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Maurice van Tol


10:24, 19/1/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
is a premium auto car, it’s a luxury product with a premium price range. They are located in Germany and established in 1913. In 1940 they where they a supplier of motors and vehicles. One of the famous motors in that time was the BMW 801 one of the most powerful motors in that time, In 1945 they sold about 30.000 of it. That was the first succeed of BMW. Also in that year, their big factory partially destroyed, and their other factory’s in Eisenach, Dürrerhof, Basdorf en Zühlsdorf were taken over by the U.S.A.
After the WOW2 they build there company completely out,
especially in motors. But they were almost bankrupt because they only build sport cars but they didn’t sell them, their
salvation was the ‘tricycle’ scooter. And now they are one of the best auto branch.

But how is their marketing strategy?
They use premium marketing and are very strong in the communication to target, the use a lot car magazines for promotion, because the premium customers are just ‘BMW lovers’ they read and watch everything of BMW.
For new potential customers they make a lot of promotion on internet, with nice banners and good stories about BMW they try to make people also a ‘BMW lover’.
Social media is also a god form of promotion of them, they promote a lot on Facebook and Twitter, with new facts and stories about new cars. And also they make a lot of promotion at cars events with their own constant, where they show their new cars and give information.
I think BMW is one of the most successful car brand in the premium cars and they use the perfect marketing strategy.

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