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Love u

I will love u for ever. Remember that whatever happens. My love for you is true. Wish it wasn't, it would make things much easier. But who said love is easy?

Just wanna be sure before I make a great step forward. Can't and don't want to dissapoint you. When my doubts are gone we can make plans for the future. Not sooner. Hope you agree.

Posted: 17:11, 14/6/2006
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ooh my ...

This can't be true! How could I ever ... made a fool of myself. Well things happened and time can't be turned back. So I guess it wasn't very smart of me, but have to get over it.

Small part:

Went to a party, met some collegues, made a fool out of myself ;) No for real! Shouldn't got mad at this girl. It wasn't worth it, it felt good, but it just wasn't worth it. Well what happened after wasn't worth it either. I just hope I can get over it and forgive. But the questions are rising higher and higher. Should again tell him about my doubts. But what is it good for, getting hit or yelled at? Don't know. It's just that he doesn't understand me. He isn't feeling what I feel and that makes it hard to understand. But this doesn't mean I approve of what you're doing! NO WAY!   It makes me sad and misunderstood. It's so not making me happy... it makes me feel less then others, so just don't do that again. Else I really have to go.

Posted: 21:21, 11/6/2006
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true or not

Want to live my life the way I feel. What is right? What is true? Got to get my thoughts clear. Can't live, can't love with doubts in my head. I want to make you, but also myself, happy. Think the only way to make this work, is to go on further alone. Can't make you happy, 'cause my head is somewhere else.
Will I be happy alone? I guess so. Can I live on my own? I think so. What is the right road to take? No idea.
Can't feel the love between us, only the doubts. It shouldn't be a problem, but it is, 'cause it's a problem since a couple years. Every year at the same time. My 'best friend' and I are to close for just a friendship. Can't do this to you. I don't know what feelings are true. I do know that I love you and want to see you happy. So whatever may happen, I will love you for ever.





Posted: 05:47, 9/6/2006
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Hier lees je mijn gedachtenkronkels. Misschien niet interessant om te lezen, maar voor mij wel lekker om het van me af te schrijven


Iedereen verdient geluk. Je hoeft er niet naar te zoeken. Op het moment dat je op zoek gaat, ben je al in de verkeerde richting aan het denken.

Geluk zit in jezelf, zoek niet buiten jezelf naar geluk, want dan blijf je je hele leven zoeken. Been there, done that.


Got to be true to yourself! Ik geloof dat dat de enige manier is om tot geluk te komen.

Posted: 16:05, 7/6/2006
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