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cheap GHD hair straighteners 2008 nursery rhymes -

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This year the snow, especially the big,
Mom and Dad, can not go home.
a group of bad people,cheap GHD hair straighteners, to dread the people,
burned my school,GHD MK5 Pure white, smashing my flowers.
the Lama,GHD hair Australia, Jiliguala,
long nose of the foreigners, pretconclusioning blindness.
the Eiffel Tower, the London police,
protect the torch's sister, cute boast.
whistle toot, the tracks rushing,
derailed the train, yet to arrive.
Long and turning, the earth collapsed,GHD Precious Gift Set,
positionroom under the rubble, buried a fairy tale.
great wall, the instructer pressure,
we were in his body, are very obedient.
Not long after, heard the horn,
out there is a grandfather and told me to not be afraid.
uncle's hand, rough to dig,
PLA aircraft, sent me home.
after the disaster, I have grown up,
will never forget, two thousand and eight ...

New GHD If you encounter such a man, please do not

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I remember your birthday, shoe, password, fright most.
shopping when you passion the same three colors of the dress, he said: try them all out.
nails clean and tidy, like your nails done for him.
tell you - 24 hours to call him.
important things to discuss with you, such as next year's investment plan, with or without weekconclusion picnic barbecue at night to eat cabbage or cabbage.
eat your leftover things.
a bit shy, but were on the streets in a loud voice say I love you.
you go to the temple to seek the same sign, gently grasp the knees with your hands.
true to its word.
never late - he was not angry you are late.
hug for a long time, very tight - almost every time when you need to get up slowly opened his sleep than you
Later on, wake up early.
hazy wake up call out your name - do not call wrong.
you afraid of bugs, see bugs screaming that he would not laugh at you.
laugh like a bad guy - is not.
help you do the housework, every day,New GHD, learning by doing chatting.
often help others,New GHD IV Green, there is no why.
promise you, never, and never.
side of the whistle while fixing toilets.
said: I hope you are his daughter.
rainy walk back you have the water, said: some of you can be fat ah.
wrong will submit.
read the instructions and then Ms. epilator instruct you how to use.
you tell a joke He laughed.
a pair of shoes, his socks folded your cartoon into shirt pocket.
often said that there is me.
you do every kind of food he liked, asked tomorrow.
gently unscrew the screw do not you open the bottle.
busy to give you tickets and let you go out with their parents.
tell you - do not save money.
message when painting a tiger head when the signature.
occasionally call you mother.
lying stammer.
argue with people like the explastate.
never chat on the Internet.
give you a potted flowers, watering for you.
play chess with you, allowing you to undo.
he is in factivity very early on his parents talking about you.
like sports, take you to the women's fitness club.
wear jeans still fit a decade ago.
fight back to you when you gave him to his Winnie the Pooh, and he wasted to go.
him to accompany you when you sleep talk.
you take a shower, he took the magazine come sit on the toilet reading.
taller than you, you did not get something for him to take.
the toilet in the store waiting for you outside.
you have a cold,GHD Australia, he will drink your cup.
will call you crying: my office a tropical fish sashimi.
together like adults and adults, and children together, like children, and dogs together like dogs.
like you, never hesitate, never estimate you with other women.
often begged you sing a song.
you buy things that are combined to give him his heart.
who smells good, but he did not know.
home shopping, watch a TV match,GHD Hair Straighteners, a watch you try new wear.
a woman with grace, but also distance.
little sigh.
really can alsteps find him.
not afraid to die with him - do not be afraid to live ... ...

GHD IV MK4 Dark Ginkgo biloba yellow

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Schools there is a back door road, name Ginkgo Road, is really worthy of the name,GHD IV MK4 Dark, street full of Ginkgo biloba tree. Spring and summer when the leaves are not fractionicularly shady, especially
in late autumn days now, all the leaves slowly turn yellow, large tractivitys,GHD MK5 Pure white, eyes are all yellow. Especially in the sun even more brilliant
Korea, coupled with breeze, the leaves painted graceful arc in the air, slowly falling,GHD Hair Straighteners, so the shore is also covered with a yellow carpet,GHD Styler, step up the soft
Why ginkgo, maple, before the onset of winter to release all the colors? Immediately to the arrival of winter in the preservation of life and quit unnecessdiffer
consumption, or to release all of the old savings and re-collection of new life to meet the next spring? Anystep, it was shown
the most beautiful vitality.

GHD hair Australia Ten years of my reflections

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Recalled in 1998: the first time the summer of 1998 DDN Internet, and also apply for and use OICQ far, but there is a puzzling question QQ age of at least 10 years,GHD hair Australia, why only 9 years recalled
1999: More QQ number of applications
recalled in 2000: with Tencent in 2001 with the
memories: with the same in Tencent, Netease lying together in the
with memories of 2002: with lying together in the Beijing
memories 2003: SARS marriage
recalled in 2004: the same with Tencent in,New GHD, and Netease dream memories with the
2005: the same with Tencent in, and Netease the same dream in, and WOW
with memories of the 2006: with Tencent the same in,GHD IV MK4 Gold, and Netease the same dream in,GHD Straighteners, and WOW with the memories of the
2007: pig came
recalled in 2008: Financial crisis

GHD iv styler Classic comedy

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
1. Forum landlord: My girlfriend and I photo, a distant friend light hit ~

Forum Re: sex organs of plants inserted in the long-horned cloven-hoofed animal excrement on the ... ...

2. Forum landlord: I bought a new estate, how much say it dreadd you - I used to force two and a half full perimeter hours! ! !

Forum couch: ah, I used to have such a broken car ~

3. Forum landlord: you women bra is not big summer hot?

Forum replies: We do not take you will be hot ... ...

4. Forum landlord: ML with his girlfriend, the girlfriend called out another man as the name of ... ...

Forum sofa: a woman you date someone else what you are not satisfied! ! !

5. Forum landlord: Why is Pdweller Hu's visit to Japan, Japan more distant, and even the airport did not even welcome sign hanging?

Forum couch: how to hang? Warm welcome to old friends of China to Japan?

6. Forum landlord: Call for the most ruthless and does not reveal dirty curse of the word.

forum post 31: When your mother is not at you threw the man, the placenta was raised?

7. Forum landlord: Dad sent my husband a deer, we say that this is do you mean? There are photos that ~

Forum couch: This is the spur the younger generation the older generation ah ~ ~ ~

8. Forum landlord: \The Shougong Sha is something for?

Forum Replies: Shougong Sha desktop shortcut is a virgin.

9. Forum landlord: News that the python swallowed a person is, what really hit the python in the wild, how to do?

forum post 11: pinch seven inches poke the anus, two very effective way, I hope you spread the word.

forum post 12: poke the snake anus anus or your own?

... ...

forum post 47: shit, wilderness of what operation poke!

forum post 48: stabbed her husband to know what manner!

10. Forum landlord: the summer was shaving armpit hair, or wear short-sleeved ladies will affect my image. Weak weak again ask that, pubic hair with shaving it?

Forum sofa: No scraping bar mouth!

11. Forum landlord: Shuai there ass to use - Death is not the end, eat!

Forum Re: Shuai have disabilities to accompany, a gun fight, potency ride, a car seat, have similar secret crush ... ... handsome how bad? ! !

12. Forum landlord: Why keep up the father of a child born last name?

Forum couch: Because ATM card where people spit all the money go.

13. Forum landlord: the United States, a salesman named George & Herbert ax successfully sell to President Bush, so he received the Brookings Institution, 2005 (the world the most authoritative and influential salesman organizations),GHD iv styler, \If gives you a opportunity to sell something to President Hu, what would you choose?

Forum sofa: I want my wife has recommended to him! ! !

14. Forum landlord: You know, from six to teach the way north east is a downhill, I have to instruct six MM suddenly saw a lovely ride straight down, and shouting \cool! \Looking back now, MM is really sweet voice makes interesting reading ah ~

cool because she seems to call for the following reasons:

1. Just accomplished testing, and I feel good;

2. halt the day lessons, and we enjoy to fun!

3. because it is downhill, so when the breeze rushed down the face towards me, so it feels so cool;

4.MM I just saw this guy, and sometimes was left tell the truth, but to a large call it cool;

5. we added ... ...:)

Forum couch: Tomorrow I'll put the girl in the seat and then put back!

15. Forum landlord: corruption really so arduous?

Forum couch: JJ you cut your own look is rough to cut! !

16. Forum landlord: the U.S. military in Iraq can not get out that the United States is a responsible country! ! !

Forum sofa: I was stuck with the stock that I was responsible for Chinese investors? ? ?

17. Forum landlord: Why pol.ice Zhuahuai Ren Ming when the siren to be? Not afraid to hear bad boss ran away?

Forum couch: higher-level units to check the advance notice before the usually lower unit ~

18. Forum landlord: It is reported that Hong Kong's TVB Jade, Gillian this morning, accompanied by their mother to San John Women's Hospital to do an inspection, the hospital diagnostic reports demonstsize the hymen no organic damage, do not believe we can scene Jade Web site (PS nude people is shameful!) - I'll Gillian.

Forum couch: Mom, are you laughing at Edison JJ small? ! !

19. Forum landlord: Do you have a child grow up what kind of fantasy will let you in front of the scene stole the show?

Forum bench: pick a load of manure to the streets to see who dislike his head thrown poured on!

20. Forum landlord: how do I got amnesia?

Forum Re: Would not it be cool? Woke up every morning to sleep in their own side, a different woman ~ (Author: tragic fox)

21. Forum landlord: just careful not to fall, the result inserted into the cement JJ pull it out there, and everyone said how can I do ah?

Forum Re: Wife, Come see it, the wild can grow individual child to JJ! ~ (Author: gjqqkk)

22. Forum landlord: damn barber cut my head bad! All the points Sunzhao require destructive bigger the better, the smaller the movement the better, because I go alone.

Forum Basement: middle of the night, a dark and stormy, quietly, gently, a man hanged in the barber shop door ... ...

23. Forum landlord: End of the World B, is loaded is too much,New GHD, hate is dead!

Forum couch: LZ, Don't zhuangbility, zhuangbility leads to leipility! (Note: Mo loading B, loaded B by lightning!)

24. Forum landlord: his aging mother I am so rich, I buy a nanny what car?

Forum replies: That depends on the evolution of her husband to tell you anything to do with the ~ (Author: elecon)

25. Forum landlord: He vows that today, I was part of his vitality I was part of his body, if not me, he can not live 啦 ~

Forum couch: My ex-boyfriend said so, but then I realized I was his appendix, the appendix, Aberdeen ears, six refer to such non-essential stuff!

26. Forum landlord (Japanese): Jin Yong's martial arts in the acupuncture if your idea of massage in China?

Forum sofa: No, rustic country's point is to point, the point is for your day.

27. Forum landlord: If I have a million yuan, I can loan to buy a house in the Tomson Riviera!

Forum Re: ah, but you're going to borrow money to pay property charges ~

28. Forum landlord: End of the World stock markets up to the people ah, please tell me the day before the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games can Mancang No violence was to make money?

Forum couch: can not, because August is the most dtemperous in the past month of the Chinese stock market is one of the other most dangerous months are March, July, Janudiffer, September, October, 11 April, May, June, December, April and February.

29. Forum landlord: I earn six-figure monthly expenses are more than five digits, rattling, God am I not rich?

Forum couch: how really rich people to spconclusion money in their own hands. Such as Li Ka-shing in Hong Kong to buy things anywhere, and finally the money or return to their own hands ~

30. Forum landlord: how the South Korea? Who let's use careful what we say that South Korea crossed the \

Forum replies: CCTV weather report at least three minutes, and your only one - stateal cloudy or rain across the country, a nation that dared to fight with China?

31. Forum landlord: you hate the most despised land is which?

Forum couch: Japan, Mom!

Forum landlord: you can not help but talk dirty with it?

Forum couch: Good.

Forum landlord: please re-answer, and you hate the most despised country is which?

Forum couch: Damn!

32. Forum landlord: the things we talk about the twins, right, anything will do. My dad is the twins, but one born to die, a less than forty died.

Forum couch: your dad is which?

33. Forum landlord: girlfriend always says he's a small chest, I felt that I could, ah, you have to help identify what GG Forum ~

Forum sofa: length of both the back acne!

34. Forum landlord: a child my mother told me the truth: if you quarrel with someone,GHD hair Australia, not necessarily your fault; but if you fight with a lot of people, it must be your reason!

Forum Replies: gangster logic! It was a lot of people your mother your mother must be very LJ YD's sake? ?

35. Forum landlord: Guess what country I am a hybrid of ^ _ ^

Forum Re: Chinese deformation of magic!

36. Forum landlord: Solving Dream: Last night I dreamed of Zhang Ziyi, and Zhang said she liked me rugged, but I said I have a girlfriend, and then Zhang Ziyi began to cry.

Forum Re: Congratulations landlord become adults, because the next day you write the diary is called - \(Author: nose cramps,GHD RARE Styler, zZErx)

37. Forum landlord: Haha, successfully registered \

Forum couch: Your father is a duck!

38. Forum landlord: Men last night, when walking the dog and the big mastiff limit of the wood of a bald wild dogs together. Dry! Tibetan Mastiff ruleually did not expect a big loss to grass dog! ! !

Forum couch: Damn, bald before the Lord, they call me the lion!

39. Forum landlord: Everyone says I look a lot like Wu Bai?

Forum Replies: Only half of the image!

40. Forum landlord: Chen Liang Wang Xiaoya married with, please use the words comment.

Forum replies: Ah from good to it!

41. Forum landlord: Write down your deepest hurt a person you love most, then ... ... (Author: jademansion)

forum post: you go wrong? (Author: roby14

42. Forum landlord: CPI Gengrang the central level to the National People's sleep.

Forum couch: kidding too! Leadership will not sleep??? I'd like to see what that lady so Niubi!!!

43. Forum landlord: Our go-vern-ment of the most viewful people are most nexused about!

Forum couch: earthlord forgot playing the \
Forum Re: You know Macau, I did not really name ... ...-_-

45. Forum landlord: I play a woman, his brother is a triad, the supposed ah

Forum Re: Ah do not you join the fractiony ah

to Japan will know Denial is very polite;
to the beauty of Thailand first met Do not know Free hugs;
to know people in India have to make step for cattle;
to know Brazil will not be ashamed little dressed;
to know Germany has a set of rigid; < br> to the French know \
to know to write a fairy tale of Denmark can not scratch;
fascinating to know where the Greek activityually Pomiao;
to know the sun will be up late, Iceland;
to know Egypt a tower can have so many wonders;
to the people of Africa know that sometimes a person needs to eat;
to Canada to know the local population than China is also less than in Beijing;
to Panama before that a canal can be an important representative of the sovereignty;
to Argentina do not know football will know that people fainted;
to know Spain is still laughing cow arch to the sky;
to Austria before that even the beggars can play the minor;
to Russia to know there will be so large enough to eat;
to the Sahara to know the importance of water conservation;
to the Vatican from the territory of any one to know Italy will hit the local open grab the bird;

GHD Limited Pink Years of growth

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Another Father's Day without a father
suddenly remembered a friconclusion to portion the motto

children live with criticism,GHD Limited Pink, condemstate
learn to grow in the hostile children learn to resist
in ridicule the children grow,GHD hair, easy to grow atrophy
children in shame, easy to empty in the patient mood
children grow,New GHD IV Green, learn patience
to motivate children to grow up with confidence in praise
Children grow up, full of gratitude
children grow up in a fair, just learn to grow in a stable
children learn to integrity
children grow up in praise, the Institute of acceptance and self-love
If children of friendship,GHD MK5 Pure Black,
search for love in the world.

children are the future of vitality's most precious wish all fathers happy

also like to thank my father paid with his life
illuminate our future

these 17 years
you alsteps are in our hearts

Cheap GHD Straighteners For a mobile phone

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finally put on a dual-mode machine, always wanted to enter the Samsung W799,Cheap GHD Straighteners, the price of eight thousand or so, the price is too low, and the volume is too large, and today passing through a cell phone shop, see a dual-mode handsets Malata , the price to only a thousand dollars, using them well,GHD Australia, hey, immediately won,GHD MK5 Pure Black, I feel like a lot of money, more ease of N,GHD IV MK4 Dark, ha ha, is the right step to save money which ~~~

GHD hair straightener Hangzhou Jiangnan documentar

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

16:35 Genshan Road, Hangzhou Export

19:10 Paul? Road Qiantang family restaurant

should be easy to think that business hotel reservations,GHD hair straightener, so just start calling out from the set of Shaoxing hotel.

has come from the North Mountain Children's Palace security pass? junction, and then forward that Baidi the Broken Bridge. A little tired, first solve the food problem. Qiantang point a few people at home Hang Bangcai, water shield soup, Hang pepper bamboo shoots, Longjing shrimp, jellyfish head, and found the familiar taste ... ... but it is slow speed of serve, perhaps the connectionship between the weekend many people it .

mountain earthscape lights shaped like a dragon, green dragon golden dragon cconstitution. Kitayama lake busy road, Ambilight. Reflected light mountain lake in North Lake, a lot of light converge.

15:48 left in Shaoxing, Hangzhou Bay Link forcers onto Expressway

the other side of the bridge to the southeast to the distance, the lights dim at that piece of the east shore of the West Lake. The door from the Qiantang referred to Yongjin Men's Lake Road, Lake Park, the former name for a park to six parks. Now the scenic planning into a commercial leisure district. Particularly where there is a lake comes to Starbucks, the environment is very beautiful.

16:30 by Peng port bridge across the Qiantang River in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou access (driving 56km)

18:00 Wulin Road, Stadium Road junction

then get the next interfragment is a land, a child familiar place. Rolled around, ly without any shade of the past. Angelina from Wulin Road, and turn into the road, from east to west until you come to City West. It was previously home to protect from? Mountains often follow the road.

night's West Lake, as shy girl, hidden in the heavy gloom. She has what a charming lake, with what tenderness worth of intoxicating, allowing the number of the history of the kings courtiers addicted, having fun and forget the good governance? Then traveled three days in Hangzhou city, the natural with the answer.

south, Liger There was once a bridge to sell stinky old lady, I often visit ... ...

finally embarked on a journey to the hometown of Hangzhou. Students in the south, this small and beautiful city had a close bond ... ...

2009 年 4 月 11 Saturday

distant, magnificent. Wushan Square in the north, is well known for the 河坊街, high silver Lane ... ... Qinghefang Historic District, from the inception to the liberation of the early Southern Song Dynasty, have been the most prosperous area in Hangzhou.

along Lake Road, West Lake Tunnel also built the diversion of motor vehicles, as far as possible to keep that peace Lakeside Park Leisure ... ...

here from my birthal home in Hangzhou, not far. Wulin Road's deviated so much, on both sides of shops, mostly from the transformation of multi-storey dwellerial construction from the shore floor. Beautiful colored light commercial signs have been quietly, with progressively darker sky and more visible.

did not think the weekend of Spring in March, Hangzhou City, is so crowded, I feel the reception capacity of the city cclosedown to the limit. Residents in the nearby city of Hangzhou has become a hot holiday weekend, which abnormale me trip tomorrow getting a little more worried.

hotel lobby full of people, there are so many guests ... ... into the room, breezeow facing the Wulin Square. Plaza is a high-conclusion shopping area west of the square yellow architecture is the center of Zhejiang Exhibition Hall, built in the seventies. Place the southeast corner of the MTR site. Hangzhou began to build the substep! It seems traffic is a problem ... ...

on the Broken Bridge,cheap GHD straighteners, West Lake is a quiet night, dark dark wave rippling lake. West Lake, the landscape lights at night not much on either side of the Bai Causeway bridge in addition to outside lighting is dark. 'd Protect the lake across the North? Mountains, brightly lit.

17:05 Hangzhou Stadium Road, Interstateal Plaza Hotel

continued, more images stored in the space album ... ...

20:08 West Shiratsutsumi \

results make me nervous: Jinjiang Inn was full; like home,GHD Hair Straighteners, 7 days Hanting, Motel 168, youth hostels can think of business ... ... all found the hotel number to dial it again, all booked! Not to mention the point you want the business from the West Lake near the hotel! In desperation scheduled in Hangzhou Wulin Plaza, International Building next to the hotel,Cheap GHD Straighteners, you must also credit card guarantee to you the night of your bar.

18:33 Fengqi Road Ring Road junction

Shanghai-Hangzhou area, economic development level of the situation from the highway can be seen. This high speed 120km, two-way 8 to 12 lanes. Yimapingchuan go up, very smooth. This is why often high-speed racing events collectively with the reasons for this.

Ring Road, north from the square through, then the distance of the river, is the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, previously had been sitting there the last passenger of Suzhou. I heard the canal port area evolution plan very well, definitely worth a look. Army for high-rise tower is the West Lake Cultural Square.

Wushan Cheng Huangge on

one familiar names, brought back many childhood memories. The return visit of the joy and excitement, do not know how to express it. \

GHD hair Australia If you can see the beauty of th

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

,GHD hair Australia

Please look carefully this chart, noticed the girl behind the butt exposed. If so, please contactivity your eye doctor up,GHD straighteners, your eyes are sick

because that is the MM arm holding the camera,GHD IV Mini styler, you take your time ... I went to register the. . .

If you can see the beauty of the bare bottom, then you need to see a doctor,New GHD!

New GHD IV Green SLR Full Tutorial

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
A very good introductory information, Hu sorted out, reproduced for everyone to share.
Whether you are new to carefully read through strongly recommended. . .

official information from Canon, the author: Takahashi Liangfu

Author: worked in advertising photography studios, publishing houses, is a freelance photographer. The magazine as the center, active in the advertising, stage, food and other broad areas of photography. From the perspective of the general enthusiast article written widely welcomed. Published more than on the camera and photography books.

since the inception of digital SLR cameras, the photography business has undergone tremendous changes. We can use a digital SLR film cameras can not do a lot of jobs that, this is an undeniable fact. Shooting itself this easier. Many digital SLR camera inherits the basic structure of film SLR camera, the operation also has a lot in common. For Canon EOS series used to use the film SLR camera users, the master operating Canon digital SLR camera does not take too long. For those who have been able to grasp the small digital camera for people who just have to learn digital SLR cameras and knowledge of the unique mode of operation, so that they want freedom to shoot the photos is also not difficult. It can be said, anyone can easily learn to use digital SLR cameras. Able to immediately confirm the shooting halted, the user's photographic technology will progress rapidly, even in a short time into the intermediate level. Moreover, the characteristics of digital SLR cameras is the ability to change the maximum lens, which makes the broader world of photography. The EOS DIGITAL series cameras can use lenses and other accessories are very rich, so learning to use the series SLR photography is no better choice. People with a variety of handy paragraph 60 above the body and the lens will be provided for the user's photographic career, strong support. If the book is placed in hand, watching science, I believe everyone in a very short period of time is not lost to professional photographers capture the photo.


the first page: http://bbs.lcwang.com/read.php?tid=3393
01 digital SLR cameras in mind all the charm
02 Name
03 shooting some preparatory work before the
04 to try to shoot the first digital SLR camera
05 structural principle of the principle structure of the lens
camera holding Machine 08 Learn the basics of composition
09 people make a good photo - Portrait

the second page: http://bbs.lcwang.com/read.php?tid=3393&page=2 < br> 10 so that even more distinctive landscape - zoom in landscape mode
11 small objects - Macro mode
12 shooting fast-moving objects - sports mode
13 shooting night scenes and characters simultaneously - Night Portrait mode
14 does not use flash photography - flash off mode
feature a variety of subject learned to grasp the timing
15 shooting structural principle of digital SLR cameras automatic exposure
16 Av, Tv, P mode
17 understand Aperture
19 shutter speed control and auto-focus function to understand the focus

third page: http://bbs.lcwang.com/read.php? tid = 3393 & page = 3
20 What is the understanding of white balance, ISO sensitivity
22 flexible use of exposure compensation
24 bracketing the use of metering mode to understand the difference between < br> 25 Clean image sensor
26 using flash photography
27 photos style
29 on the light in the composition of knowllimit to build on the fourth page

: http://bbs.lcwang.com/read.php?tid=3393&page=4
feature flexible use of real-time display the charm of

digital SLR camera digital SLR camera's unique charm lies in its The system can perfect scalability and quality overwhelming. Let the digital SLR camera by compact digital cameras estimated to understand the characteristics of digital SLR cameras.

picture in stark contrast to the expressiveness of

■ digital SLR camera

■ compact digital camera image sensor

The size of the device is completely different

■ 35mm film

■ full frame image sensor

■ APS-C size image sensor
< br>
■ compact digital camera image sensor

image sensor area of effect on the impact of virtual digital SLR
cameras and small digital camera comparison, not only the appearance of differentiated, more importantly, the basic structure of its internal that there are fundamental differences. The main difference is for receiving light, the image of the image sensor size difference. 1/2.5 inch-type typically used with image sensors compared to compact digital cameras, digital SLR cameras generally use APS-C size image sensor has approximately 13 times the area. Therefore, the electronic performance also has many advantages. Icon photo imaging visual effects background, the main difference lies in the different blur effects, and can be replaced lens digital SLR camera at this point compared with the small digital camera also has a very distinct advantage. Image sensor size blur effects caused by differences in the focal length of the lens has a very large bond. The smaller image sensor size, the shorter the lens focal length (wide-angle inclined), which makes it difficult to obtain a satisfactory background blur effects. When shooting with digital SLR cameras, it will feel different with the usual picture, which is different from the image sensor size is a direct link.

lens can be replaced to a large number of lens digital SLR camera

bring endless possibilities of digital
birthated in the film SLR cameras, SLR cameras, it also has to meet a variety of interchangeable lenses by shooting needs. The small digital camera, lens and body as a whole could not have interchangeable lenses. Regardless of how high magnification zoom lens, always has its limits, especially its wide-angle capability is weak. Digital SLR cameras can use lenses from ultra wide-angle to super telephoto lens a variety of lenses, the number of genuine Canon lens for more than 60 models. Number of lens aperture according to their brightness and was detailed intervaldown of different characteristics. To take full advantage of these lenses, digital SLR camera is the real charm. When you want to slightly enlarge some subject or want to shoot the whole scene, just replace the lens can easily get the desired effect, it can be said that the advantages of digital SLR camera, one of the largest.

■ digital SLR camera

■ compact digital camera

left are the use of digital SLR cameras and compact digital cameras from the same location subject received the same photo shoot. And construction is not good at wide-angle shot compact digital cameras, compared to the use of ultra wide-angle lens digital SLR camera to a wider range.

will not miss the opportunity to

quick shutter response to capture the dynamic
moment compared with the small digital cameras, digital SLR cameras, the action is an advantage short delay the process. Compact digital camera is usually observed through the back of the LCD monitor after shooting, strictly speaking, the picture is not taken to the moment you press the shutter button the screen, but slightly behind the picture, it is because the LCD monitor observed on the screen device is converted into electronic signals generated, so will have lag. The digital SLR camera is the optical viewfinder to observe the actual image, so the electronics will not have the time difference, the current observed image and the subject is no difference in the actual action. And regardless of the shutter and other mechanical structure or the speed of autofocus, digital SLR cameras have an absolute advantage of the speed with instant shutter will not miss opportunities for high performance. Even a small digital camera is difficult to shoot scenes or figures sports moment expressions, digital SLR cameras can easily capture. At the same time, because better performance image processing, digital SLR cameras shooting interval is shorter, to a certain period of time take more pictures, so the subject can be shot on high-speed movement to improve the best photos probability. As noted above, the digital SLR camera features and performance in a variety of small digital cameras with the differences, the design features to ensure not miss the moment of capture opportunities.

■ digital SLR camera

■ compactivity digital camera

small digital camera by looking at the back of the LCD monitor for shooting, the picture can not be with synchronized movement of the subject, the composition can not obtain the desired effect. In the digital SLR camera using the optical viewfinder the image above or the timely observation of the facial expression recognition.
Remember the name of the camera at the inception of each part using a digital SLR camera to shoot, let us first understand the various parts of the name of the camera. Correctly grasp the camera name and function of each part, the first step to improve their standards.
Preparation before shooting the camera in the grasp of each part of the name, finally can begin to prepare for the actual shooting. Should check that some of the features of the camera while adjusting the various parts to ensure the comfort of use.

Check the camera packaging kit

check the package contents are complete,
take good care of the product warranty card
Although the purchase of the camera Anyone want to start immediately after use, but the first confirmation should be carefully packaged and organize content. Connect the camera and external equipment, cables, cameras and lenses are particularly prone to a variety of warranty card is lost, it is best to check back into the box after a good memory. CD-ROM software after installation is complete with the warranty card should be kept together. Camera (lens) of the warranty card is only one copy each should pay attention to keep it up.

ready battery into the battery charger

optimistic about the correct direction within the battery into the charger. Confirmed into place to ensure good contact contacts.


to install the battery charger connected to the power cord, plug the strength cord into the power outlet.


charging time charging the battery because of the different types vary, please refer to the appropriate instructions. Green indicator light indicates charging completed. Insert the battery into the camera

turn on the camera battery compartment cover, insert a charged battery. Insert the contacts should be facing inside the camera, inserted after the confirmation in the right direction.

tips must know tips
battery without the battery, let alone digital SLR camera to shoot, and not even moving about impossible. Therefore, the digital SLR camera, the battery is one of the most important accessories. Although the use of the battery does not require any special technology, it is recommended or should always use cloth to clean the battery contacts or the battery case to check whether there is damage. In addition, battery performance will alter with temperature, when the temperature is too low can not play its proper performance. In the winter or when shooting low-temperature region, if carrying a spare battery should be taken to avoid direct contact with the outside world of its low-temperature environment. Even though some batteries and special batteries similar shape, but it is also prohibited. Non-specific cells in the most severe cases can cause damage to the camera body, buy a spare battery be sure to select the right type of original product purchase.

install Remove the lens cap lens

remove the body cap and lens cover, ready to install the lens. Installation process should be taken to avoid dust from entering inside the camera.


lens mount lens embedded in the white flag and white flag body alignment, slowly but steadily to the lens mount on the fuselage. Installation should be taken to avoid the lens tilt.

rotating camera lens into the body lock

after rotating the lens clockwise to lock. Rotate the lens until you hear the voice of a fixed pin in place.

Tips Precautions when replacing the lens

outdoor replacement lens, should enable the body to replace the lens down

is one of the characteristics of digital SLR cameras, but because the lens is replaced, the machine exposed inside the body, so the operation is outside the entry of dust can not be avoided. Even if the camera with the dust removal function, they should be down body lens mount, rapid completion of the replacement lens operation.

EF lenses and EF-S lenses marked difference between the installation

EF EF-S lenses with a slightly different structure of the lens, in order to avoid mistakenly installed in the EF-S lenses do not tournament the camera body, set up a special white flag. EF-S lenses should be aligned with the white logo machine body side firmly installed. Also note, EF-S lenses can not be used in addition to other APS-C size Canon EOS series digital cameras. The Canon EF lenses can be used for all EOS series digital cameras.

install EF lenses aligned

red flag card installed into the EF-S lenses


white logo card into the camera's initial setup

powered battery and lens installed, you can turn on the camera was. Position and shape of the power switch varies by model, should be carefully confirmed.

set start date and time the camera should first set the current date and time. Correctly enter the current date, time, which makes the photos after accomplishing work has become very easy. Press the MENU button

to display the menu

completion date and time settings, press the MENU button to display the setup menu. All set operations are carried out through the screen.

Set Language

set the language to Chinese. Acquired when the camera is set to the default language of English, so should \After all the show selected will be changed to Simplified Chinese text are displayed.

insert a memory card format

turn off the power before inserting a memory card, you should first turn off the camera. Note the location and shape of the power switch varies by camera model.

the memory card into the memory card slot (note the direction)

the camera's memory card in the correct direction for insertion. The memory card affixed with the label side facing you into the camera.

off the memory card slot cover, turn the power

the card is fully inserted into the memory card slot, cclosedown the cover. Taken to ensure that the cover closed. Press the MENU button

to display the menu

the power switch to activate the camera, press the MENU button to display the menu. In the initial screen, select the feature set using the four-way controller project.

from the menu, select \Down selection box when using the cross key.

Select \In the formatting process, must not pull out the memory card.

formatting is complete when the progress bar disappears, return to the menu screen, the formatting is complete. The time required for formatting the memory card capacity and because of the different types of slightly different.

tips are very delicate
memory card camera used to record images of the memory card , no matter how small its volume, in fact, are very sophisticated electronic products. Because of small size, need to pay more attention to avoid forgetting his trouser pockets tragedy directly thrown into the washing machine. Also note, the memory card and use of electrical connection between the camera, the data processing lamp is lit, no matter what the situation arise, do not open the memory card slot cover or pull out the memory card. This may not only lose the stored image data, and may even cause damage to the memory card, so be very careful when using a memory card.

preparation before shooting 4
mastered the camera in various parts of the name, finally can begin to prepare for the actual shooting. Should check that some of the features of the camera while adjusting the various parts to ensure the comfort of use.

viewfinder diopter adjustment viewfinder

camera observed the time of purchase have not been diopter adjustment, the situation may be due to differences in the user's vision which led to the viewfinder shows blurred. Should be adjusted according to their own vision.

be adjusted with the knob

while watching the viewfinder, rotate the knob to find the location of the clearest display.

be able to see the bottom of the viewfinder information display is clearly visible as a standard to be adjusted. Vision when the eye fatigue may change, so adjust the method of operation should be borne in mind at any time to adjust.

install the strap through the strap and the strap loop body

the front of the strap from the strap ring on the outside penetration and out, and then through to four fixed fixed ring.

relax some strap lock, so strap from the top of the penetration

the strap lock strap is slightly relaxed, leaving some room for the strap end lock from the inside of the upper straps penetrate. the inside of the strap lock

retrace slightly out of locking the strap through the strap fragment, piercing the strap lock back folding back the lower side.

taut strap

complete length of the adjustment, tighten the straps, with four fixed ring fixed triple straps. End of the operation.

ready it!

so that all preparatory work is done filming. Raise their standards and there is no shortcut, just as complete as the preparation of the above, fully understand the function and configuration of the camera, a solid grasp of the correct use is important. In the next lesson, we will actually use the camera functions at the same time, a variety of basic photography skills to illustrate this. First, let's try to shoot 1
Once you master the basics, you will find a digital SLR camera is not so difficult as imagined. As long as the correct focus and press the shutter button, a new world will be displayed in front of you.

try to shoot automatic mode

the shooting mode is set to \automatic mode. The so-called automatic mode, all functions is automatically set by the camera is very easy to use shooting modes.

the lens focus mode is set to \This auto focus can play a part. Remove the lens cap

Remove the front lens cover, the shooting for. Lens cover is a spring, press the conclusions of the locking fraction can remove the lens cap.

the camera at the subject

observed by right eye viewfinder, aim hope the film subjects. Look in the viewfinder, should not be far away from the viewfinder, the viewfinder should be abnormale to observe the eyes snapping.

half-press the shutter button to focus

basic object when you want to shoot into the viewfinder, the lightly pressing the shutter button to start automatically focusing function to focus.

in focus on the subject

can see hope in the subject while shooting, the camera issue, \

Press the shutter button to shoot!

in a state of half-pressing the shutter to adjust the composition, and then press the shutter button. Point shooting is complete!

after the completion of shooting, the LCD monitor will display the image just captured. Preview image in the display disappears after a period of time, when image data has been recorded to the memory card.

Tips dark scene, the flash will automatically flash

When the subject is dark, the built-in flash will automatically pop up and flash. Even in outdoor conditions, or in the backlight if the brightness is insufficient, sometimes automatic flash, which is normal.

first to try to shoot 2
Once you master the basics, you will find a digital SLR camera is not as difficult as imagined. As long as the correct focus and press the shutter button, a new world will be displayed in front of you.

view photos taken

press the playback button to play back

playback recording is complete press the button to watch the film image. Playback image will first show the latest photos.

using four-way controller, before and after photos show

If you want to confirm before an image, use the four-step controller left and right keys switch. Select the image to the left before, right after the image selection.

Zoom and move the display position

want to display the captured image to enlarge, you can press the zoom button on the magnifying glass symbol to zoom. Amplified by four-way controller or the position of multi-function control button (varies by model) to move.

when you want to delete the photo to delete photos, you can display the photos in the state hit the delete button, and then choose to use four-way controller, etc. \Press the SET button to confirm the deletion.

tips can also use the speed control such as dial or the main dial to operate
select or move to enlarge the image before and after the operation method of the location varies by model. In the back of the fuselage model with speed control dial can be used to switch the dial to playback images. Other models with multi-function control buttons you can use the multi-function control knob to move the enlarged position, but it also has the characteristics of the behavior can be oblique. Second, the shutter button can also be used in the image above the main dial to switch, you can set to 10 units, etc. to jump. Please read the instructions of the models, master the methods of operation. switch with the main dial
■ Image

■ image with the Quick Control Dial switch

Tips for people to appreciate
can also use the TV for playback when

photos taken in order to appreciate, not only through the back of the LCD monitor for the camera, you can also use the home TV set. Use of television, then together we can enjoy photos with family, relatives and friends to portion joy. Connect the TV and the camera should be used with the video cable to plug into the TV or other video device input terminals connected with the camera. When using the TV viewing photos, and using the camera on the back of the LCD monitor during playback, as part of the same photos can be enlarged or screen scrolling.
The structure of digital SLR cameras and photographic principles
Principle photography
Principles of data recording data records
process: the image sensor → → image processor card. Until the stage to the image processor used to complete imaging, data storage memory card to play the character only.

the image sensor converts light signals to generate a fundamental part of the required image data. But at this stage not complete imaging.

image processor

image sensors based on the data transmission to generate digital images. In this section a variety of image processing.

bear the memory card save the image data generated by the toil processor. In this section is not associated with the imaging operation.

What recording quality?
the so-called quality refers to the image modeor image data genesized by the size and quality.

transmitted to the image sensor data, as specified in the form for processing, access to comply with requirements of the quality.
image processor for image data obtained from the sensor without processing, and storage records directly to save the form. After the computer need to be adjusted for quality.

the image data compression to save for a certain size of the storage record form. Processed by the image processor, do not use the computer for processing.

Example: EOS 450D recording quality (the number of 12.2 million effective pixels)
recording quality mode records the number of pixels Use
JPEG Large / Fine 4272 × 2848 pixels A3 print
JPEG Large / Normal ; 4272 × 2848 pixels A3 print
JPEG Large / Fine 3088 × 2056 pixels ; A4 print
JPEG Large / Normal 3088 × 2056 pixels A4 print
JPEG Large / Fine ; 2256 × 1504 pixels L size prints
JPEG Large / Normal 2256 × 1504 pixels L size prints
RAW 4272 × 2848 pixel post-processing
RAW JPEG Large / Fine 4272 × 2848 pixel post-processing
※ (the type of image quality recording mode and record the number of pixels varies by model) < br> 1
principle structure of the lens effect of the lens is for digital SLR cameras, as its very important for film cameras. It not only bears the work of collecting the light to form images, but also bear the focus and so on.

Lens with image stabilization function of the lens anti-shake feature is generated according to the amount of exercise hand-shake compensation by moving part of the optical lens, thereby eliminating the jitter triggered the screen shots. The agency can prevent hand-shake to get sharper images, and because the real-time movement of an optical system, it also has a viewfinder image can improve the stability and performance advantages of auto focus.

built-in image stabilization lens body is marked with Image Stabilizer (Image Stabilizer) abbreviation IS. The lens of \

What is EF-S lenses
EF-S lenses are designed for use APS-C size image sensors of digital cameras designed special lenses. Image circle (the lens image size) is smaller than the normal lens, the lens has to abate the volume of advantages. EF-S in \

EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

EF-S lenses including wide-angle zoom lens EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM, standard zoom lens EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, EF-S 60mm macro lens ; f/2.8 USM Macro and other merchandise.

tips lens hood function < br> installed on the front of the camera lens hood with the function block stray light. Although the surface of the lens coating to prevent reflection, but the best in strong backlight conditions to install hood to avoid light reflection chaos. Recommended installation is often the best.
camera holding Machine
holding machine with the correct posture will allow us not only to the successful completion of filming, but will greatly affect the quality of the pictures taken. To prevent hand-shake, the camera should be to master the correct method of holding machine.

support for the basic method

lateral support machine

held in the horizontal machine, boosting the bottom of the left lens from the camera to remain stable .
gently tighten the arms appear to prevent the camera shake.

Tips wrong

holding Machine as open arms like wings, the upper body in an unstable state. Do not just use your arms to support the camera, you should use the whole body to remain stable.

longitudinal vertical holding unit holding unit, the handle of the hand holding the camera can also be located at the top of the bottom. But when the hand holding the handle at the top of the arm is easier when you open, so special attention.

Tips wrong in holding Machine

opened his arms above This support unit is very unstable. It can be said with no difference between a single handset.

shot from low in the lower center of gravity when shooting left knee should be supported on the ground, with the right knee support arm, which prevents vertical hand-shake there.

real-time display mode shooting mode with Live View shooting, more prone to hand-shake. Should be clamping arms, supporting the camera from below, in order to maintain stability. Learn the basics of composition
If you already know the basic operation of the camera, you need to do is determined by observing the viewfinder picture composition. Composition in general there are so few key elements: the subject position, the screen anyway, the income range of the screen size.

decided to photograph the direction of frame composition and the broad sense of the screen when taking pictures
theory and composition to consider when Painting constitute exactly the same screen. The photographer can imagine the camera's sceneryfinder into the canvas, and how to balance a photo placed on the subject has become critical. Sometimes we like painting on canvas to put up, and sometimes cross over it, like, take pictures when we can also choose to shake-hands grip or vertical shot. Also, the subject placed in the position of the picture which is completely dependent on the photographer's own, should be based on the size of the subject to change the situation in and around the screen. In addition, the broad sense of the picture is also an important factor when the composition is to shoot into the picture as a whole or only part of the subject will be enlarged, different options will make the overall atmosphere in the photo is very different. Composition is not a specific value can be measured in some things, but the photographer according to its own \

horizontal photos to show the photo broad sense

landscape photography in accordance with the basic technique - shooting horizontal mapping method. Landscape photographs similar to human's natural field of vision, to give people a sense of stability. In this photo, near the boat and the background contrast, produced a pleasing tension.

vertical screen shot to show idea of depth

interception with the vertical landscape shot, the picture tends to give people the feeling of loss of balance, but sometimes also have unique effect, give left a deep impression. In addition, the close-range and long-term sense of distance is more literally manifested in the formation of a feeling of depth in the picture.

shooting range will change the overall impression photo shooting range

different picture gives the impression that there will be very different, which is called \Shooting distance and the type of lens will be used to make it change dramatically. Case diagram in photographs taken near the subject and the vertical distance be some distance from the photographs taken on the horizontal effect is entirely different.

we use vertical and horizontal compositions were shot in the left part of the red box. Although the location, the model exactly the same, but because of different viewing angles, the impression is completely different.

■ horizontal shooting, the screen wide

vertical shooting close-up photos to make a good character portrait mode Portrait mode uses
easy to capture beautiful pictures of people. Not only will the camera automatically selects the right focus, but image quality is also set to a more suitable mode of photographing people.

camera settings and image processing to make people more beautiful style

; compared with the conventional fully automatic mode, portrait mode the camera set has two features. Effect of a feature is the use of virtual background aperture. Portrait mode automatically set the aperture using the lens close to the minimum aperture (aperture blades fully open, the amount of light up through the state). Aperture effect by improving the degree of bokeh to highlight the characters, so that people more visible. Another feature is the use of photos style photos color adjustments, making skin softer texture. In addition, the exposure is relatively bright side, make the skin look more fair. Although not a major change in tone, but the figure will be slightly pink skin, so that people become more healthy and more dynamic.

Portrait / EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM
(F4 / 1 / 400 秒 / ISO ; 100 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Portrait)

with bold composition composition during portrait photography, the most important thing is to figure the layout of where the screen. In addition,New GHD IV Green, how the interception of people is a headache problem. If the ordindiffer shooting mode, it is easy to fall into the stereotyped pattern similar to the passport. It should be bold in cutting, or carefully find the right camera angle, try to shoot people with artistic style.

■ when shooting close-up shot close to his head cut off
, such as cutting off the top of the head can be more prominent facial expression. Should be left or right while leaving more than a certain white, this could make composition more coordination. Way to stay more than white there is no fixed requirements, but preferably in the lateral side of the people leaving the face more than white, to get more natural results.

■ Yang low angle shot low-angle changes in the composition
Yang shoot people, this is a good idea. Can be filled with artistic effect. If used in conjunction with wide-angle lens will be more effective.
the scenery is even more striking use of landscape mode
landscape mode, the camera settings to ensure that from near and far for a wide range of features for sharp imaging. Also has the green, red more vivid features. Photos overall judgment is more clear, sharp.

aperture effects to make the picture sharp and vivid reproduction of the whole landscape

landscape mode, the camera settings, aperture value slightly larger (lateral aperture blades off), all together make close-range to long-term focus. Aperture and focus is the connectionship between the scope of the content will be described in detail later, first of all just know that this is with the characteristics of the aperture can be, and can be portrait mode with the aperture effect is entirely the opposite effect. In the picture, not only improves the sharpness, but also part of the meticulous details of the performance and enhance the green, red, blue and other color tones, and the clouds and trees and other even more colorful. For these reasons, even in the slightly cloudy conditions can also shoot more clearly seen than the actual visual pictures. Although the use of the relatively large aperture value (less the amount of light), but ISO sensitivity is set to Auto, the camera will automatically adjust sensitivity, it is often able to appropriate shutter speed. But other scenes in the evening, due to insufficient light, could have hand-shake,GHD Hair, and you should use a tripod in order to give full play to the effect of landscape pattern. In addition, in this mode, no matter how dark environment, built-in flash will not automatically flash. All shooting settings are required for landscape photography.

landscape mode / EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
(F8 / 1 / 160 秒 / ISO 100 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Landscape)

composition landscape photography tips is to maintain the level of the basic requirements

doing earthscape photography, you need to pay special attention to the screen is tilted. But the picture through the scenefinder to determine whether the slope is very arduous, if coupled with such wide-angle lens can cause distortion, and even level of image are not available. This time should be built using a tripod to ensure the level of instrument, such as the level of the screen. Before talking about the dissertation
should first ensure that the level of the screen, it is very important.
zoom in macro mode
small objects Macro shooting mode setting to facilitate a variety of small subject. Can be used in shooting flowers, insects and various small objects around,New GHD IV Red, etc. can be widely used is a convenient shooting modes.

highlight the theme of small objects, zoom in macro mode

is shooting for shooting small objects mode. In terms of tone without adding special treatment, but the camera settings to make the changes according to the subject. Aperture values are not adjusted too large, if you use a darker lens camera will fully open aperture. If it is brighter lens, the aperture value of the basic minimum to the middle area in the range of automatic settings. In such a way around the virtual set can emphasize the effects, so that focus is part of the more visible, you can highlight the theme. In addition, taking into account the situation of hand-held shooting, macro mode, ISO sensitivity set to Auto (ISO sensitivity is set too high) to prevent hand-shake phenomenon. Because built-in flash is set to automatically flash, even if the subject is the photographer's shade enveloped the brightness can also be appropriate. Macro photography is widely used in plants, insects, nature photography and filming around small objects around. Even the capture, small objects can also be used macro mode, completely not a problem.

macro mode / EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
(F4 / 1 / 500 seconds / ; ISO 160 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

Tips Macro photography with the use of special lens will further enhance the effect of small objects
To zoom in, or the mere existence of the standard zoom lens certain restrictions. If you want to capture some of the words bigger, better close-up shots using a dedicated macro lens. Macro shooting distance for the lens focal length varies, but most of them have a 1:1 (other times) the maximum magnification, and can be close-up shots.

■ EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro

times the maximum for such a small macro close-ups lens. Can be used for general photography from macro photography to a variety of purposes.

■ coins close-up photos

coin diameter is about 28mm macro lens after shooting through the zoom to that size. At the same time is also very clear and sharp images.
fast-moving objects motion mode motion mode
combistate of fast-moving objects for various functions, it can allow anyone to enjoy the fun of sports photography, senior shooting mode. For all moving objects, so it is suitable for shooting children or pets.

good at capturing the movement of objects of irregular movement of the best partners

photographic film or high-speed movement material, in the past is the need excellent camera skills and experience. This includes continued focus on the technology of moving objects and to ensure that jitter does not appear the ability to get sharp images. The camera's movement patterns in both areas has helped us. AF function will track a moving subject, the continuous focus. Also automatically select focus points. Meanwhile, in order to be able to instantly freezing the movement of the subject, the camera automatically uses high ISO sensitivity to ensure a higher shutter speed. And exercise using multi-shot mode also improves the ability to capture the moment of opportunity. When the subject into the picture, the half-press the shutter button to start auto-focus. As long as the subject within the screen, keep pressing the shutter button half-track the state of the subject can be sustained AF. When the opportunity arises to determine the shutter button fully pressed and keep pressing the state, so that the dynamic moments of continuous shooting can improve the opportunitys of capturing the best moments. To take full advantage of these properties should be used with telephoto lens anti-shake feature to get the best results.

motion mode / EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM (F8 / 1 / 2500 秒 / ISO 400 ; / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

tips to ensure that the subject in the viewfinder Location

In order to ensure a continuous focus for stable moving object, the subject is always in need to the center of the screen. Slightly closer to the subject can be enlarged to enhance the ability to respond to several of the focus, thereby enhancing the ability to capture autofocus system.
all models the central AF sensor is the highest accuracy, so use the central part of the viewfinder will be much easier to track the subject in focus. While shooting night and night portrait mode
people is the integration of photography and portrait photography night these two different types of photography as a shooting mode. The same time the characters and the background bright image, can avoid the usual flash when shooting the drawbacks of the background completely black.

Night Portrait mode the camera set the shutter speed by the flash flash form. Darken the background for flash photography is due to the phenomenon caused by high shutter speed, and Night Portrait mode in order to obtain more background light intensity, using a low-speed shutter, so I can avoid this phenomenon. In addition, in order to avoid the shutter speed is too low, ISO sensitivity is set to automatic, the camera can be automatically selected according to the conditions surrounding the ISO sensitivity. In order to ensure a more dark scenes can easily complete focus, flash before shooting AF-assist light flash, manual focus mode is more than able to ensure the correct focus of cooperation.

Night Portrait mode / EF 50mm f/1.8 II
(F2.8 / 1 / 8 秒 / ISO 400 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

Tips ; with different background color, color portrait will change
Night Portrait mode automatically according to ambient light source white balance settings. However, due to differences in light source, which also has a digital camera are not good at dealing with some of the specific wavelength of light, so the overall tone of the occasional photo slightly distorted. If you feel after the shooting is not enough natural color, you can choose to freely set the white balance of the shutter speed priority AE mode shoot again.
■ Night Portrait mode the camera is trying to take

correct compensation of the background light, resulting in flash to illuminate the figure was slightly blue and white face.

choose white balance shot in the default white balance options, \This ensures that the character of the color normal. Although the background of reddish hue, but the character color is very natural.
Do not use flash photography flash photography flash off mode
Although the dark scenarios can be bright subject image is a very handy feature, but according to shooting conditions and circumstances in different places, the time may be taken do not want to flash fires. At this time you can use the flash off mode.

when the flash fires when people do not want to be assured the capture mode

Flash Off mode to full the function of automatic mode based on a combination of various functions is to set the shooting mode, automatic mode with flash is the biggest difference is the flash. Automatically according to the situation with the automatic flash mode with different, no matter how dark the surroundings of the subject, the flash will not flash. Because there is no sudden flash, so it will not damage the atmosphere, can be used in concert, art galleries and other occasions. And because the only light source used to shoot the scene, so when you want to shoot more photos of the scene when the atmosphere can also be used. In the flash off mode, the flash will not be AF-assist light flash. When the subject is too dark, sometimes there will be difficult to accurately focus the case, should grasp the premise of this feature to be applied flexibly. However, concerts and other similar subject is illuminated, and has a sufficient brightness of the scene, the auto focus function will play without any problem.

Flash Off mode / EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
(F5.6 / 1 / 200 秒/ ISO 800 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

Tips simple very effective when shooting night
the flash does not make any flash, so it can be used for night photography. Unlike the overall landscape pattern contrast as strong, so even larger difference between light and dark night, you can also get a natural imaging.

color photo style with the standard model, with proper contrast and good versatility.

Topics: learn to grasp the opportunity to shoot a variety of subject

predict the subject's next move to select the most appropriate shooting mode and equipment No matter what the subject

objects, there is the best shooting opportunity. One of the most representative is sports photography. In frule, shooting common objects around us, there is also \Children and portrait shooting, we tend to make the model gracefully and then shoot a fixed position. However, if we press the shutter button a little to change the time, often unexpectedly shot to the face and posture. Such photos are not allowed even if some focus, composition is not perfect, nor should it be removed. It's that survived will be good memories. Also, in the shooting cute pictures of pets and animals, the use of burst mode will receive better results. This could take animals bored, yawning, or tongue look like, showing the unique cute animal side. Capture in the streets, if only to observe the length of sight is normal, but set his sights on the sky and shore, then may be able to find a more attractive subject, or other breezefall. Just a little deviate in perspective, you can shoot very creative photos. When shooting landscapes, if conscious,GHD MK4, then shot into the number of people, but also make photos more interesting. In this photo taken when using a zoom lens will be more convenient, and can photograph the subject in a larger telephoto zoom when shooting people and pets to show its mettle. Telephoto zoom lens as well as using the photographer and the subject to maintain a certain distance, so that the object being photographed can be more relaxed, so easy to shoot a good expression. If shooting in the streets, the best standard to use a small zoom lens. Because it looks not so dramatic, it is easy for the photographer into the surrounding environment. Just that small change, fixed time under the critical moment of the shooting but will naturally be greatly increased.

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a loud bang,GHD hair straightener, like walking alone in the low
the footsteps of earthly
occasional loud noise from the gale makes you think of ydistancelf
voice calls in the spring

lightning that dragging a long road

light illuminates the body where you feel you
has come out of an in vitro < br> You do not call him back
a light burning in your complexion calm Wu
innermost secrets of any

like rain moved downward as a

GHD Butterfly Pink LATLAND good custom clothing (c

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Central Link http://finance.sina.com.cn/leadership/mbaemba/20080123/11414442100.shtml
gathered from approximately South Central South Conference and the annual cardiac event awards ceremony (4)
Sina Finance < br>
Photo above: EMBA2005 station students and their research team was Li Qing - led
show the birth of three costumes. CEIBS EMBA students in Shenzhen two positiones each group reporting into business reality
topic 1. Midas contact, tap wood Zeng Liqing Yu-EMBA2005 rank students and their research team - led the birth of
awards show dress, wear words: from simple, a simple single-topic, developing into an amazing business model. The protagonist is the legendary wealth of our alumni, props is a little shirt, the plot from the inception of our campus. They revolutiondiffer to a business plan as a thesis to the Chinese fashion business's most resounding declaration issued; their start-up period to 500 million U.S. dollars to attrrule venture capital, they are committed to construction high-end men's clothing service platform in China ... ... Their story is another in a continuation of the climax.
charming charactivityers: EMBA2005 grade students and their research team Zeng Liqing charm
story: collar show shirt, tailored items from Shenzhen class level in EMBA05 a subject report,GHD Butterfly Pink, toil group members Zeng Liqing ( co-founder of Tencent, the Shenzhen Investment Limited Kuehne & Nagel chairman),New GHD IV Red, Hansu Tong, Lin Shaobin,GHD Precious Gift Set, Tu Ping and Zou Minggui architecture. Passed in the subject of the report reply,Cheap GHD Straighteners, Zeng Liqing students also joined a number of alumni in Central Europe will be subject of a reality show set up a Garments Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City Link. This is also the history of Central Europe's first school to a business plan form as the pioneer paper. Created to receive 500 million dollars initial capital, to support Shenzhen from China's men's show into a service platform for high-conclusion apparel.
| xGv00 | fcc8d4de8197f69fde70263fb4d52380

GHD hair Mom and Dad

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,GHD hair

< br>

GHD Precious Gift Set New Balance 1500

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,GHD Precious Gift Set

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1500a.jpg (30.62 KB)

2009-9-28 23:37

2009-9-28 23:37

mi090502-01-r1-570x863.jpg (96.51 KB)

2009-9-28 23:37

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1500c.jpg (26.43 KB)

new-balance-x-comme-des-garcons-2.jpg (71.11 KB)

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mi090608-05-r3-570x429.jpg (63.65 KB)

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2009-9-28 23:37

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mi090608-04-r1-570x427.jpg (44.48 KB)

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mi090608-04-r3-570x429.jpg (66.22 KB)

2009-9-28 23:37

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2009-9-28 23:36

2009-9-28 23:36

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GHD MK5 Pure Black SMS refused to remove dead

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1. Man really enjoyable lie not ashamed! Clearly in the stepped back, said the unit, secretly rendezvous, said the wine drunk,GHD MK5 Pure Black, go home tired, open work, whirring down bed to sleep, if the offer charming wife, pretending Hantong closing cover stomach!
2. a man having an affair of the symptoms: the company every day, overtime, home never stick, mobile home on the off, text messages back to the end to delete, go to bed snoring loudly, often anti-wear underwear. Control check found three are suspected, four can be confirmed.
3. a man to die: see the beauty? Searther dead, picking in? U.S. dead, fool room? Sudden death, sleep on the bed? To death, his wife know? Scared to death, father and mother know? Die of shame, leaders know? To death, rival know? Killed.
4. the sky is blue, the sea is deep, if not a man is true; love is permanent, the blood is bright red, the men do not fight is not enough; man is rich if , and who are destined to; men reliable, pigs will climb a tree!
5. Eight men fear: a fear of pregnant lover, two henpecked hard, three lady sick, afraid, afraid of the masses four, five lovers are afraid of bubbles, mahjong blasting six afraid of seven fear of ill-gotten money stolen , Viagra, fear of failure of eight.
6. Eight naive: Leadership toast you drink, you first contact the leading lady, leading to walk your car, you are wordy speech, the leadership,GHD MK4, leadership affair You're insane, leading off before you take a bath, leadership folder dishes you turn the table,GHD hair straighteners, leaders license to listen to you Zimo.
7. fooling around this if the dry well, called love; occupation of this matter if the dry well, called marriage; frigidity this matter, if the dry well is called Yanshou Zhen Cao; impotence this If a good call Zuohuaibuluan hiding.
8. a young man to find a pretty good-looking, rugged to find a competent marriage after divorce to find a wealthy, dead ghost not to find scattered.
9. man, always smiling, two discharge, not the ailment Fanjian is sbreezeling! Women breast waist, loose flair, not dig your pockets, that is, put your black knife! This years banshee strange men, be careful in strokes ah!
10. This year, my wife, as PHS affordable but limited local use, such as China Telecom Security mistress with fixed but not out, Xiao Mi like China Mobile and easy to use, but calls too expensive. Valentine's elegant fashion, as China Unicom, but often out of service!
11. Diagnostic orifices never married women: work absent-minded, go home to her husband fell face, children learn to care, more often cooking salt. Excuse the body often lack, let her husband go there. Half sex once, neither moan nor moved.
12. Today, the rich meat and eat them poor, the rich and strengthful eat the tortoise; injustice petition stuffy Internet, such as the officialdom battlefield; men and women hope high hope thin, dressing dogs were exposed flesh; love fear of fright of losing love to steal, occupy key positions in the fear of retirement!
13. marriage is called network, bigamy is called a dual-card number, name call transfer affair, Valentine and more called Monternet. divorce called off No. , separated halt machine security number, remarried called complex machines, called the transfer a woman to remarry, remarried a man called up card
14. The poor man: the cause of the land, the honor is the unit, the performance is led by the wages are his wife, the property is a child, the error is their own.
15. These days, women no less than beautiful kitchen, the kitchen is not soft, gentle spconclusion money, spend money is not fashion, fashion is not assured, rest assured could not see.
16. forcers to pull money telling anyone; accounting flower pen with money; leaders sign papers with money; \Doctors use the money designated in the stomach of patients.
17. man tired, so will knock back; man unhappy, why they want to wash your hair; man rough, so often would bet on it; men busy, so often on the wrong bed. Men more likely to do?
18. Wife of a mad, men have to hide; wife first serve Biao, men quietly; wife situation as Fu, the man to slip; wife of a rich men to step down.
19. knowllimit of the United States, is to make a loss; the beauty of poetry is to incite men and women derailment; women of the United States, is so stupid that no regrets; men of the United States, is lying right day hell.
20. wine, ah, put in the bottle like water, drink goes haunted, spoke abnormale a slip, walking legs, flashes, impotence to bed, middle of the night to find water in the morning regret it at noon put that glass or beautiful!
21. In the four other families on the toilet dilemma: pull over out of paper; finished polishing the finished pulling out of water; pull over polishing the halted water is not washed down ; pull over polishing the accomplished water are washed down the drift, but they come up.
22. his wife is the operating system, a very problemsome but the installation of unloading; little secret is the desktop, if you are interested to be replaced every day; lover the Internet, continue to spend money fame; Miss pirated software, with Remember when the first anti-virus!
23. Men roadetic man, busted their ass to make money, facing his wife mouth sweet, not free money handed over, the raising of a lover will be in dtemper, and feel so flat pockets for Zhang Shuai Han is not that altogether to be a bitch.
24. I really do not understand that many, many pretty girls to buy clothes to wear, is to attractivity the attention of boys, but boys want to see, but it is a girl with no wear on.
25. fell in love with love green apple, crush love figs, pistachios love at first sight, free love no results, really love to eat candy, love, betrayal and bitter fruit, lightning, love to eat the forbidden fruit, the consequences of passionate love to eat, what you eat fruit?
26. singleton is a mountain, love is the road, intervaling up is at a crossroad, trial marriage is the Pathfinder, marriage is a dead end, bigamy is a short circuit, divorce is a step out, marriage is a dead end. Affair is a merry way, may I ask where you are now mixing the road?
27. Sijiu meters ugly house poor,GHD Styler, rural primary school schooling account, tumbledown three Susukida acre, there is no pot of cold wife hot stove all year round medicine all the time, today's message solicit his girlfriend, join hands with the revolutionary road, whether you like?
28. Life was wasted, always worry more bother then, to find a handsome brother, dance together, nothing to sing love songs; not been three and a half, become handsome devil; ten days of the Cold War, From all over the; Looking Back, single most happy.
29. slugger criteria: extraordindiffer cut, smoked powder, standing on the road kissed; jumped over Di, played chicken, grass had friends rape his wife; had been a soldier, had stood Kong, playing over leadership of award-winning; went to positiones, been to Kong, bored wife's mother molested.
30. advise you to pick flowers out of less, after all, you have a family, the social atmosphere is not good, at home, the red flag did not fall, Gone with the Wind is blowing out bunting, homework will have to pay to spend a little money does not matter , destroy the body is not right.
31. men are not drunk, there are tips how women; women are not drunk, how men have a opportunity; women men are not drunk, no one hotel to sleep.
32. first love is the new version, old friends re-ran is a refurbished version, pre-marital cohabitation is a trial version, the wedding night is genuine, love is a revised version of the widow, who seduced his wife are pisized, this information is the exclusive Thank you for publishing ... ..

GHD Butterfly Pink Essay,

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Between the childhood friends stare often separated because of the sad, if friends get cold no justice, but also their own sad frule that time and do not understand the nature of friendship. Mr. Xu Zhiyu said: dating lonely journey of vitality just by opening go the same way off,GHD Butterfly Pink, the end of a certain road, he would turn, this is his freedom. During that walk on the road, you fall to help you he encountered wild animals with resistance, it is makes sense. Road, a different, although the related concepts to each other, but will not be able to each other assistance. But this time go the same way each new customer may encounter a.

As the environment deviates,GHD iv styler, a person at every stage, there will be a different group of friends from many old friends, though still led by Defractionment of mind, but to maintain cclosedown is very difficult,GHD IV MK4 Gold, friendship I view it was very arduous existence, and can transcend time and space is still standing friendship, in factivity, already included elements of love. Is only tempordiffer tune with a friconclusion, spread even after the reunion, everyone feels a change in thinking has led us rough to rebuild the old bond. The so-called friends have been known, however, when dealing Everlasting initially, so that after separation they still miss the mutual attrbehavior, even if sepasized for many years, meet or, as care, this is the love of friendship.

pure friendship is free, meet by opportunity today, mutual respect, togetherness, and tomorrow can be flat broke, or even forget you. Friends with love is romantic love, but also can be painful,New GHD IV Purple, because \even transferred to a new friend, the other party had to bear in silence, by now I was praying, but in a step to peer with each other a warm friend.

GHD IV MK4 Dark Take a good

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After many ruggedships ,GHD IV MK4 Dark

is so subtle

into a different feeling

After all,GHD Australia, not a walk

the left no matter how rough they have to calmly face

me alone to face

may leave no choice but hope to take the peace of mind

leave it is not only a past

ordindiffer person


the capital yesterday,New GHD IV Green, the rain

a two-million people in the city


but bears deep inner ideas

bond between people

view light water exdeviates

even because of the defractionure of a person

GHD Butterfly Pink Singing for our beloved country

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; ; Ode to the Motherland

flag fluttering in the gale, loud song of victory; singing for our dear motherland, Toward prosperity.
singing for our dear motherearth, Toward prosperity.

Whatever the difficulties, no matter what setbacks, they can not force the power to termination the Chinese people on the road to this quest, on the contrary, they are hard to explore in the poor and weak in , trek, worked hard, and finally take the thorns of a bright hope of the road,GHD Butterfly Pink, architecture a powerful socialist country with Chinese charruleeristics, the road,New GHD IV Green, the state has become stronger, more united nation has become, the people have deviated have more cohesive! Today,GHD hair straighteners, our country is in rapid speed, rapid-Benz on the broad road of socialism, for the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation and work hard! As descendants, more felt proud.
\May you wind off wind and rain to get harvest. We wish you the birthday, my China, which is the hearts of children, songs of hope ... ... \a familiar voice, the deep in the hearts of love and wishes for my dearest and most beloved motherland, Zhu Zuguo never prosper, never fluttering flag fly I wish, I wish the industrious and brave Chinese people alsteps serene happiness!

\motherland, \But I know that this is a song in praise of our motherland. It is accompanied by singing so loud, I grew up year after year with the motherland are greater prosperity year after year.
note at the inception, I had a profound understanding that we are all descendants, we are all descconclusionants of the dragon is the flag our flag, our capital is Beijing. Grow up, I know: 1 October 1949, the bright five-star red flag flying high in Tiananmen Square, 108-gun salute accompanied by the sound of a great man stood in Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao Zedong solemnly to the world declared: the People's Republic was set up! Since that day, the Chinese, a famous name, the name of a shock to the world, so many sons and daughters of a proud and the proud name, was born out. Only sleeping for nearly a thousand years of Chinese lion, and finally summon the enthusiasm of people across the country and worked rough to wake up the passion, and his capacity as a large country stand in the East!
is a harvest season, October 1, 2009, we ushered in the great motherland after suffering a six-year-old's birthday. Then also do not understand all the connotations of this song I, in this land sixty happy birthday a special day, I feel excited, a myriad of views, I will own clumsy hands of the pen, and indulge in singing our dear motherland. Sixty years on, the Chinese people tirelessly; six decades, Chinese earth shaking; six decades, the socialist flourishing. Along the way, our country has always been a courageous stand in the world a new belief among the states, has always been tenacious, not far behind efforts to the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.
in this great festival, the motherland, ah, your broad mind full of power: the fire fly from Nanchang, the towering stand upright Jinggangshan, from the dawn of the Zunyi Conference, the long twenty-five thousand miles to the mountain grass ... ... all have a tractivityion somewhere, ignited hundreds of millions of people time and again prolonged pursuit! From the intense eight-year war, to the solemn rostrum; from a vigorous land reform, to the peaceful liberation of Tibet; from the first atomic bomb successfully, to convene the Third Plenary Session of the victory; from the smooth return of Hong Kong and Macao to the success of the Olympic Games is not a country ... ... what a wise and decisive leader, shot again and again to make the world focus on China? Which one is not a rugged-working and courageous Chinese nation, so that the spring breeze blowing through the land of China harmony, so that our country get Vientiane update? Capped mountains will not forget, the vast grass will not forget the children grew up Yangjialing will not forget the pines and cypresses Xibaipo will not forget, that in the eventful years, the birth of the baptism of blood and fire the name of the always believed that well-being of the people for the purpose of political fractionies, her fluttering flag is a kind of attrbehavior, is full of inspired and encouraged by what kind of magic power, leading hundreds of millions of Chinese people from the poor and weak to strong, from cclosedownd to open?
30 years of reform and opening up,GHD IV MK4 Dark, our country has abnormale the world more noteworthy carry outments. Reform and opening up policy so that we opened the door, into the world, people's living standards are improving; \policy, the country has been unprecedented economic prosperity and revolution; of the agricultural structure adjustment, the nine hundred million farmers took a well-off the road; schooling system reform, so that the quality has been greatly improved; the rapid development of sports Olympic bid success, the make blue eyes, dark-skinned foreigners is even more impressive; science and technology, militdiffer strength, to enhance China's comprehensive national strength in the history of the world's political condition. God asked seven days, \Like the dragon, is the rapid evolution and ever-powerful ... ...
long history of the imprint left a mottled, witnessed the growth of our motherland bumpy and winding, arduous procedure of six decades, the Chinese people in distress search for the dawn. Three years of natural disasters, \Shen Yun country like a Yaoqin through the ages, with that musical sounds are proudly to lead us out of difficulties! Upright and with a mountain stream-like high-pitched, inspired our nation!

flag fluttering in the breeze, loud song of victory; singing for our dear motherland, Toward prosperity.
singing for our dear motherland, Toward prosperity.

over mountains, across the plains, across the potencyy Yangtze and Yellow River; vast and beautiful land, our dear homeland.
heroic people stood up! Our solidarity is as strong as steel.

flag fluttering in the wind, loud song of victory; singing for our dear motherland, Toward prosperity.
singing for our dear motherland, Toward prosperity.

We are hardworking, we are brave, independent and free is our ideal; we overcome many obstacles, to achieve today's liberation!
We love peace, we love home. Who dares to infringe upon our call his death!

flag fluttering in the wind, loud song of victory; singing for our dear motherland, Toward prosperity.
singing for our dear motherland, Toward prosperity.

Eastern sun, is rising, the People's Republic is growing; Our leader Mao Zedong, guide the way forward.
our lives every day, our future is dazzling!

GHD MK5 Pure white Tencent QQ 2010 SP1 company qui

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business that,GHD MK5 Pure white, as one of China's largest Internet company Tencent recent acquisition of Comsenz, beta business offices, an open e-commerce platform pat, and strengthen all that such behavior QQ, Tencent is the enterprise business market Expand strategic layout, Alibaba and other competitors are facing further championships from Tencent.

businesses in this release Tencent QQ 2010 SP1,GHD hair straightener, and the previous version of enterprise QQ 2.0 estimated to the major increases were for the general QQ QQ QQ message mass and the timing of sconclusioning the survey, also increased for \

Tencent QQ is Tencent companies provide customer service for corposize and marketing tools, has been in many businesses and organizations has been applied, fractionicularly QQ Taobao number of enterprise users significantly increased in the second half.

2010 年 8 月 25 morning, Tencent QQ, the company released the latest version of the enterprise, from this version,Cheap GHD Straighteners, the enterprise version of QQ, QQ naming standards in accordance with the official naming, from enterprise to enterprise QQ QQ 2.0 ; 2010.

Tencent QQ Henan

the total distribution enterprises in Henan mouth Computer Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager Yang Haibin told reporters recently Every so often,GHD hair Australia, there will be some from the relevant departments Tencent QQ the new face of business with the counterpart Yang Haibin Contactivity, Tencent QQ enterprise division of responsibilities of relevant personnel is also getting smaller, these are signs that Tencent QQ for businesses significantly increased the degree of attention.

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