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Maurice van Tol


22:22, 17/1/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link


Is one of the most succeed full web shop in the Netherlands, they sells almost everything from

two shops is that Amazon is a worldwide shop and Bol.com only in the Netherlands and Belgium. One of the big succeeds is that you can buy your school books on Bol.com and you can sell your  school books on Bol.com. This is a very good system because 1/3 people in the Netherlands buy their schoolbooks and when the year is over they put those books into there cabinet and never sell it anymore, but Bol.com try’s to range those students and tell them that they can put there old books on Bol.com.


Bol.com has started with a book company and has now everything for sale.
So how they made this big name into the web shop industry?

They focus not aware on highbrow book buyers, but on the people around 20 till 49 this massa target is a lot bigger than only the highbrow book buys. So they reach a lot more people than only people who buy books…
They have reach there people with making a lot of promotion on RTL7 and SBS6 this are TV-channels in the Netherlands.

With this promotion strategy the make there self the biggest web shop in the Netherlands with a turnover of 107million euro and 40.000 visitors, that’s a big market share for so hard web shop industry with so many competitors





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