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Op zoek naar God?
Chronicles of a madman's interstellar journeys

The first omnivore

On the edge of human extinction

I stand on top of a blood red mountain

The sky is black

But everything is lit

As if the sun hangs from it's gallows in the sky

My skin is ever shifting

My mind is ever expanding

My spirit is ever exploring

There is a breeze of silence

Until the blood red mountain explodes

Until a  falling leaf kisses the ground and diminishes

Until a skinless mammoth drowns into un-creation

Then there is static noise

And within that conjunction of sound

Lies the rebirth of mankind

19:30 - 24/6/2009 - comments {1} - post comment

What is this word of daily usage,this 'Normal' ? "We'll talk about normality when the cows come home" ,was once written by a briliant mind Welcome to my blog profile! I shall write down my absurd ideas,stories and blogs for all those who are interested and insane enough to venture in this world of mine :D Despite some 'Malfunctions' and my large,threatening appearance...I am a very funny and social guy :D [[[A small autobiography]]] 18 years ago,a small vessel appeared into this universe...This vessel...This human had the immediate urge to explore and that he did.For over 18 years had this human undergone some serious tests and faced some hardships.But they say that beyond every hardship lies accomplishment,and they were right. I know that you do not know much about me after reading through my description.I know that some of you are having all sorts of chimera of what i might look like.But you'll get an idea eventually if you would just bother ,for once,to get to know an individual Regards, H

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