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Pebble talk about Warren Kole

Im a big fan of actor Warren Kole, De reason is that he helpt me true my time in the hospital.where I spent 7 months for chemo treatment. have Cancer for 5 years now and docters cant do ennything enymore. so they let me go home, so that I can be with family. My biggest wish is to meet Warren Kole and talk with him and give him a big hug! but he never answers my letters I sent to him. So In my dream he gives me a hug! thats ok.

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Today I started again on my twitter page.

Posted at 07:39 on 3/11/2013

Today I started on my twitter. the reason I'm not much is because I am very tired again the last times. I can not help it. always try to meet everyone again. Butt today I started again. I hope You all like it. Its not much, but I do my best.


I also started a new twitter account. like I said, one that fits my blog. did not like it. but finally done anyway. Dare not only to tweet. Warren Kole what if he again did not respond, I can handle that?  I've tried many times. see my blog history.I dont  think I dare! butt please fallow me on my new twitter account linked to my blog.


Tomorrow back to the hospital,'m pretty scared. I know they can donothing about it. thats makes me sade. but i have to be strong, for my parents! I just want them to give me something for the pain, is that weird?

I keep you posted!




Warren Kole Twitter


Mine Twitter.


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Sign in if you whant to read my life story over the 5 years.

Posted at 21:02 on 23/10/2013

I need to tell you. If you whant to read my storys on my blog  then you must log in to do that! The newest blogs are open, so for evryone to read. The oldest are more privet cause they are my storys so far. Thank you for reading my blogs for over the past 5 years.




Warren Kole twitter page


Mine twitter page




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Warren Kole Thank You for beeing my idol.

Posted at 14:27 on 21/6/2013

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My story..and Only Mine!

Posted at 21:43 on 20/5/2013

This is my story . On my 8th was diagnosed with cancer . Actually it was right there said that there was nothing more to do . but they wanted to still do some testing . received chemotherapy and medications for nausea and pain . Pain softened but was still present , was very sick for months of chemo . always be included because the treatment was too heavy . year in year out fighting and fighting. until two months ago when I could not breathe and I was admitted urgently and there seven months in the hospital have located . I had a lot of the movies and TV series in which Warren Kole played in the hospital. My mother had even bought a laptop for me so I could follow on twitter him. In the hospital I wrote him several letters , but he never wrote back 1 . I tried to twitter to ask if he wanted to read my blog him but unfortunately he had never even responded and blocked me . does not matter . I can not worry about me . I should just enjoy the time that I heb.Alhoewel my greatest wish was to meet when I needed to be. treatment in Los Angeles Warren Kole my parents had even tried to get in touch with him but unfortunately . But he remains till my death my biggest idol . Warren Kole I love you .












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