PlayStation 2.


Why did they started with a high price on the market €1000,-?

They did this because there were so many people who would buy the PlayStation on the first day and their distribution couldn’t produce so many pieces, so they choose for a very expensive price, also because there was a blu-ray player in and they game could be play in full-HD. I think this is a very smart strategy from PlayStation, because they were the only game system who play’s blu-ray and full-HD, so they could ask what they want for it.



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is one of the more established premium fashion brands in the world,  It ranks 46th in Business Week’s Top 100 Brand. The company was found in 1921 in Florence, for the manufacture of luggage and saddles of high-quality. In 1938, he opened a shop in Rome, then in New York in 1951 and following that in Paris, Palm Beach, Tokyo and Hong Kong.
In 2000 they began with the Multi-brand products (LVMH, PR, Gucci Group)
they started with different product as Clothes, jewelry, perfume,
accessories with high quality and luxury prices.

They produced the name Gucci as a high-class cloth, and it grows out of one of the biggest fashion clothes, and they reached their customers with Fashion Entertainments and fashion shows and also on internet they make a lot of promotion.
people wear
Gucci as an expensive
luxury product, that makes the name of Gucci successful.

They also have a big share in perfume. The Gucci perfume is used by celebrates, this make it an hot item because if a celebrates something use, it means for people it is a luxury product and they going to use its also to show some status.
Gucci has reach a nice share in the world with this tactic to make Gucci an expensive product and a promotion at fashion shows.
the only
downside of this luxury tactic is that there are a lot of fake Gucci products on the market and this damaged the image of Gucci



11:40, 18/1/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Also a interesting brand to talk about is Ferrari, it is a myth and a legend in the auto industry.
Ferrari success cannot be measured in terms of revenues and sales, or in terms of market capitalization.
But we can say the name is bigger than, Apple, Google, Shell, Nike, or any other brand.
No other brand has the allure of the Ferrari Brand, it is a dream for almost everybody to drive a Ferrari.
Ferrari is known and is highly valued everywhere in the world. From the US to Japan, from Germany and Switzerland to India, to France, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Brazil and Argentina.

But how they make their name so big in the auto industry with so many competitors and so many nice cars?
We go back to 1943 in WOW II, The first Ferrari premises were bombed and heavily damaged.
MR. Ferrari never went to college, not even high school, no PhD, never made and MBA.
He’s just been started as a mechanic at Alfa Romeo, with a strong passion for engines, speed and racing. He was a tough guy, and he had his own ideas on engines and cars. In 1947 he made the first car ‘Ferrari 125S’ he produced only 3 cars of them.
The reason I write about is that he never had a marketing strategy, he made success with his passion and hot car look with speed. And now he is so successful that he has his own formula one team and have the most car valuate and status of the world



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it is the biggest brand of potato chips in Europe, they have a lot of different flavors with different taste from sweet till hot. The company has been around since 1958 but they made success since 1995 with the introduction of the Flippo’s, every child in the Netherlands spared these Flippo’s. This marketing system is in my opinion one of the best strategy’s that I ever seen in the Netherlands, parents were almost forced to buy potato chips and every time when the children almost collected every flippo, they made a new collection. In 1997 they ended there flippo action

In 2001 smiths fused with Lay’s, January 2001 was decided to make the name Lay's chips so that there remained only one brand in continental Europe.
Also in that year Lay’s started a new Flippo action, Called; Pokemon Flippo’s, in the year 2001 Pokemon was very hot for children and it was a smart choice to make Pokemon Flippo’s because it was again a big success, a lot of children collected those Pokemon Flippo’s again and they forgot in one year the name Smiths..
This marketing strategy, has been always very successful and now they are the biggest potato chips brand of hole Europe, and they keep going with good marketing strategy’s now they have a action on internet to make your own chips and if it wins they sell it in the supermarkets. This is also a success because if you see a new taste in the supermarket you going to try it




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Is also from Hyundai, but they use another marketing strategy.
people say’s;
you wouldn’t launch a new car without going on TV, but since 2009 Kia showed it was possible they suggest 90% of their customers on internet.
They spare a lot of money with this strategy, making promotion on internet is a lot cheaper then make promotion on TV, and they make also succeed. Promotion on internet is gives more information then tv because you can tell your customers a lot more information and it is more directly, you can tell them specific information about the cars and the guaranty.

How they promote their website on internet?
they use search engine marketing that has been given the thumbs up by the car makers “Search engine optimization is the key for us. We think it’s the most effective way to increase traffic.
They also use pay per click campaigns, where they can dominate the paid search space operating with the strong Kia domain name.

Also social media on internet is a good promotion strategy for them.
in 2010 they made a YouTube channel with videos of their cars, it exceeded all expectations with 40.000 views. They also use
the Kia Motors UK Facebook page it has currently around 3,700 ’likes’ but it seems not yet a success, because people who likes the pages are driving the car already so it isn’t a good system for new customers but they work hard to make it a succeed.
Kia made a lot of success with online marketing strategy they are the first car industry.





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Is one of the most succeed full web shop in the Netherlands, they sells almost everything from

two shops is that Amazon is a worldwide shop and Bol.com only in the Netherlands and Belgium. One of the big succeeds is that you can buy your school books on Bol.com and you can sell your  school books on Bol.com. This is a very good system because 1/3 people in the Netherlands buy their schoolbooks and when the year is over they put those books into there cabinet and never sell it anymore, but Bol.com try’s to range those students and tell them that they can put there old books on Bol.com.


Bol.com has started with a book company and has now everything for sale.
So how they made this big name into the web shop industry?

They focus not aware on highbrow book buyers, but on the people around 20 till 49 this massa target is a lot bigger than only the highbrow book buys. So they reach a lot more people than only people who buy books…
They have reach there people with making a lot of promotion on RTL7 and SBS6 this are TV-channels in the Netherlands.

With this promotion strategy the make there self the biggest web shop in the Netherlands with a turnover of 107million euro and 40.000 visitors, that’s a big market share for so hard web shop industry with so many competitors






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Use a lot of marketing activities, at the first they use a lot perimeter boards at football stadiums. A big explain of the perimeter board promotion from Hyundai is, the sponsoring on the FIFA world cup 2006, they promoted on 38 matches and they pay for it around US$7,5billion, that’s a lot of money… But this is one of the biggest promotion that you can have in the football industry, because the FIFA world cup is one of the famous world cups in the world.

Another promotion that they use on the FIFA world cup is Fan Fest.

That is a big tv stage from Hyundai where people in major cities can watch the match, there comes around 100.000 people each match. So this is also a very big promotion of Hyundai, because people make pictures, the place comes on TV in the news. Also Hyundai is on the interview billboards, so if they interview a player or the trainer after the match you see on the background the Hyundai logo. Hyundai also use the passenger cars/vans they have around 2.800 of national teams or organizing committee who drive the bus.
This is also a good promotion tactic because everybody on the road see the bus and if the bus stops at the stadium people make pictures of it and wait till the player come out of the bus, and some people drop the pictures on facebook or twitter, or it comes in the newspaper.

So Hyundai makes a big worldwide promotion with the sponsoring of the FIFA world cup.



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