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Me against the world


14:06, 22/9/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Do not feel well . I hate this , I hate everything . If only there was someone who Understood me , someone I can lash out , scream and my heart skies .Someone holding me gold will not let go . I have mixed feelings . I do not know Whether they are positive or negative . My stomach turns it a lot . There is so much sadness and anger in me that really no one has ever seen . I would now someone literally shoot so I go myself feel better .


I feel really bad . I'm so young and I have been making the choice about how my life is , while I still need to enjoy everything, I'm not actually have to choose. Why are all of my friends , why shouldering Their go swimming withtheir friends and girlfriends why someone shouldering Keep Their , why should I not? I would also like feelings and let me talk to someone , cuddle , sweet morning and evening message , give a kiss , go out together and just love each other . Someone


But I did have a choice ? Is not there already chosen for me ?


Maybe I have not even an option and this is it . A lonely , fake, quiet life . Every day the same routine .


Every day listening to the song of the birds free , keep the hand from window to penetrate the cold. By A drop of water along my cheek . I walk down the street with a smile while inside I keep getting more scratches . Nothing can now make good . He did not , they do not , their not , not one . The wounds can only be a scar . And scars are forever . I miss that carefree life . Need not decide yet know that everything will be fine . And if you were a boy and gave him hug was "cute" , you do it now you're a whore . Or at least so will I be called . Easy, cheap. Words do not hurt, they say. I do not show it , but inside I'm dying . Often insulted , often called ugly but I remained strong . I have always remained strong . I was such a good actress . But how long will this scene in which I 'm dying inside each one take .


When I'm gone they'll notice . They will all miss me and know that they were committing a big mistake. And they'll beg for forgiveness . But it's too late.


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