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Class talk of Thomas.

Thomas his class talk was about the ipad. His statement was bring the ipad to school.
A few arguments of him were the ipad is lighter than books, the ipad is smaller than books, your homework is easier checkable.
Arguments against his statement were an ipad easily break, an ipad is easy to use for purposes.
I disagree his statement, I think an ipad is not handy to bring to school.

Tomorrow is the last class and we are going to the Hema. So this is my last post.
I finally like this assignment. I was nervous for my presentation, but that’s all.


Posted: 14:33, 3/7/2011
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Class talks of Suzanne and Maurice.

The presentation of Suzanne was about voting. Her statement was reducing voting with two years. I agree her statement. I think if you voting on your 21 you know much more about the politic than when you are 18.

The presentation of Maurice was about 9/11. I do not understand much of his presentation. He read everything of his paper.


Posted: 13:41, 21/6/2011
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The class talks of Jill and Chris.

The class talk of Jill was about school uniforms. Her statement was that school uniforms should be abolished. I am not agree with her statement. I think if a school uniform is required, that people stop bullying.  

The subject of Chris' class talk was about the alcohol limit. His statement was that 16 years is not the right age it should be 21. I am not agree with his statement. I think on your 16 you have enough responsibility,


Posted: 13:27, 21/6/2011
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Class talks of Caroline and Cherel.

Today, Caroline and I had our presentation.
We had not the same subject.

Caroline her subject was doping. Her statement was: doping must be legal.
I am not agreeing with this statement. I think it is not good for your health and if someone use doping all the time, then he became addicted. If someone is addicted, it is not easy to get rid of it.

My subject was bilingual education and my statement was: bilingual education should be provided everywhere. My arguments are:
1) I think it is better to have bilingual education. Children learn much quicker and better English,
2) With a diploma in bilingual education, you can do more jobs in other countries,
3) With bilingual education you learn to speak the most important language, English,
4) With bilingual education you learn your subject in two languages, so you can explain it in two languages too.

I get a 7, 5!



Posted: 13:05, 8/6/2011
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Ellen and Rebecca had not the same subject.
The presentation of Rebecca was about making internet Illegal. She had made a PowerPoint presentation. She had very good arguments and she almost convinced me. She had a lot of pictures that made her arguments even clearer. Her language was very good and she almost knew all the answers of the questions from the class.

Ellen her presentation was about smoking should be legal everywhere. She also had very good arguments and her language was very good. It was just unfortunate that she could not prepare her presentation well. That’s why she read everything,



Posted: 13:34, 6/6/2011
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Mick and Eddy have both the same topic. Their presentation was about the conspiracy theory of Osama bin Laden. Mick his view was that Osama Bin Laden is not died four weeks ago, but already ten years ago.
They are both had a PowerPoint presentation. Mick his language was very good. He often looked at his paper.

The view of Eddy was that Al Qaida is a part of the United States. Eddy knows everything out his mind. Eddy his language was also very good.

They are both had very good arguments and they could answer every question of the class,


Posted: 13:25, 6/6/2011
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The presentation of Thomas was about the balance between good and evil. His point was: the balance between good and evil is crap. The presentation of Thomas was not good. He has to do his presentation again.
His language is very good but the content was not good. There was no clear position.   

Posted: 13:15, 6/6/2011
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Hello readers,

Here I am again. The assignment for this week is to choose your topic and motivate your choice in two hundred words. I still do not like the assignment to write a blog. It is very difficult to invent something for your blog.

This time I have a topic (finally!). It was really difficult to choose a topic, but I had some assistance from my teacher English (Mr Rol). The topic for my argumentation is bilingual education. This topic provide a big discussion, because not everyone wants bilingual education. It is difficult, but most children already learned four languages on school.  

1) I think it is better to have bilingual education. Children learn much quicker and better English and they can choose more training for the academy. With a diploma in bilingual education you can do more jobs in other countries.

2) With bilingual education children can speak the most important language, English. This language is a world language. Almost everyone on this earth van speak English. So with English you can speak with almost everyone.

3) With bilingual education, the command of the Dutch language will not decline.

So, be smart and learn bilingual education on secondary school for a good start.

The best wishes for each and everyone,


Posted: 19:01, 10/5/2011
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Hello here I am again,

This time I have to talk about my topic (again). We have to chose a topic that make a big discussion in the class. If your argumentation provides a big discussion you can get a higher grade.
I have not a topic yet and I have absolutely no idea which topic I chose. It is not easy to find a good and nice topic. This is the hardest thing of making an argumentation and I hope I will find a topic where everyone has another opinion about.

If someone knows an original and good topic, you will be free to react me on this weblog,


Posted: 21:31, 20/4/2011
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Hello visitors,

My name is Cherel Burgess. I am 16 years old and live in the Netherlands. My school is called the Vellesan College. The Vellesan College is in Ijmuiden.
My hobbies are reading and sporting. The best book I ever read is Laat me! and my favorite sport is soccer.

I have to make this weblog for English. My English teacher came up with the idea to make a weblog and describe your process of a writing assignment for an argumentation.  
I do not like this idea, because I do not like it to hold an argumentation and I do not like it when everyone sees where I am writing about. But otherwise it is very handy, your classmates can give you comments and then you can correct it. So you can get a higher grade.

But there is one big problem: I have no topic for this argumentation. The subject can be anything you want.

What I do know is what my work plan is for this argumentation.
First of all I need a topic, than I can do some research. With the research I can write a statement about the topic. With this statement I can write three arguments for my statement and three arguments against my statement and with this arguments I can come to a conclusion.

If you did all this thins, you can write your hole argumentation.
An argumentation always begins with an introduction about your topic. After this introduction comes your statement and the reason why you chose this topic.
In the ‘middle’ of your argumentation comes the arguments for your statement and the arguments against your statement.
 And after this arguments you will come to a conclusion.

I hope this will be a nice weblog to read!
Thanks for your attention,


Posted: 19:43, 20/4/2011
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