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Piercing-Konijn's: Poems, Songs, And More.

9/8/2008 - "Hatred Swells"

The night falls with a silent sigh, cold and alone are we. the understanding for which you sacrifice yourself flares once, then dies, crushed by guily. all hope must sicken and die. your passions throbs no more. how could you cause such hurt? our dark emotions surround us, crying, save us from ourselves.
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9/8/2008 - "Consumed"

What have you taken away? a smothering indistincteness of blackness as memories sreams. once we experienced heaven, untainted and open, but your heart vanishes. a sickening pool of blood-tears follow night, follow night, love ground to dust. in a storm of bitterness. i hate you.

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9/8/2008 - "What Have You Done"

What have you done to me? a shadow of chaos as thoughts crawl. once we tasted pardise hand in hand and innocent, but your love died. a painful visions of bitterness-emotions follow hate, follow love, love burnt to ashes. in a torrent of vengeance. i still love you.
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9/8/2008 - "Gore"

blood splatters, rotting bodys hanging in this tomb, smells like rotting flesh, the rats died, by the smell of the filthy smell, a sound of on chainsaw i walk behind you i will kill you on a hardcore way, hanging to the cross, we want gore, we want gore you motherfucker!
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9/8/2008 - "His"

His long black hair, in his white-milk face, his lips blood red, kissed by a vampire, bleeding to dead, the shadows all around us, pain in many souls and hearts, screaming into the darkness but know on cant hear us scream, only the tree's on this dead fields of grass can hear us...died alone in the darkness...
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9/8/2008 - "To Be As She"

It Is A Night Of Death, A Song Of Blood, Wolves Vent Their Cry, The Beautiful One Awakes. Cruling Wisps Of Death Shrouds Her Walking From, A Timeless Agony. Her Black Hair Cascades Over Fragile Milk-White Shoulders, And Her Full Blood Red Lips Part Slightly, To Taste The Blood Streaming From The Pale Flesh Beneath Her. Now A Night Of New Life, I Remember Her...

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9/8/2008 - "Her"

her long black hair falls over her white-milk shoulders, her black lips, kissed by the darkness, demons dancing around her, her poisons go's so far in your body, posiond black lips, died by a her black lips, bleeding in your body, screaming for some forgivness! let it out let it bleed, bleed well by a kiss, you will die alone in pain in a tomb...

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9/8/2008 - "Phantom Pain"

Around, All Around, The Shadows Gather.
My Dreads Grows As The Stroke Of Death,
Falls Against My Eyes.
It Curshes Me, And Darkly My Blood Drips
To The Dead Grass.
In Pain I Call Your Name
While My Doom Follows.
Now Alone, My Love Falls Upon Cold Eyes.
This Is My Doom
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9/8/2008 - "Razorblade"

The Poison Of The Razorblade
In My Wrists...
Wounds Uppon Wounds
Scrabbed Wrists
All The Little Scars
In My Wrists....
My Pain Is Your Pain!

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9/8/2008 - "Bleeding"

Bleeding Wounds In My Mind
Death Is Still So Close
In My Head
It's Driving Me Grazy
The Negative Emotions In My Live
Let My Wounds Bleeding...
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9/8/2008 - "Devoid Of Love"

The Night Falls Without A Sound, Cold And Alone Are We.
The Light For Which You Sacrifica Yourself
Flares Once, Then Dies, Taken By Yout Obsession.
All Hope Must Die.
Your Heart Beats No More. How Could You Do This?
Shadows Surround Us, Crying, We Are Fallen.
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9/8/2008 - "Scarred"

i will break alone, my pain is your pain, my pain in my mind, broken to pieces, you look deep in my eyes, and say what is wrong with you? im so scarred that you will leave me here alone in this cruel world! he looks in my eyes again and  says i will never leave you here alone i love you forever...

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