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My "Sweet" Life..

13/12/2010 - School =) or =(?

Everybody goes to school, or you're an adult and you work. But you've been to school. I guess.. And you don't hear me say school is useless or something like that. I like to go to school. There I see my friends and not all subject are boring. The only subjects I really dislike are maths, French and Physics an Chemistry. The rest of the subjects are easy or fun. I do Secondary Science Education or, how we call it VWO. I do it with the subjects Latin and Greek because I really like those and it is very interesting.

The biggest thing I dislike is homework. It isn't fun and very boring. I do most of mu homework in vlass, but the allways give you so much.. But I will survive it!

Colours, a creative expression from the heart.

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11/12/2010 - Weekend.

Finally! Weekend. I like my weekends. I always go to friends and sometimes I do funny things. On saturday evening I have my dancing lessons, I really like dancing. And on friday evening I'm always at a friend of mine. Watching TV, most of the time The voice of Holland. And doing nothing. But in the weekend I also have to do my homework and clean my room, that is the boring part but as I said before: I don't hate school and sometimes homework can be handy. But most of the times it's dull. But I don't know what to write anymore. Give me ideas! Anyway I can't go further!

Have a nive weekend!

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8/12/2010 - Harry Potter 7

Hi there, This is probably the last post I'm going to post today.. Why? Because I'm going to Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. I really want to see the movie because I'm a fan of it. And I don't like the fact that it will end there. But I'm really excited and that's what matters the most. And I'm not going alone, but with my best friend Manon! She is one of my best friends and means a lot to me. But I'm going now. Love you guys.

Harry Potter Seven, It all ends here..

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7/12/2010 - Beautiful nights..

Nights, I love them. They are so dark an full of passion. So mysterieus and so killing when you are tired. I always look out at the window and sometimes I see the moon but I always see a star. And I think that's my dad. He died in 2008 and I think he is a star looking down over me and protect me for the bad things. Ofcourse I know it's just a dream. But if it is, I wish I could sleep forever. Yeah, that's something. Most of the people always sleep at night. I don't know why. Yes, okay. So do I, but most of the times I wake up in the middle of the night. I don't know why, don't know how but it feels good. And then it is dark outside and I get a smile on my face before I fall a sleep again. Just like I'm going to do know.

Sleep well and have Sweet dreams..

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7/12/2010 - First time. First Hello!

So, Hey.

As you can see my name is Nicolette. I'm fourteen years old. I don't exactly know why I wanted to make a blog. Not just for the fun. I think because I wanna show that little piece of myself I only can show in words. Ofcourse, I will tell you about my days. Ofcourse, I go to school all the but the most interesting things always happen there so.. I will tell you about that. Also about my dreams in the night and dreams and goals for the future. I will give you some information about my past. But the most I write down my thoughts here. I think that can help me, but then I can show you how a fourteen year old girl thinks. Not that it is that interesting, I think, or maybe it is. Time will show it to us. But for now I'm going to sleep. But before I do that I will write down a little piece about the beautiful night.

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About Me

Hi there. I think you have already seen the title. So this is about me and my life, dreams and things that happen to me. I just want to let you know the real me. Someone who doesn't show herself a lot.. Hope you will enjoy it..

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