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5 Restaurant Reservation Platforms and How They Work?

07:31, 26/8/2016 .. 0 comments .. Link

A torrent of new restaurant booking services is making it easier than ever to book a table. Whether you're willing to drop a couple of bucks for a peak-time reservation at a buzzy new restaurant, want to get exact table, or get a last-minute table, you can find an application for that.

If you want to achieve good result in your business with mobile app, you should contact top mobile apps developers first, why because the well-developed app can well promote your business. FuGenX Technologies is top mobile apps design and development companies Bangalore, which can help you develop a good app that you want.

Some of the strategies to reduce app cost by FuGenX app developers are: 

1.  Keeping only core features in first version of the app

   2. Choosing the right platform

3.  Using best tools to design Quality design


Now let’s see the best Restaurant Reservation Apps in the market:


Start using this Android and iOS app by selecting your desired dining time, date, and total number of persons you are. Then, choose your desired restaurants from a list of over 20 options which includes Brindille, Sepia, and Lula Café and wait for conformation.Once one request is conformed, automatically the remaining will get cancelled. For booking a special table,you may need to go through bidding and accordingly you will pay the bill. At the end of your meal,your bill will automatically be charged to added credit card. It’s simple and hassle free.


Rezhound site works by frequently scanning OpenTable for finding newly released table in your favorite restaurant. When the table is free, you'll be notified by telephone or email, then you can book an OpenTable before another person occupies the spot. There's no guarantee that you'll get a reservation but as the service is free, there're little problems included.

Further more, since the site frequently searches for OpenTable, you can scan for a table at any eatery from the big list.


With Table8 application,users can search for restaurants well before a week or hour. If restaurant has general availability, reservation is free.In case tight schedule is there, user has to pay a variable amount, which is around $20. This expense coversonly reservation, and your last will be separate.


Using TableSAVVY app,you can check availability and book instantly. TableSAVVY has more than 40 Restaurant partners including Mercadito,Kinmont and Tippling Hall. TableSAVVY provides attractive deals like 30% discount on your meal.


Top-Top is one of the best restaurant reservation apps which were launched in January 2015. This app focuses topair diners with week-of, peak-time reservations, which includes 13 eateries that ranges from neighborhood spots like Table,Donkey and Stick and to top location like Sixteen.The table reservation cost is around $2.50 per. But there is one interesting fact is that they will refund remaining amount (if any) in the form of a gift card.


App is an utmost necessity for every business today, when it comes to restaurants, apps can take business to the next level.Well-developed app is easy to achieve success, better you can contact with best mobile app Development Company to develop mobile application, to engage customers and increase business growth.


Want to develop a Restaurant App to engage customers?

If yes, we are here to help you. We at FuGenX Technologies are the best android apps design and development company Bangalore. We develop apps that people like to download and use. We also provide services for best mobile apps design and development Bangalore and best android apps design and development Bangalore.


If you want to know more about our restaurant app development service,you can reach us at fugenx.com or info@fugenx.com.

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5 Restaurant Reservation Platforms and How They Work?


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