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MA-AM 2010/11 - Noa's Blog 

Masterclasses- Shaping my yellow break road

10:53, 5/10/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
I am staring at the map that Giep gave us when we started the master classes. It has always been both my strength and my weakness: Many interests, not one passion. Nevertheless, I can recognize a few things that define my "personal compass", directing my career choices throughout the years: I like to help artists express themselves, I like to be able to offer a stage, to open a door, to curate and consume art. As a consumer, I am passionate about many forms of art. I follow the Dutch division and find myself admiring "Arts and Culture", "Media and Entertainment" (mainly film) and "Creative Services" as well (mainly object design and architecture). As my recent career was concentrating in the film industry, I have finally realized that it would be more efficient to remain in this field, at least for the PP. Last week I had a meeting with Binger Lab for training filmmakers. They have a nice reputation, they're international, they're training very talented, already experienced filmmakers. Having concluded the meeting, I have suddenly realized that my PP (and maybe even my FP) will be dealing with social media. Why? How come- I wonder. I feel that I have both an opportunity and a challenge here, as a matter of fact. I have no experience whatsoever in modeling an online community, but hearing the Binger Lab's director of communication and talent speaking about their old-fashioned internet site, about not using social media at all, it suddenly came into my mind that establishing the Binger online community could be a great way for this organization to finally make a use of the most valuable resource of filmmakers they host. What an opportunity for me, than, to be able to learn, offer something and maybe even start implement such a model. That was not-so-short a detour that brings me back to the master classes. Social media is here for us to explore academically. Our brief encounter with Prof. Derk Blijleven has a new meaning- from theory to practice - what a transition from being a passive listener to actually start doing something about it. I have been "nesting" during the past few weeks, and it's a tricky stage: I have no notion of knowledge yet, only intuitions, directions of study. It's time to start shaping my own yellow break road.

Interactive Art and growing down

13:05, 24/9/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Friends, collegues, MAAMers! I know I promised a post named "Masterclasses: A short list", it will come, not to worry;) Today, however, I'll share with you the following thoughts: "Interactive art: a teaser" and "I need to grow down" Interactive Art- A teaser: Check this link up. This opens so much options!! The world is about to change again... I'd love to share some thoughts on the above, maybe it's worth a round table. This is a piece of interactive art made to promote google chrome in a beautiful way. Amazing. http://hku-ke.bitbybit-is.nl/Rooster/10_1C/10_1_Groep_Masters.html Growing down: I had a tough couple of weeks! That is, I felt a bit paralized. While almost all of you became very busy with your project groups, I have realized that I'd rather work on my own line of research. At first, I attended a meeting with Submarine Channel, and I thought that they were very nice and a great creative SME, combining profit and non-profit organizations. However, their products are mostly new-media/TV/experimental oriented, and as much a I would like to know more about how to work with comtemporary media technologies, I would still seek to apply them to products that I usually consume and enjoy: more traditional forms of art as cinema, classical/contemporary music, stage arts etc. Moreover, my project group rather work in Dutch, and after a few sessions that included google translate, listening, and mutual thinking, we decided I would still advise them from time to time, but I will do my own research in another field and will not be a real part of the group's work or process. That left me with the urgent need to "grow down" - find my roots again, see what I have to learn, try to figure out how to tailor myself to a good research..... Research metholodies are even harder to grasp when you don't have a research question yet, however, I'm happy to report that there has been a brake through today - I might have a client, a research subject, that is, who is interested in helping me find a good issue to deal with. Research question- I'm on my way to you!!

Cultural Policies and more: An emotional approach to rational issues

21:00, 19/9/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
These few weeks, composed of highly tight schedule and suddenly opening into the void (a void which is a temporary, personal state of affairs) of the PP project, have surely made their mark, and I needed time to digest so many new experiences. New terminologies, new approaches to culture, new approach to management- so different than my previous career, so far. The first assignment was a very engaging one. I was thrilled to sharpen my understanding in my own country’s cultural policies and history of art policy. I was later thrilled to hear the other groups presenting policies from across the globe. And the team experience- I was totally happy with my group, thank you!!! Otherwise, I have so much to learn.. mostly conducting a research that has a meaningful theoretical background, and a good question. What shall it be? Research metholodies and skills- well, I don't have them yet. I couldn't grasp much from the lessons, and I hope it will be easier when I'll settle on my own project, but brainstorming is the thing for me to seek for now. so long for tonight, Read tomorrow’s post it will be lighter: “Master classes: A shortlist”

1st attempt at intercultural communication

17:24, 31/8/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Hello class mates! It is very exciting for me to finally create a blog of my own, the first entry is a letter to you all, a very traditional form, if I may add -you know, straight from the oldest in class ;-). I felt that today the hours we spent together were very intensive but also refreshing in a way, opening windows to people's views, bringing some fresh air in. It made me think a lot about my culture and what would be the possible differences amongst our group members, as my first reaction is always trying to find things in common, and not the differences between people that somehow find themselves together in one room. In any case, I found that the manner in which both "business and pleasure" were merged together throughout the day was quite stimulating. As for our representations of our own cultures: I was fascinated.. we really come from very different corners of the world. I'd welcome any further questions about my homeland culture, but the very bottom line whenever I try to represent my cultural background is: Israel is a mixture of so many societies and cultures that it is almost impossible to make one definition about each of Hofstede's dimensions. Generally speaking, one problem that Hofstede's initial study of IBM workers faced is that it's very much effected from the mere fact that it was mainly based on an existing global culture: the IBM culture. On one hand it gave him a great comparative measurement tool, but on the other hand it was limited to people from across the globe that already had so much in common: they were working in IBM, their company's subculture could be even stronger than their national one. Trying to compare the results with a local-based company in each country (not a global business) was therefore essential, and from basic reading in Hostede's site it seems that he did it, to some extent. A future idea: take the elementary/high school teachers, the very educators in each country, and make the same 5-dimensions research. Fascinating!! I will wrap my thoughts for today, going to read you all now.

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Masterclasses- Shaping my yellow break road
Interactive Art and growing down
Cultural Policies and more: An emotional approach to rational issues
1st attempt at intercultural communication


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