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This little life of mine ... 

Jump in the water.

10:20, 13/12/2008  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
So, it's a little early in the morning, I had my coffee two and a half hours ago, and my legs still feel fucked up. I didn't sleep last night, and I'm not planning on sleeping any time soon. There was drugs involved and lots of pot, so it was a weird but nice night for me.
I think it's time for my second cup of coffee, or I won't be able to write something nice.

But maybe that can wait, just for a few more minutes.
I can use a sigarette, that can't wait.

I am not about to introduce myself fully, because that would take the excitement away. You need to be curious. If you're not, life is just too damn boring, don't you think..?

In the dark hours, of the late night party. Inside her head, she's going insane. What's the point, there's no turning back now.
Imagine you are high on acid, and at that party, in the middle of the night, in the dark hours. Going insane.

Insanity is the most powerful thing on this planet. When men go crazy, they loose themselfs, they forget who they are and why they are there. In the dark hours, everything is forgotten.
The moon will light your path, into the mists and the mountains of misery, where the mentally sick will eat you alive.

Where is that road, the one in yellow and green. All I see is grey and black, where are the whites?! My eyes are blind. Evil eyes. I need to find the road, to safety, to freedom, to everything I never had. I need to.. wake up.

Yup, I need to wake up. But how?
Do you know how hard it is to wake up from some world you do not want to leave, but you must for your own good. It is not fair, I do not want to go yet. I have much to tell. Much to learn. Much to know.
My time is not here, no time for me to change dramaticly the things I don't want to change.
Fuck society

Before the morning comes,
and the man watches the sea,
a seagul shall fly over,
to look at the man and see ..

A wonderful life,
brutely taken away,
would he take that dive
or shall he think and stay.

Jump, and he's under
the waves of the water.
Steady and unshaken,
seagul has name taken.

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Jump in the water.


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