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Maurice van Tol


11:40, 18/1/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Also a interesting brand to talk about is Ferrari, it is a myth and a legend in the auto industry.
Ferrari success cannot be measured in terms of revenues and sales, or in terms of market capitalization.
But we can say the name is bigger than, Apple, Google, Shell, Nike, or any other brand.
No other brand has the allure of the Ferrari Brand, it is a dream for almost everybody to drive a Ferrari.
Ferrari is known and is highly valued everywhere in the world. From the US to Japan, from Germany and Switzerland to India, to France, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Brazil and Argentina.

But how they make their name so big in the auto industry with so many competitors and so many nice cars?
We go back to 1943 in WOW II, The first Ferrari premises were bombed and heavily damaged.
MR. Ferrari never went to college, not even high school, no PhD, never made and MBA.
He’s just been started as a mechanic at Alfa Romeo, with a strong passion for engines, speed and racing. He was a tough guy, and he had his own ideas on engines and cars. In 1947 he made the first car ‘Ferrari 125S’ he produced only 3 cars of them.
The reason I write about is that he never had a marketing strategy, he made success with his passion and hot car look with speed. And now he is so successful that he has his own formula one team and have the most car valuate and status of the world


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