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Still in love

Right now I'm fine

and I can think clear

But the moment I'll see you

I can't handle my fear


I didn't want this to happen

and still it was ment to be

You're the one who could have change this

then there would still be a 'we'


I miss you everyday

and I'm still in love

Now don't ask me why

seems like a feeling from above


All I know is that it's a feeling

that I just can't explain in words

All I know is that I want you back

but you need to be willing first

Posted: 15:30, 18/4/2006
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One more chance

Would you tell me

to leave you again

Or would we be

like never before


I know it's to late to find out

but why didn't we kiss?

I can scream it out loud

but that wouldn't change a thing


What if I would stand in front of you?

would you laugh in my face?

God, tell me what to do

can I get one more chance?


Should I go meet him again?

or just let it this way?

Ooh I miss you men

why didn't we switch phone numbers


It won't leave me alone

all of these questions

Now I am alone at home

and will never see you again

Posted: 15:21, 18/4/2006
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Going Crazy


Everyday you make me look at you
At the moments you look at me too
But you shouldn't make me do that
'Cause everytime I look in your eyes
These beautifull brown eyes
I'll lose control one time
You're really driving me crazy
Make my mind go wild
And everytime I see you
My heart breaks like the first time
When I laugh its not ment
My heart, head, soul and legs
All walking there own path
You make me fall apart
For the first time in my life
'Cause you, you took my heart

Posted: 15:17, 18/4/2006
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Mijn aller eerste gedichtje (2 jaar geleden gemaakt)

Jullie denken wij zijn stoer
En nemen hoer na hoer
Maar wij hebben ook gevoel
En je weet wat ik bedoel
Ooit word je zelf verlieft
Dan dumpt zij jou, ja echt vertieft
Voel je maar fokt op
Want dit houd nooit op
Je weet dat ik gelijk heb
Jullie zijn echt zo nep
Dit is geen spel, jullie zijn geen spelers
Maar wij zeggen: WEG MET PLAYERS

Posted: 14:46, 18/4/2006
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